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Sunday, 27 September 2009
08:30:48 PM (GMT)
Me [ {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ} ] giving Kayla [ [c=5]ケーラ[/c]
] instructions xDDD
Hm, I don't think I'm that bad at talking dirty. >>

[20:26] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: This guy asked a/s/l
[20:27] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: and then hes like
[20:27] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: is your pussy tight LOL
[20:27] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: Im like uhhh
[20:27] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: XD
[20:27] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: THen hes like do u like it big
[20:27] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: uhh XD
[20:28] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: tell him
[20:28] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: "oh my pussy's so tight you cant
even stick it in big boy"
[20:28] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: LOL.
[20:28] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: OKay XDd
[20:29] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: He claims he is 9 XD
[20:29] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: Tell him
[20:29] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: "Ive had sex with 10 inchers."
[20:29] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: "They had to use two tubes of
lube to slip it in"
[20:30] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: K XD
[20:32] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: He asked
[20:32] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: if I like it anal
[20:32] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: XD
[20:32] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: tell him
[20:32] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: "I like it front door, back door
and the garage"
[20:32] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: xDD
[20:32] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: Okay XDD
[20:32] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: LMFAO
[20:32] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: Your good at saying things XD
[20:32] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: Why?
[20:33] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: You always know something pervy to say XD
[20:33] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: he asked if I suck cock
[20:33] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: XD
[20:33] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: what now? XD
[20:34] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: "I suck lollipops, so if you want
head baby boy you better be something sweet"
[20:34] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: XDD
[20:34] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: LOL
[20:35] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: He asked
[20:35] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: If I like a lot of cum
[20:35] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: "Yup, as long as it comes from
your twinkie"
[20:35] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: XDDD
[20:35] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: LOL
[20:37] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: He says
[20:37] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: he has a lot XD
[20:38] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: Tell him
[20:38] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: "I've got alot more ;D"
[20:38] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: SHIT
[20:38] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: he wants to see a pic
[20:38] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: FIND ONE QUICKLY XD
[20:38] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: Tell him
[20:38] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: No
[20:38] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: Tell him
[20:39] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: "I only show my [censor] if you
show yours"
[20:39] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: xDD
[20:39] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: LOL XD
[20:39] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: Where do you get these? XD
[20:39] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: Im just good
[20:39] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: XD
[20:40] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: SHIT
[20:40] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: He said
[20:40] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: Whats you # D:
[20:40] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: Tell him
[20:40] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: "Like you need to know, why do
you need my number? What are you, a pimp? I ain't a prostitute"
[20:41] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: LOL XD
[20:42] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: He said so he can send me a pic XD
[20:42] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: tell him
[20:42] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: "Email it bby"
[20:43] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: He says
[20:43] [c=5]ケーラ[/c]: its easier through the phone D:
[20:43] {tฬเz}{αρняσ∂ιѕια¢}{яเ}: "I don't want your tic tac
spamming up my inbox"

‹✁HaruDesü™› says:   27 September 2009   729986  
"Tic tac spamming up my inbox" 
Tottal win. 
Lol'd so hard XD
‹LoiroFox› says :   1 October 2009   161268  
LOL!!!! XD

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