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It's magic, you knowww, never believe it's not soooo, hahah.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 23 September 2009
06:33:50 AM (GMT)
x1 What color is your cellphone?	

x2 Which do you use more: the homephone or your cellphone?
cell phone, definitely.
x3 Do you pose when you're in pictures, or just smile?
Haha it depends on who's taking the picture.
x4 Is your iTunes or music library organized?
x5 Is it difficult for you to catch a snowflake on your tongue?	

x6 Do you have a teacher this year that gives a lot of homework?
x7 Do you think it's gross when people don't brush their teeth?
x8 How about when they don't wash their hands?	

x9 What is the longest you've gone without doing those things?	
Haha like a day?

x1o Do you find it embarrassing to purchase underwear?	
ahahhaha not really.

x11 Are there any other items you find it embarrassing to buy?	
I don't know?

x12 If you ran off to join the circus, what kind of act would you perform?	
No. Circus's are really disgusting.

x13 Do you associate with your school's popular group ( if there is one )?	
Hahh, there's not really one.

x14 Have you ever begged anyone not to leave you? Or the other way around?	

x15 Does it bother you to be around smokers? Why or why not?	
Yeehh kinda.

x16 If you were an employer, would you hire someone that smoked?	

x17 Have you ever been discriminated against because of your color, &etc?
x18 How long was your last carride? Who were you with?	
Like 5 minutes, and with my mom.

x19 5 words that start with the letter of your first name?	
Octopus, Olive, Orange, Occupy, Oshkosh. ahha.

x2o Do you keep any of your online profiles private?	

x21 Are you more talkative online or offline? 	
I don't even know.

x22 What is your favorite thing upon which to put ketchup?	
French friess.

x23 5 things you say often?	
Like, haha, shoot meee, what the hay, umm.

x24 Do you know anyone who doesn't like condiments?	
Haha yeah.

x25 What do you think of tattoos? What age is too young to get one?	
I like theem, and I really don't care.

x26 Is there anything you are waiting to do?
Go to school.
x27 Have you ever called anyone worthless? To their face?
Well not "worthless" but something along those lines.
x28 When was the last time you said you did NOT love someone?	

x29 Do you enjoy receiving messages|e-mails, in general?	

x3o If you have Facebook, when did you sign up for it?	
2 summers ago.

x31 Do you still use Myspace, or any other social networking site?	

x32 Do you think today's youth spends too much time online?	
I really don't care.

x33 Do you remember what the world was like without internet?	
Haha no.

x34 Given the chance, would you want to go back to no internet?	

x35 When was the last time you saw something disgusting?	

x36 Is there something aside from this you would rather be doing?
x37 What do you think of The Beatles?
Haha old schoool.
x38 Is there an old band you enjoy? Which? 
x39 Do you think it's okay for someone your age to watch cartoons?
Suree why not?
x4o Do you like any songs by Lady Gaga? 	
Haha creeperr.

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