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Saturday, 15 August 2009
01:46:25 PM (GMT)
It was delicious. The night air was nice and cool, Damp and light. Her swift,
Quiet footsteps, On the wet cobblestone street. It was almost funny. How he couldn't
have seen a thing coming his way. Shae sniggered and clenched the slightly torn
handle of her mallot with her aching left hand. The last street light was lit, and
the girl emerged from the alley. Good thing cops weren't out at night, Nor were they
very careful anyhow, Even during the daytime. Luke Mayeux, Age seventeen. He'd been
on her hit list for quite a few years now. Or since the sheepish redhead decided to
crack a nut, and bust out of the crazy house. Either way. Shae turned the corner,
holding in giggles. Oh how nice his thick blood must smell. It was tempting. She
almost ran. But no. The swift chopper held her urges in and turned another corner.
She could almost feel his bones breaking with each step she took. A quiet chuckle
escaped Shae's mouth as she spotted the boy, at the bus stop. Just as she had known
he would be. His mother was late, and he was starting to get paranoid. I mean with
all sympathy, He had it coming. Though his situation was pretty bad, For Shae it was
an open door to chopping something up. Fresh meat. Nice crunchy gristle. Perhaps even
some fat. He had grown slightly chunky since middle school. Anticipation working on
Shae's nerves, she slid into the nearby alley way. She peered out at the shaken boy
under the street light. His fear was almost an aroma. She could feel it. It chilled
Shae right to the core. Oh how longer could she take the wait. Taking action, Shae
dug into her coat pocket and pulled out a quarter. Just large enough to make a noise.
She dropped it, and it landed with an echoing clatter. Luke turned around quickly.
Shae knew he had to see what it was. He was far too curious to let it pass. She sank
farther into the shadows as the boy approached, a wide grin creeping onto her sickly
pale face. She re-adjusted the grip on her mallot, and drew it back. The boy stopped
in his tracks. He'd heard her. Shae, without a second thought, swung with all her
might. In a matter of seconds, she was atop of the unconscious teenager, working out
his eyes with her fingers. After she'd removed the left eye she couldn't help but
laugh. A sick cackle. She held the delicate work of anatomy in her gloved hand and
stared at it for a moment, before destroying it with a clench of her fist. She threw
the goop behind her, and proceeded to remove the boy's clothes, and skin. By the time
she's gotten around the muscles, she took off her gloves and worked through some of
the meat in her way. She shuttered. His blood was so warm and gritty. She retrieved
the stomach, and busted it under her hand on the sidewalk. She giggled sheepishly,
furiously turned on by the smell of open organs. She worked on the ribs. Breaking off
each bone, one by one, until she'd arrayed them all out on the ground next to her,
shortest to longest. She grabbed the longest splinter and jarred it into the mangled
torso, where the heart was at one time, and pulled it towards her. The sound of flesh
tearing, and falling apart. Shae nearly moaned. She picked out his intestines and
tore the whole track up, throwing it aside as well. After that, she figured she'd
gotten her fix, and grabbed a rib off of the ground for keeps. She stood up over her
work and smirked, her shirt and jeans soaked through with blood. She leaned down and
whispered a polite goodbye to the corpse, before she pulled her hood up, stuffed the
rib into her coat pocket, and swiftly darted off into the night.

Last edited: 16 August 2009


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