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Sunday, 12 July 2009
10:58:53 AM (GMT)
What do u like to be called?  Rachel. :P
ADMIT a secret about this name?  Its my real name...
Do you have a job/ career?  Nope.
ADMIT a secret about your career:  I don't have one!
Do you love yourself?  A Little...
ADMIT a physical attribute you LOVE and HATE about youself:  Love: My personality.
Hate: My feet.
Do u have any regrets?  No.
ADMIT one thing you regret doing in the past:  Nothing!
Are u in love?  Nope...
ADMIT what brought on these thought:  What thoughts? o.O
Do u feel any jealousy or envy toward anyone?  No.
ADMIT what makes you feel this way?  I DON''T FEEL THAT WAY.
Do you ever feel less than beautiful?  Idk.
ADMIT why you feel this way?  IDK.
Have you ever been hurt?  No.
ADMIT who hurt u:  No one!
Ever pretended to be someone's friend for your own benefit?  I Don't think so.
ADMIT the truth about why you did it:  I Don't know.
Ever lied to spare someone's feelings?  I Don't think so.
ADMIT the truth about the lie you told:  GOD THIS STUPID QUIZ IS ANNOYING ME NOW.
Ever suffered from a broken heart?  No.
ADMIT who broke your heart and what he/she did:  OMG! ARG! I JUST SAID NO!
Ever cheated on someone?  I've never been with anyone.
ADMIT the truth on why you cheated:  OMG.
Ever told anyone you loved them and didn't mean it?  Nope. I always mean it.
ADMIT the truth about why you lied?  OmG I'm getting really frustrated with this dumb
Ever been in jail?  NO. I'M ONLY TWELVE.
ADMIT the truth on why you were locked up:  OMG. I SWEAR I'[M GONNA HIT SOMETHING.
Ever steal music?  Steal music? What?
ADMIT what website you steal music from:  I Don't get it...
Do you click ads when on a website?  No.
ADMIT what types of ad's you click on:  I DON'T CLICK ON THEM!
Do you watch reality tv?  YESH!
ADMIT the most embarassing shows you watch:  Pets do the funniest things. >D
Are you happy in your career?  I DONT HAVE A CARREER OMG.
ADMIT what you know you should be doing with your life: I should be amusic teacher.

‹Katie Michelle(: <3› says:   12 July 2009   661866  
god tht seem s pretty anoying
‹[Rachel;; Couldn't Give A Damn ♥]› says :   12 July 2009   732192  
It is. Very annoying. >( It asks you the same bloody question twice!


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