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Check It OUT!! Storytime :] *glomps*Category: Storyville xD
Saturday, 27 June 2009
08:47:38 PM (GMT)
Hayley: 16 yr. old, short brown hair, blue eyes, glasses, pudgy
Tiffany: 17 yr. old, long black hair with gold highlights, green eyes, contacts,
Brian: 16 1/2 yr. old, medium golden brown hair, brown eyes, buff

     "Look Tiff, I Like Him. But I'm not sure If he likes me! Help?" Hayley Jones was
talking to her best friend,
Tiffany Braucaster, about Hayley's new crush. Who is, I might add, the star of the
basketball team, an ultimate
hottie named Brian Smitt. 
        Tiffany fingered the cord silently as she thought it over. Taking a deep
breath, she said with confidence,
"I think you should go up and tell him. The direct approach works best. He might say
no and hate you forever, but
at least you tried. I wouldn't get your hopes up though. There are plently of girls
more prettier and popular than 
you." She Paused for a moment." I-I wasn't saying that you were ugly or anything."
         Sitting on her bed, Hayley sighed. She knew her friend meant well, but
sometimes she can be a big mouth. 
Combing her fingers through her hair, Hayley replied, "Well.. Do you think you can
help me with my  'direct
approach.' I'm new to this sort of thing." Laying down on her bed, Hayley started to
think about all those
times she made herself a fool in front of Brian. The time where she slipped and fell
while trying to get his
attention; or the time that Hayley tried to talk to him but started talking like she
was 4; Or even
        "Look Hals," Tiffany said, interrupting Hayley's thoughts. "All you need is a
make over. Come to my house
after school tomorrow and I'll help you. Promise." Hayley nodded silently and hanged
up. Laying on her back,
Hayley sighed and looked at the clock. 10:30. She had to get to sleep to face a dull
Monday morning. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE NEXT DAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   After another embarrasing school day, Hayley shuffled to her friend's convertible.
Tiffany opened the yellow
day wide and grinned. Nodding with a faint smile, Hayley climbed in the passenger
side. Once They were settled,
Tiffany switched on the gas and drove off the parking alot. The 16 yr. old looked at
her friend, practically jealous.
Tiffany was wearing a red halter top, black leather miniskirt, brown and gold wedge
sandals, and a gold cross. 
   Hayley, on the other hand, could use some help.
   Soon they came upon the 17 yr. old's house. Tiffany pulled into the driveway and
turned off the engine.
"You ready?" She glanced over at her best friend.
    "I'm Ready." Hayley said with confidence.

Should I Continue? :D

‹RainbowCupcakesRoxMySox<3› says:   27 June 2009   274545  
Continue it! :o
I beggg youuu...
*gets on knees* 8D
‹Summer Sun.› says:   28 June 2009   914889  
Thats good.
‹ChocolateCoveredRainbows<3› says:   28 June 2009   636488  
Tali: LOL Oki :P
Alexa: :o Ty 8D
imuffin says :   29 June 2009   756413  


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