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Playful Hearts (Dumb name I will change it later) My New StoryCategory: (general)
Saturday, 23 May 2009
01:25:51 PM (GMT)
“I hate my life, why does it always have to be me?” I shouted to my reflection.
I stop and stared at myself for a moment. My long red hair was in my face, my green
eyes look sad. I threw my mirror down in rage. It shattered into a bunch of tiny
pieces. I started to trash my room. I was just about to break down crying.

 When I noticed someone watching me. It was him. Jamie Andrews. The reason for my
little temper tantrum, the reason for my aching heart, and the reason for me being
so confused. I stared at him for a moment. It felt strange. I saw his face light up.
I frowned at him. All he did was smile.

 “ What are you smiling at?” He grinned and his smile grew bigger. “ Nothing
really, just watching a beautiful, crazy girl trash her room.” “Crazy?” I said
with a little attitude. “Yes, crazy but also beautiful.”  He said in a teasing
way. I walk to my window and stared at him for a moment or two. I was about to say
something when he said. “Why are you staring at me for so long?, Do you like what
you see?” I heard him chuckle as he said it. “Shut up you jerk” I shouted

 I slammed my window shut. “I still see you!” he said playfully. “ Go away you
you meat head”I shouted at him while I closed my blue and green curtains.
WOW meat head, that’s so childish” he said playfully. I didn’t respond. All I
did was lay back in my bed and think about what just happened.

I heard something strange at my window. I got up and opened my window. I jumped
back. “Did I scare you? asked Jamie in a teasing and childish way, as he was
climbing into my room. “ No!!! you just caught me of guard.” I snapped back.
“Which means I scared you.” He really did scare me, so I changed the subject. 

“ Why are you here? You know your trespassing.” I said in an interested, but not
interested mocking way.  (He-he) “ I just want to ummm” “Hurt me again” I
snapped bitterly. “Yes, exactly.” I was stunned and speechless. I couldn’t
believe he just said that.

 “ Good that got you to shut up” he said with an evil but cute smile. I was just
about to say something. But he cut me of, “Didn’t you hear me? I want you to
talking” he said very seriously. But I didn’t care. “Wait” I said rudely.
“What!” I could tell he was getting annoyed. But still, I had to say what I had
to say. “I don’t think I’m ready” I paused for a second. “To talk about
the thing you want to talk about. So can you leave?” He didn’t say anything. 

I watched his facial expressions change. First he look kind of confused, then mad,
sad came next, and then his face soften it changed to a very understanding, loving
look. “Ok” he said with a sigh. Then he climb out the window. I watched him
climb down. I knew he saw me. But he didn’t say anything. 

I closed my window and turned around. I just stared at my room. I sighed and said
“ I hate that stupid jerk.” In a whisperer. I had nothing better to do, so I
cleaned my trashed room before my parents came home. It took about an hour I think. 

What do you think?
Last edited: 25 May 2009

‹krazy---kerry--4eva› says:   25 May 2009   999819  
WOW! thats amazing! SEriously
‹~Sheri'sBeautifulDisaster~› says:   26 May 2009   335661  
awwwwwwwww thanks i still need to finish it
PaintingTheWinds says:   13 June 2009   481627  
WRITE MORE! its fantastic!
‹~Sheri'sBeautifulDisaster~› says :   14 June 2009   783579  
Thanks. I am writing more. But I think it sucks so far.


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