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Natsu High Ch. 1Category: Natsu High
Wednesday, 20 May 2009
08:54:54 PM (GMT)
   August 12th, 2009

My family and I are moving to Japan. Which is ironic because we have been studying
Japan in social studies.
Just my luck.
The only good thing about it is that Sophonie and Lola are coming with me!
Sophonie has been my friend for about 2 years. She understands everything I went
through because she
went through the same things. Lora is one of my newest besties. She is extremely nice
and I love that about
We arrived on a plane about 12;00 last night, so I didn't get much sleep. But I do
feel (surprisingly) refreshed
in the Japanese air. Right now I have to go suffer- (I mean enjoy) my first day at
Natsu (Summer) High.

*Walks into the doors of Natsu High with Lola and Sophonie*

Me: Wow! Look at all these smexi japanese boys!
Sophonie: I know right? I got my eye on that one over there *points to a Tall and
Muscly man*
Lola: Please don't talk about guys. It hurts my brain >_<
Me: Sorry. Lol.
Sophonie: Yeah, we'll stop. So what schedules do we have?
Me: *grabs me and Lola's schedule and gives it to Sophonie*
Lola: Hey! I was reading that!
Sophonie: *checks over* We have all the same classes except for 4th and 8th hour.
Me and Lola: Kewl!

*The Tall and Muscly man comes toward us*

Sophonie: OMG He's coming towards us.
Me: Don't hyperventilate.
Lola: Yeah, you don't want to look stupid in front of that guy.
Me: I thought you didn't want us talking about him.
Sophonie: Yeah!
Lola: Dang It! *holds mouth shut*

*Tall and Muscly man approaches Lola*

Tall and Muscly man: Hi Lola.
Lola: How do you know my name?
Tall and Muscly man: Lola, don't say that. Of course I know your name.
Lola: Ok I am very freaked out right now.

*Tall and Muscly man turns to me*

Tall and Muscly man: Hi Talisha. 
Me: Who the heck are you???
Tall and Muscly man: Your master. Sorry I missed your b-day December 12th.
Sophonie: *whispers* Maybe he's a stalker.
Tall and Muscly man: I heard that Sophonie Darcy Ferrer!
Sophonie: O_O
Me: Guys... Let's just go.
Tall and Muscly man: NO! *evil stare*
Me lola and Sophonie: O_O......
Me: I guess we'll stay?

Tall and Muscly man: My name is Kichirou.
Lola: Hi! Can I call you Kirby?
Kichirou: Why?
Lola: Cause I wanted to call you that. *scoffs*
Kichirou: OK?
Me: Let's just get to class.

*We all 4 walk into Science*

Mrs. Ketchup: Ok Class choose your seats. My name is Mrs. Ketchup and I'll be your
science teacher.
Me: Mrs. Ketchup? What type of name is THAT?
Mrs. Ketchup: My name.
Kichirou: It's a super dumb name
Sophonie: Totally.
Lola: LOL this Dr. Pepper is so GOOD! *stops in mid-drink and smiles, spilling Dr.
all over herself*

Then there was a gunshot....



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