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Wednesday, 22 April 2009
11:33:21 PM (GMT)
. Middle name: Marie
2. Astrological sign: Aquarius
3. Eye color: blue
4. Birth date: 2/06
5. Home town: ACITYIN, michigan
6. Fave movie: donnie darco
8. Fave candy: pixie sticks
9. Fave makeup: dark eyeliner
10. Fave magazine: Alternativee Press

5 People
11. Newest friend: errr...kylee
12. Childhood nemesis: olivia elizabeth perry (stillisthebitchisawhoree)
13. Longest-lasting crush: Gabee
14. Role model: AlexandreEvans
15. Kindergarten teacher: you know...i dont remember. wow im stupid xD but i moved

5 Things
16. My mantra is: askaaron<3
17. I cannot find my: heartstitches
18. My friends say that I'm: fucked up and crazy
19. My parents were going to name me: Emily
20. I would never eat: cottage cheese after i puked it up :D

5 Moments
21. I read my first book when: iwasafourandimemorizedit
22. The first time I lost a friend was when: he died
23. I had a really good laugh when: amber realised her National Amber Day (NAD) meant
24. I was so proud of myself when: i won first prize in a writing contest
25. If I could, I would go back to: sam, always the mother fucker of them all, sam

5 Places
26. My first kiss happened (or should happen) at: in the backseat of a car in the
ghetto when we were 'posed to be bowling but his parents were completely drunk in his
aunts appartment. 
27. I spend most of my time at: home
Deleted some Q's
29. My favorite place to unwind is: with aaron
30. I'd hate to live in: antarctica

5 Either/Ors
31. Morning or night: Nighttt
32. Cats or dogs: both
33. Computer or cell phone: cell.
34. Pop or soda: pop
35. Vegetables or fruit: fruit

5 Ifs
36. If I could move anywhere: Pennsylvania<33
37. If I were an animal, I would be: a wolf
38. If I could change one thing about myself, it would be: my inability to be loved,
my weaknesses
39. If I had one superpower, it would be: to make everybody happy

40. If I had a million dollars to spend, I would: give it to aaron so he could go to
law school or become a chef and get himself outta that horrible situation that hes
in, and maybe keep a little for myself but most to aaron

5 Pasts
41. My first word was: idunnoo!!
42. When I played make-believe, I pretended to be: the mommy
43. I used to watch, on continual repeat: nothing :] i read
44. I cannot believe I worried so much about: waking up wearing no clothes and there
being a fire
45. I was so afraid of: oldmen

5 Futures
46. When I grow up, I want to be a: writer, editor
47. Before I die, I hope to: fall in love with somebody who loves me
48. I'll be friends with: Bronx Wentz! and maybe even repair it with Sam?
49. I'll live: to prove that motherfucker wrong
50. I'll make a difference by: voting for Sammy on american idol (which he cant
spell) b/c hes fucking a gorgeous singer and he sang to me hellyeah in the backseat
of his momma's car and now yeah
the end

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