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Tuesday, 7 April 2009
07:04:55 PM (GMT)
Why do we have wars? seriously? we are all on this planet together, i mean, why go
around killing for recources and religion when we can just share, work together, you
know, as one. we might as well work together, be friends and best of all, lets just
be happy with eachother, stop being snooty and stuck up, when we can just be freinds,
millions of innocent ppl die each year because some ass hole wants to kill others for
not beleiving in something. we (mankind) could make so much more progress
scientifically if we just work to gether.

neverendingdream says:   7 April 2009   285187  
they nailed some guy on a cross for suggesting that, man. i'd watcch
Alice_Panik says:   10 May 2009   918696  
True.  But it is our instinct to hate, to have rage.  Fighting is not
unknown in the anamal kingdom, siblings killing siblings.  Fights
happen between different groups of animals, even the same speices.  
Even if you don't beleive in evolution, that we are not an animal
ourselves.  It is still a choise that god(s) allowed you to choise. 
But there is always anger, rage, envy among men that causes us to
fight over the stupidous thigs.  World War I started because a contrey
thought another contrey assassinated their ruler.  wwI was said to be
the war to end all wars.  But only years later WWII started.  We are a
cruel animal, a nightmare to other creatures.  Distroying homes of
creatures, but then trying to help them when it's too late.  We never
learn.  But life goes on.  Besides, why do we care if we kill out
everything on the earth?  Gaod only gave it so that we could use it,
or maybe we were suposed to potect, and watch over it.
Lumenol says:   10 May 2009   257341  
its in our nature to destroy.

as long as people have that in their instincts, there will be no
munchkin says :   26 June 2009   483911  
true that is

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