update from the one posted in july...same one, just wrote
comments...wanted to see how i've changed...
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update from the one posted in july...same one, just wrote
comments...wanted to see how i've changed...
Category: (general)
Wednesday, 25 March 2009
05:38:33 PM (GMT)
it has come to my attention that i want a few things....but i always 4get what i
want so im listing them here for myself so when people ask me what i want or i
decide to save money for myself i know what to consider getting

~a ferby(sp? i dont know y....they just seem cute to me right now)             
ehh...never got on, kinda dont want it anymore
~a laptop(i hate my computer tht i have now)                                         
~a gremlin pillow (i swear i saw one in lake george!!)                               
      STILL want it, aint got it = ' [
~the nightmare before christmas collectibles                                         
             still want, dont have
~skelanimal plush and collectibles                                                   
                     got a plush for christmas ^_^ eeep, named him gizmo
~knee high converse!!                                                                
                            got 'em for the beginning of school!! i <3 them...they
were expensive tho...shhh
~hot pink converse (i dont care if they dont make them, i will find them!!)          
     yeah -_-...so they dont make them hot pink....damn it
~a tennis skirt (damn hannah for making me want one)                                 
           id take one if someone bought it...dont have one, wouldnt go outta my way
to buy one tho
~an awesome guy friend that will take my ballroom dance lessons with mee (im sick of 
          i got me a bf, and i love him...he danced with me a few times, it was
fun...but not 
dancing with girls!!) <hahah im aware i cant buy one of those, or can i??? hmmmm.... 
            in the class, but hey, he didnt cost me a cent, lol!
~more cute wittle bows for meh hair                                                  
                                          nah, still want more, gettin more from hot
topic soon tho
~custom made vampire teeth (i want these when i get my braces off!! i will kill if i 
                        -_-...grrr still got those damn brace...
do not go to salem mass. and get them!!)                                             
~a puppy  (*sigh* i love my dog sooo much but if only he were a smaller dog, plus he 
                      nope, got my Buddy still tho
needs a doggish companion) 
~more knee high sox (i looooooove knee high socks!!)                                 
                                          got me some gir ones!! eeeep!!
~a rainbow studded hot toppic belt                                                   
                                                 havent seen 'em around online or in
the store *mother f***er!!* i really want 1!!
~a checkered black and white hot topic belt                                          
                                              thats lower on my current list
~pink studded belt                                                                   
~rainbow suspenders                                                                  
                                                            got me suspenders, but
not rainbow : ( if i can find em, ill get em tho!!

ill add more l8er when i think of more! peace out!!

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