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Saturday, 21 March 2009
10:28:05 AM (GMT)
Well I just need to let out a few things about moms

Don't you just loathed the fact that they think they know you and talk like they know
everything when they don't, 
Sometimes you turn into the completly new generation of your family and she still
thinks she knows you. 

My mom thinks I'm supposed to be like everyone else in my family, a good little
normal teenager


I am completly different!! Completly and utterly different!!
No one in my family mom and dads side has ever thought or been like me, maybe like
1/5 of my dad but thats it I have nothing in common with my mom excel we complain
alike and look alike but that's it!! 

No one in my family(but me) has ever wanted to do he following things:
Go to a convention
Make dolls 
Make hats
Make costumes
Get into the secret governent
Become a CSI agent
Get into law enforcement
Become a fashion designer
Draw anime 
Read yaoi 
Not care too much about religion(they are religious people Dx)
Wanted to runaway 
Move away from family as soon as they were old enough

And pretty much all this things I have thought about wanted to do or done
Sometimes I just like being with my friends cause even though your family is suppose
to understand you only my sister really does because I talk to her about it but not
my mom or my dad or anyone else in my family

It just kinda makes me feel lonely y'know ..... There's so much I just can't tell my
parents and sometimes I feel like I completly dissapoint them other times I feel like
I'm gunna be glad when I move out, of course I'm gunna be happy with my freedom and
I'm gunna miss them but no one can say no to me when I do that (well except for my
roomate but I can't hate her.... Well I'm young but me be a friend promised eachother
we would live together when we were 18 and I cantwait for that xD)

But yeah sometimes I feel like getting away from my family is the best way for me to
live, I feel like my parents don't really know who I am and they don't cause I keep
so much from them. Like my moms always telling me, don't put on your costumes and go
out like thatyoulook stupid but Ito out anyway cause maybe she care but I don't, the
only person who can judgeyou is your self and I don't judge myself cause I like
myself the way I am, my sister does too and I'm glad she does but a lot of times she
says I embarrass her that I'm a complete embarassment to her and that just makes me
feel bad but I still love myself the way I am. I'm not perfect and I know it but to
my friends I'm the greatest friend they could have and I'm glad my friends accept me
cause sometimes I feel like that's all I need 

My mom just doesn't understand what runs trough my mind when she can read my mind and
understand me every second she with me I'll let her know that she can be the way she
is and that she can te me what to do, for the most part I just don't want to listen
to her it mMs my head spin and I just hate her sometimes......

Sometimes she makes me feel like I don't belong like I need l the help I can get but
I'm not gunna change for her cause I'm me and I like myself the way I am!! 
I'm not going to give in to my mother or my family ever!  Not even my sister as close
as we are

I need to let it all out, do something I don't do in front of my mom or my family
anymore ..... Cry
Just sit there and cry
Why me, why is it that my lifeis full of confusing spirals that just make me worse
sometimes..... I'll never really know but I guess I'll learn soon enough

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