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Category: sex story
Thursday, 12 March 2009
12:13:12 AM (GMT)

type: m/f

He led her down the street. It was cold. He hope it would snow soon. He enjoyed the
winter season more than any other. Aside from the way the city looked all covered in
white, it seemed more quiet and peaceful. No hussle and bussle.

Tonight. It wasn't snowing. It was New Years Eve. People running around everywhere,
trying to get to Times Square to see the ball drop.

When he had heard that she had wanted to go there, his heart dropped. He had wanted
to stay in and celebrate the evening, the new year with her. Maybe some friends. 

Then she told him that he'd not regret it if he did. Not that he wouldn't have gone,
but the incentive was definitely a great benefit.

So there they were, walking down the street. She had told him to find a certain
street. He could not wait to leave the populated area near Times Square. It was
amazing how people could spend the entire afternoon and evening waiting for the ball
to drop. Of course, the obvious drinking going on was probably the reason people did

She looked at him as she followed him down the street. She could see the irritation
in his expression. She smiled to herself, knowing what was to come. She had planned
this for months. She talked to a few of her good friends, friends who were into this
sort of thing. It was agreed that her plan would be perfect and that she'd enjoy

He stopped at the cross streets she had told him to go to. He looked up at the sky.
It was dark but there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The cold carried itself in the night
time breeze. He shivered but he was not uncomfortably cold. It was a nice cold.

He smiled and turned towards her.

"What time are they meeting us here? It's getting late." He said.

"Oh, don't worry. They'll be here." she said, smiling at him.

He glanced at his watch and then looked up and down the street.

She grinned to herself as he looked up and down the street. She took a quick glance
herself. It was getting late. Perfect, she thought. It seemed that most if not all
the people are moving quickly as possible away from this area towards Times Square.

She leaned against the building and pulled him towards her. She saw that he was
getting worried. She had told him that a few of their friends were meeting them here,
then heading towards the restaurant where they have a reservation.

She turned him towards her as she pulled him closer. She smiled up at him.

"What?" he asked as he leaned up against her.

"Nothing.." she said, "I'm just a little cold."

He smiled and leaned forward. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. He felt
her return his kiss. 

They kissed like that for a while. How long, he couldn't tell.

"Oops." he heard someone say.

He pulled away from the kiss and saw a couple standing not two feet away from them.

"Sorry!" the woman with the guy said.

She smiled at them and said, "That's okay."

He smiled and watched them walk across the street. He turned back towards her and
they both laughed.

She leaned forward and started kissing him again. Again, they kissed. Longer and more
passionate. She found her tongue thrusting into his mouth and his lips surrounding
her tongue. She moaned slightly.

He took her tongue into his mouth. He sucked on her tongue slowly. He enjoyed the
feel of her body's warmth next to his. He enjoyed the cold night air. He felt every
movement of their bodies.

She felt it then. Definitely a build inbetween their bodies. She reached a hand down
between them and slid it across his tummy down. Her hand came to his hardness. She
moved her palm down his length and then back up. She heard him moan at her touch.

She felt him lean closer against her. Her hand continued to move along his length.

He let go of her tongue and kissed her once more. He looked at her.

"You keep doing that and we won't be able to go to the restaurant." he said.

"I keep doing this," she said as she continued to stroke, "and *you* won't be able to
go to the restaurant."

She laughed and kissed him again. She moved her hand away from his hardness and
reached around to take one of his hands. She guided his hand down as she pulled his
tongue into her mouth.

Her hand moved his hand down between them. She moved his hand between her legs and
guided his movements up and down her area.

He felt the material of her clothes on his hand. He also felt the warmth of her
vagina through her clothes. He pushed his tongue deeper into her mouth as his hand
moved up and down along her. He felt her hand guiding his hand up and down. It felt
more like her hand guiding his hand in a oval movement rather than straight up and

He moved his hand like this for a while, his body against her's. His tongue in her

She moved her hips to accentuate his hand movements against her. She felt the heat
rise in her and knew that she was about to reach a point of no return. She let go of
his tongue.

While looking at him, she guided his hand up to her stomach. Then slid his hand down
past the top of her skirt. She made sure to wear a skirt where the top could stretch
and allow for a hand to reach between. She gasped as she felt his cool fingers
against her hot skin. She moved his hand down past her panties.

He felt her. Her wetness and her warmth on his fingers. He fought the urge to thrust
his fingers into her. He wanted to explore her. So he took the hint of her earlier
guidance and moved his hand and fingers along her vagina.

His fingers moved down along her vagina, slightly spreading the folds. The wetness
spread along his fingers and his hand. He moved his fingers up and as he reached her
clit, his fingers circled around once. Sometimes twice, then he would move down

He found her looking at something past them. Her face still held a look of pleasure
but it looked like she was concentrating on something else. He continued to move his
hand and fingers up and down her vagina.

He shifted slightly and glanced back. He saw the couple that nearly ran into them
across the street, near and under a street lamp. It was visually evident that they
were doing something similar.

She grabbed his hand as she felt him starting to pull away.

"No, don't stop." she said.

She saw him glance at the couple once more and then back at her. She smiled at his
look of reluctance. She spread her legs slightly and his fingers slipped in slightly.
She gasped but held his hand against her. She continued to look at him as his hand
started moving again.

He felt her hand move from his then. So he continued moving. He was worried about
getting caught, but the feel of her and her insistance at continuing made him not
want to stop. He felt her hand on his cock then. He looked left and right of the
street then and saw that they were still alone. The couple still across the street,
so he took a step to the side. This allowed him more room to manuever. He let his
fingers slide along and between the folds of her vagina. His fingers moved down and
into her. Then out and over her clit.

She moaned and tried not to close her eyes. She watched the couple across the street.
So obvious there, standing under the light. They were in the shadow of the street.
Other than her slightly vocal moans at the movements or insertion of his fingers,
there was nothing to distinguish them if no one was looking directly at them.

She glanced at the couple again and saw the woman looking at them. She felt the
thrill rise in her and felt her involuntarily move herself onto his fingers harder.

She heard now and saw that the woman was talking to her companion. She felt his lips
on her neck then. Her eyes nearly closing as his lips sucked on the skin of her neck,
the heat of his breath and the cold air tingling her skin with electric erotic
feelings. She saw the woman say something else and the man kissed her neck.

"They're copying us." She whispered hoarsely.

She felt his hardness throb harder against her hand. She felt his teeth on her neck
now. She laughed to herself as she knew he'd enjoy it. He was always saying he wasn't
adventurous, but every time she presented him with something like this -- he enjoyed

"Eat me." she said.

He pulled his head away and looked at her. He looked at her questioningly.

"They're copying us." she smiled and pulled her hand away from his hardness.

"Let's see how far they'll go." she grinned.

She reached down and pulled his hand away from her wet and hot vagina.

He watched as she pulled him aside slightly. He glanced at the couple across the
street and saw that the woman was indeed watching them. He turned back to her when he
felt her hand on his arm. He saw that she was bent over and one leg up.

He saw her pulling off her panties. He quickly glanced around to see if anyone was
walking by. He was relieved to see no one but the couple. He thought of stopping it.
There were cops around.

He felt her hand in his pocket then.

sarah_turns_emo says:   9 April 2009   884665  
i like it! very nice.
sfcdefinder says :   5 March 2015   248563  
That was very hot I want more

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