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Friday, 20 February 2009
10:03:07 PM (GMT)
Chapter One--Alex Ejit McNahl

     We all went to a normal school. We were fairly normal if you asked me. But, you
shouldn't ask me. What I see and what others see are two entirely different things.
Looking through my point of view is like looking through the point of view of an evil
scientist who can actually do something. Which, is me.
    This might be fairly interesting. It might not be. But, I live by five golden
1)Kill or be killed. 
    2)Keep your friends close, but enimies closer. 
    3) Die hard or live free. 
    4) Looks get you nothing. Charisma is where it's at. 
    5) It's not about the size of the dog, but the size of the fight in the dog.

    See, practically all have to do with fighting. But, no dog can beat me. I'm Alex
Ejit McNahl and I'm super tough. That, and I have powers that empower me to do
anything dangerous. My powers entitle me to anything dangerous. Which, is very weel
sayign what I do and what I need. I'm not an assain or a spy. I'm a direct decendant
of the Guardian Alexander, who is my grandfather. People make the assumption I'm
Greek because of my name. And the assumption my real name is Alexander and not just
  Everyone except my personal best friend, Nes. Not sure how you pronounce that. She
never told me. I never asked. With her, it's best to let her tell you on her one. Can
you guess what her middle name is?
  You can't?
  Dream, you anauq!
  And, on the off-chance you aren't as smart as me which you aren't--it means idiot.
I'm sorry we all can't be as smart as me.
  "Hey," Nes said with her soft voice and tiny but evil smile. Nerk. I love that
  "Nes with--the--middle---name--I--can't--pronouce!" I excalimed loudly, throwing my
hands up.
   She grinned and shook her head. Her long black pigtails clinked together. Her long
bang fell into her pretty gray eyes, fringed by thick black lashes. She had the
prettiness no one but her could have. She was just innocent with it--on the outside.
She was the quiet, don't say much, not excited, but very deathly type of person. She
was more dangerous to me. Well, it was a neck to neck tie. I was taller, though.
  "Alex Ejit, you amuse me greatly," she said with no smile. Or a laugh.
  "One can never tell with you, Nes. Ready to go?" I asked. I swung my booksack over
one shoulder and closed my locker.
  "Nah, waitin' for Night and Fuvi," she said. Her hands were clasped on something.
Her eyes were alliumintaed and excited. Bright.
  "What are you planning?" I asked. I'll admit it, I'm curious. Nes was about the
most drop-dead boring beautiful girl you could meet. so, when she had something
planned, she had something planned. And, you didn't have a choice to go with it or
not. It normally was something fun and dangerous. So Nes.
  Her eyes instantly dimmed, but she flipped me a lopsided grin. "Nothing at all,
Alex. Nothing at all."
  I looked at her, but I was kind of disappointed. She could tell me. "Do Fuvi and
Night have to come?" I whined. I wanted to be alone with her. No, we weren't going
out, but I still had some feelings for her. They went deep at that.
   Night saddled up at this time. She grinned. "You called?"
   "Speak of the devil, and he shall appear?" I muttered under my breath, rolling my
   She laughed at something Fuvi muttered, which I didn't catch. They better sleep
with two eyes open tonight..
   Nes looked at me with soft eyes. She nudged me. She didn't like the look of
violence on my face. I let the thought go reluctantly and grinned at her. She grinned
back. I couldn't help myself--she had beauty and charisma. That girl is dangerous. I
was a dead man walking.
   For such an evil person, Nes can be nice at times. Caring even. She's a
sweetheart, I'll admit. I normally don't do the good girl type. I'll make an
exception fro her. I normally go for older girls, too. But she's ayear younger. And
the exception. And she's really hot. If she knew  I lied, though, she would kill me.
Nes broke out into one of her soft laughs. She was happy, but impatient. Her laugh
rang out in tinkling bells, making boys turn their heads. One even ran into the wall.
On the other side from where he was. She bit her lip and giggled. One of the boys
that turned their heads were Taj and Corde. They smiled at her. "Nes, Night, Fuvi,
what it do?" they asked, mocking Nes with smiles. I was gonna kill them for that
   Nes was orginally form the South, but moved her to France a year ago. She never
prounounced her r's or her g's. Nes shook her head. "Not doin' nothin'," she
responded casually. 
  "Comin' with?" I asked, also mocked her. She hit me with her tiny fist.
  They nodded. I sighed.
  We were going to see the Guardians, which all the rest of them--Taj, Corde, Night,
Nes, and Fuvi---descended from. Nes came from the guardian Allisol. Taj came from the
guardian Qei--which means Taj in Peijak. Corde came from the guardian Nefren--no one
knows where he got his name from. Night came from the guardian Kaqf--which means
night in Peijak. Fuvi came from teh guardian Hope.
  We were exact decendants from the Guardians. So, if they died, we would take over
the Magic World. The Guardians are our legal guardians. Or, parents. We all share
some trait, if not being the next ruler when they die. Which, won't be soon saying
they are immortal. The process of them dying is...hard.
  The trait I carry from Alexander is my stubborness, you could say. Or, my charisma
and charm. Nes gets her deadliness. Fuvi got her two-sided and vain ways. Night got
her goodess and sulight power--ironic isn't it, Night has such a Sunlight power, of
all things. Taj has came in with his entertainment. Corde born with the craziness no
one but him can posses. Me and Nes also get our evilness from our Guardians.
   "Alex? Alex?" I realized Nes was calling me. 
  "Hmmmm?" I asked, peering down at her.
  "You wanna stop for something' to eat?"
  "No...I have this something's wrong up there.." I said, my palm
itching. My stomach was curling coldly.  
  "Okay," she agreed. She was always fine with with what I did. No matter what it
was. I didn't mind.
  "Girl you would do anythimg to pleane me," I teased.
  She hit me on the back of my head. "Puh-lease. kep livin' in dat big ole dream of
yo'z where everythang revolves 'round you," she said.
  I laughed. "Don't be hatin; cuz you short," I said, ruffling her hair.
  She hit me and glared, fixing it back. She sneered at me and then growled. It was
one of her deadly ones. When she finished fixing her hair, she stared at me
uninterested and already over it. "I'm not short. I'm medium."
  "You're the most medium-short person I eva saw," I said, copying her accent.
  She popped me on the back of my head, slipping her hand into mine. She always did
that when something was bothering her. I tried to figure it out while we entered the
portals to go to the New World, which was also called 'Kig Guxjn'. We always traveled
in twos, incase of an emergency. Nes went with me since she was the newest to this
and I was the best at portal-hopping.
   "Grandma?" she called. "Grandma?"
   We walked into the house. It was eerily quiet. The others were quickly behind us.
Bodies of the four dead servants were strewed around all over the place. A certain
body made me gasp. Nes stopped, too. The body was choclate in skin color and eyes. It
was small and a three year old's body. The hair was a black mane of curls. Nothing
but blood pooled form the head. 
  Nes's little sister Sophiera. AKA Sophie.
  Nes's hand slipped trough mine. She let out a choked sound. She burst into sobs,
crying softly at first. I pulled her closely to me. I stroked her hair and killed the
top of her head. I pushed us forward ot the golden doors of the Guardian's main rooms
and bedrooms. Not a good idea.
  The Guardians were strewn across the room, all blood and guts. Dead. I choked back
my own sob. I needed to be strong. The others were behind me. The girls were all
sobbing. Taj looked out of his element. So did Corde. We were devestated. I shivered
a little bit and hugged Nes closer.
  "Oh, God," she moaned. "Sophie, Sophie, Sophie," she himpered. I kissed her cheek
to soothe her.
  "I'm taking her out guys. See you in the New World in a few minutes," I said
leaning her out. "I got business to take care of."

‹WE'RE GOING IN THE VAGINAAAA› says:   22 February 2009   794531  
Yehyita says:   22 February 2009   884559  
Thank you!
‹WE'RE GOING IN THE VAGINAAAA› says:   23 February 2009   524343  
There are a few tibbits where the spelling is missing, places where
'there's become 'here's

just stuff like that
Yehyita says:   23 February 2009   386223  
ooo, I need to edit. I was just happy to finally finish the
Yehyita says :   28 March 2009   146168  
Chapter One: Nes Nxier Mervuuk

  It was with sadness and grief I cried for my sister and the
Guardians. Especially Grandma. I had no family now. No nothing.
Nothing to look forward to and no one to worry about. I felt like I
was filled with holes. Holey? I think.
   It hurts to think.
   He had me in another world. Alex did. Alex ws cute and he was my
best friend. He was arrogant sometimes. He was evil, too. I didn’t
care. Half of the Guardians were evil. So, that was nothing new.
  I got off his back when we landed but kept my hand in his. He
squeezed my hand. The place we were at looked like hell. Dangerous.
Fir e  was everywhere. But, somehow, I felt safe. Safe like nothing
would go wrong. I leaned into him. “Alex?” I asked. My voice ws
just a whisper.
   “Shhh,” he whispered, stroking my hair.
    I nodded, my face grim. I felt smaller around Alex. Not because he
was freakin’ giant and I was only 5’4, but because he made me feel
like his little sister. Somebody he would take care of and protect.
Somebody he would love. Which, is silly. Nobody loves me. Everybody
that loves me is dead now.
  “Why are we in hell?” I asked.
   He laughed quietly. “Not hell.”
   He pulled me into a house.


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