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The Master Qui-Gon ::SEXUAL CONTENT DO NOT READ IF OFFENDED::Category: sex story
Saturday, 31 January 2009
12:45:00 PM (GMT)
This is a graphic story, do not read if offended, distributing of my stories is a form of plagiarism, and trust me, WHEN I find out, you'll regret even thinking about it. Star Wars, baby :] type: m/f
You tiptoe into the quiet chamber, trying not to wake the sleeping man stretched out across the low bed on top of duvet. As you are slipping out of your cloak you are startled by his deep voice, "It's almost dawn." "Is it?" You ask, even though you know exactly what time it is. "You said you were going for a short walk," Qui-Gon said, sitting up in bed. You turn toward him, your eyes fixed on his broad chest. "I wasn't feeling tired, so ---" "You just happened upon the lounge in this hotel?" You grin and slink your way to the bed, shedding garments as you go. By the time you're to the edge of the bed you're only wearing a thin undershirt and panties. "You know me so well, Master Jinn," you tease, trailing a finger across his hard chest. "We have to be at the conference soon. You shouldn't be out drinking and --" he mutters gruffly. "Dancing on tables?" You ask, sliding onto his lap, straddling him. "You danced on tables?" "It was actually the bar, I believe..." Qui-Gon gives you a disapproving look. Your lower lip juts out just a bit. "Is there something in the Jedi code that forbids dancing on bars?" Qui-Gon remains stone faced for a long moment, then replies, "Well, yes, but I think that was added mostly to prevent Master Yoda from attempting it." You both chuckle and you kiss his bearded chin, then his lips. His hands move to languidly caress your sides. You kiss him more deeply, your tongue sliding into his mouth. You love the taste of this man, you love his scent of sandalwood, you love his large, rough hands sliding underneath your undershirt and gliding across your bare flesh. You feel a tightening inside as his touch electrifies you. His hand brushes the underside of your breast and then slides over your nipple, hardening it. You break off your kiss and pull off your undershirt. You slide across his thick legs and press your bare chest to his. "I love your skin next to mine," he murmurs into your ear as he kisses and nips at your neck. "But you've been such a naughty girl." "Yes, I have," you answer, your head lolling back as he continues to kiss your neck. You grind your hips into his lap, his hard cock pressing into you. "You should punish me, Master." His teeth sink into your shoulder, biting you lightly. You moan, your pleasure mixing with the slight pain. "Lie down on the bed," he commands. You lift your head and meet his gaze. You arch a brow, a grin spreading across your face as you see the naughty gleam in his eyes. "Umm....I don't know..." you drawl, still grinding your hips against his. He smirks, his hands grasping your waist and easily pulling you off his lap. You wrestle only half-heartedly with him, ending up face-down on the soft duvet. You squirm a bit as he straddles your lower body, his rock-hard legs easily pinning you to the bed. His large hands sweep up your curves, leaving little skin untouched, sending waves of lust through your body. Qui-Gon grabs the hair at the nape of your neck, leaning down to whisper in your ear, "So naughty. What am I going to do with you?" You turn so only one cheek is pressed against the bed. "Punish me." He kisses your exposed cheek lightly, his beard brushing against your tender skin. He releases your hair and sits back up, sliding down a bit, running his hands over your bottom, lightly at first, then more roughly. He grasps the waist of the panties and rips them off. You squirm again, a thrill of pleasure scorching your senses. One of his hands lightly caresses your back as his other smacks your bottom. You inhale, your bottom smarting a bit, but not hurting. He continues to spank you. You start to wriggle a bit as the pain intensifies, exciting you more. Your hands clench the cotton duvet as his palm connects with your bottom again. "Enough," you gasp.
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‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says :   1 February 2009   699981  
Nice story :D i like the m/f stories


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