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GenesisneiCategory: FanFiction
Thursday, 25 December 2008
10:23:24 PM (GMT)
Here's a story about Genesis x Cissnei..ok i'm a fan and This Australian girl named
Lioneh made it..ITS BEAUTIFUL~
Swinging her shuriken above her head, Cissnei let her fingers slip free of the spiked
disk in order to lay damage on her opponent. A direct hit struck the clone of a 1st
Class SOLDIER, sending it sprawling to the ground and ceasing to move. With a
satisfied sigh, the female Turk retrieved her red tipped shuriken from its position
on the ground beside the fallen copy of Genesis Rhapsodos, giving it a quick dust
before continuing on. Just as she was preparing herself for another confrontation
with a couple of cloned infantrymen, Cissnei was interrupted quite suddenly by a male
voice behind her.

“I suppose you think that’s fun, don’t you?”

Spinning around on the heel of her boots, Cissnei’s deep brown eyes frantically
searched the terrain behind her, eventually looking up as a last resort. Her gaze
rested on a figure in a red cloak, who was seated quite calmly on the roof of one of
the buildings in the outskirts of Sector 8. She let out a small gasp, seeing an
elegant black wing stretching out from the rogue 1st Class SOLDIER’s left

Smirking, Genesis Rhapsodos extended his wing slightly, giving it a small flap in
order to further Cissnei’s shock.

“…Genesis?” She mouthed, completely shocked at why he was here right in the
middle of the action.

“Relentlessly killing such monsters like myself…how heartless.” Genesis
replied, his silky voice echoing throughout Cissnei’s ears moments after he had
spoken. Just minutes before all she had heard was the sounds of a copy, a mere fake
of the real Genesis. She had seen how dangerous that clone had been…but why
wasn’t she just as afraid now, if not more?

Lowering her gaze from the redheaded SOLDIER, Cissnei exhaled, trying to gather her
wits. This was the man that everyone was after, the one that ShinRa was seeking out
to exterminate. That was the job of the ludicrous ShinRa army, a task which with they
were usually assigned. This isn’t a Turk’s job, it wasn’t my orders…

Observing Cissnei, Genesis cocked his head to the side, her appearance igniting a
sense of recognition within him. She’s that Turk, the one who’s been in ShinRa
all her life. 

“Cissnei, correct?” Genesis questioned, looking down at Cissnei with feigned

Snapping her head back up in response to her name, Cissnei nodded her head slightly,
wondering what exactly she was meant to do. After all, she was on assignment and just
standing around was wasting precious time that would go on her record.

“I’m surprised you even remembered me…” Cissnei spoke quietly, looking up at
Genesis. The adrenaline of battle was slowly draining out of her system, allowing her
to think more clearly.

“What more is there to remember? You’re just another one of them…ShinRa
lapdogs.” Genesis said bitterly, shaking his head. Within the blink of an eye, the
1st Class SOLDIER spread his single wing and descended to Cissnei’s level, coming
to the ground a few feet in front of the female Turk.

Cissnei backed away slightly, bringing her shuriken close to her body for

“Smart move.” Genesis said gently, though his rapier was no where in sight. “A
monster like myself could launch an attack at any given moment, no?”

The redheaded Turk just stood her ground, seeing a faint glow around the narrowed
eyes of Genesis Rhapsodos. She could see the familiar blend of mako mixed into the
iris, an unnatural shade of aquamarine being displayed as a result. No…she could
see past that. Somewhere deep inside, Cissnei could see the pain that was hidden from
everyone else that Genesis did not show.

“They’re nothing but the eyes of a monster.” Genesis muttered, breaking his
gaze with Cissnei abruptly. Shaking her head, Cissnei objected, a look of distress
overcoming her face.

“Stop saying that!” She exclaimed, looking at Genesis with the hint of tears in
her eyes. “Why!? What makes you a monster? Just tell me, because I don’t see

Surprised at her sudden outburst, Genesis just stared back at Cissnei, not wanting to
face the questions she was pushing on him.

“It should be simple. I am a failed experiment. With a monster’s cells inside of
me, my humanity is lost.” Genesis reasoned, pacing a few steps as he spoke. “And
this,” he paused, raising his wing high up into the air, “is the evidence.”

Cissnei looked back at the rogue SOLDIER with bitter sadness in her eyes, her free
hand clenching into a tight fist.

“When I was a kid…I always wanted…to have wings…” She whispered, lowering
her head.

“What…to be a monster?” Genesis laughed sarcastically, shaking his head in

“No…to be an angel!” Cissnei shouted, a tear finding its way down her cheek.
“Wings could never stand for monsters! They’re…for freedom…”

Genesis stared blankly back at Cissnei, no words coming to his mind that would be
necessary to say. The female Turk just stood there, off to the side. Her body
trembled slightly as she wiped the tears away with the back of her sleeve. However,
it was to no avail, with Cissnei’s emotions refusing to back down. Raising her
head, she turned her head towards Genesis with a tear stained face. “I don’t
understand you, Genesis. I really don’t.”

“Nobody does.” The SOLDIER replied, his voice solemn.

“I would have given anything…to have wings like yours…” Cissnei whispered
bitterly, shaking her head. Why? Why do some people not recognise that what they have
could mean the world to someone else? This irony…is too cruel.

“Then have them.” Genesis said, startling Cissnei as he glided to her side.
Cissnei looked up to see Genesis right beside her, gasping as his arm found its way
around her thin waist. Before she knew it, Genesis flapped his velvet black wing and
the ground was no longer beneath her feet. She griped his leather cloak in terror as
Genesis slowly gained height, leaving Sector 8 to blend into the rest of the large
city of Midgar. She managed to keep her fear mostly to herself, daring to look down
to see the glowing expanse of city lights that illuminated the plate above the

Genesis slowed down, pausing in his flight to remain hovering about fifty metres
above the region of Sector 5. For just this moment, he could forget everything. It
had been so long since he had made anyone the slightest bit happy…even if he was a
monster, he just wanted to forget that for a moment. Holding Cissnei close, the
redheaded SOLDIER flapped his jet black wing repeatedly in order to stay in the air.

“I can be your wings.” He mumbled, looking at Cissnei with confusion in his eyes.
I…don’t know what to think anymore. She’s told me…that I’m not a monster.
But…I am…aren’t I not? She looked so honest in what she was saying…but ShinRa
lapdogs like her have little to no honesty. 

“…w-what?” Cissnei said, looking at Genesis fearfully. She couldn’t believe
what the SOLDIER had just said, her eyes widening at his apparent change in heart.
Unfortunately, the moment passed, with Genesis taking hold of Cissnei with both of
his arms and taking off, approaching the ground with rapid speed. Squeezing her eyes
shut, the Turk simply clutched onto his shoulders for dear life. Gliding above Mako
Reactor 5, Genesis swooped gently down around the structure, his flight a lot less
violent than before.

Daring to open her eyes, Cissnei saw the faint glow of the mako energy below the
reactor, feeling the breeze gently blowing her hair about her face. After the brief
moment of calm, the 1st Class SOLDIER approached the ground, loosening his grip on
Cissnei in order to let her jump to the ground. Taking the opportunity, the Turk
released herself from the arms of Genesis Rhapsodos and landed on the ground, her
legs bending to absorb the impact.

“Cissnei…goodbye.” Genesis muttered, taking off towards the top of the mako
reactor. Cissnei watched as Genesis disappeared into the dismal sky of Midgar,
wondering what he was going to do with himself. She reached her hand into the wind
and grasped one of the feathers that remained from his wing, storing it in her
pocket. She wanted to keep that as a memory of Genesis…her wings that he wished he
didn’t have.

“Genesis…I…I’ve got hope for you.”


"Fuyuki-kun..I....I...l-lo...lo...I LOVE YOU"

Momoka the girl of the rich~

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