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Tuesday, 23 December 2008
08:31:57 AM (GMT)
READ AND JOIN! EDIT [thanks to Jess! (JessxHEARTS)]: You MAY submit as many Lyrics as you would like! So, I see all these "beautiful" and what-not contests around, and don't see much of anything different, so I thought I would conduct something of my own. I am looking for Song Lyrics. This is a contest for who can come up with the best, genuine lyrics for a Rock/Alternative Genres. The Rules are simple: 1. They must be your own original words. 2. It must contain more than a chorus, no poems. 3. Do not commit to racism, sexism, etc. in your lyrics. All submissions dealing with this will be deleted immediately and not considered. 4. Do not take any wording from another musician, poet, author, etc. unless it is absolutely necessary, you quote it, site it, and explain why you used it for your lyrical expression. 5. All Contest Submissions MUST be sent by the following: a. Message to Jolestio, starting with "CONTEST SUBMISSION" b. Letter to Jolestio, starting with "CONTEST SUBMISSION" c. Send an E-Mail to with Subject Line as "CONTEST SUBMISSION" [If your e-mail does not have this as the subject line, it will most likely be deleted.] 6. Do NOT send them through comments on diaries, pictures, Q&A, etc. You don't want people taking your submission and altering it to their own liking. 7. They must NOT contain wording such as "nigga" in them. I will not tolerate the usage of that word. Refer to Rule #3. All submissions that may offend or be subject to harrassment will not be considered. 8. THIS INCLUDES SEXUAL HARRASSMENT. If I see one more god damn song about meeting some "smokin' hot babe" in a bar where you both get drunk as hell and "do it" when you submit it, and you're fucking 13 years old. Wow. I cannot believe I made a rule like this. 9. Express Yourself! [ I did in my last Rule.] You are free to swear in your song, as long as it's not like: "fuck this fucking shit ass bitch nigganigganigga what a whore son of a bitch I can write lyrics to a song like this because I can't think of anything else to rhyme for my song that goes DUCKs are Cool, I like abercrombie and FITCH, Gimme Some More!..." Seriously...I've seen lyrics like that...where the person made a song about ducks, and how to fuck. All in one. It was sad. Don't make me call you sad....or just mentally insane. 10. Have Fun! I cannot express this anymore than the stupid shit you're reading right now. Follow all rules and just have fun! Submissions for this contest will no longer be submitted past January 31st. The winner(s) will be selected within the week afterwards. The prizes are: 1st Place: 100 KupiPoints, Your own Lyrics posted in a special diary about you, and posted on my Profile for at least 6 Months. For more information about the prizes for 1st place, please contact me. 2nd Place: 50 KupiPoints, Bragging Rights that you came in second, and a diary pertaining to you and your lyrics. 3rd Place: 25 KupiPoints, The feeling that you made it somewhere in life. More prizes will be awarded as the contest progresses, but all prizes are unknown at the time. For Questions on this Contest for the Lyrical Minded, please contact me at: Letter Message Or! You could just leave a nice comment on this diary! Thank you for reading! Happy writing!
Jolestio | Randy
Last edited: 4 January 2009

‹Ican'tbelivethisplacestillexists.› says:   23 December 2008   222399  
I might give this a try 

‹♥OhhSweetJessyy(:› says:   23 December 2008   118378  
I am going to enter this kk
saralyn247 says:   23 December 2008   398517  
:O Randall makes lots of rules.

Alas, I cannot enter. I have no linguistic skills. AT ALL. D:
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   23 December 2008   497679  
I'll join!

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