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Snowed In! Chapter 1Category: Stories
Monday, 8 December 2008
03:22:27 PM (GMT)
It was the last day of term in a private school in England, and the 10 pupils in the
school were gazing out of the window at the delicate little snowflakes drifting down
from the sky. They had seen snow before, but never like this, and their parents had
always busied them to do homework or chores instead of playing outside in it. It kept
falling, and the teacher decided to let them have a 10 minute break to go outside and
play. They went out, and started laughing, building snowmen, and having snowball
fights. They were having so much fun, that they lost track of time and became very
cold. They went back inside, changed into their PE kits and sat by the heater to keep
warm. After they warmed up, they sat back at their desk and talked about what they
were going to do afterwards. "My mother will probably make me clean the kitchen."
said Sally, in her posh london accent, her long straight brown hair bouncing up and
down."Well I will be made to clear the drive and path of snow so my father can get in
after work." moaned Bruce, in his rough, welsh voice. The bell rang, and everyone
grabbed their stuff, pulled their coats on and made for the door. Sally pushed, but
it didn't budge. "Bruce, can you open this door? only I don't want to chip my nails."

"Yeah, I think I could." Bruce tried, but the door still didn't move. 

All 10 kids tried to open the door, but it still would not open. Jim went back into
the classroom, where their teacher, Mrs Jones, was straightening the desks up and
locking all the pens and pencils into a cubboard where they would stay for the next
two weeks. "Miss, the door won't open!" he cried. She stepped out of the warm
classroom into the cool corridor leading to the exit. She tried to open the door, but
she simply couldn't. "Oh dear, I'm afraid we're trapped."
"NO!!" shouted the children together, "we can't be!" They rushed back into the
classroom and peered out of the window again, "Look at the snow! It's up to the
window!" screamed Harry.

"Children, children. Stay calm. I'll phone your parents and ask them to help dig us
out." She walked to the office while the children sat on the desks and chatted, "It's
too deep, if we can't get out of the school, our parents won't be able to get out of
our houses!"
"We'll freeze to death!"
"I want my phone!"
And at that, the teacher walked back in. "The phone lines are down, I can't get
through to any of your parents. We're stuck here until the snow melts."
"That could be ages!"
"What about food, supplies, FUN?"

Chapter 2 coming soon!

‹♥~S / Shaunie~♥› says:   8 December 2008   145391  
woa cool but i think you jumped into the story abit to fast
‹♥•;just;me;myself;and i;•♥› says:   8 December 2008   189438  
aww damn it. how 'bout my other story then? or the app form?
‹FMLYHM› says:   8 December 2008   831139  
oh YAY! snoww!!! i think if i was in your story is be the only one
who would b sad cuz i wouldnt be able to play in the snow while i was
trapped xD
‹♥•;just;me;myself;and i;•♥› says:   9 December 2008   755759  
ha ha ha lets put you in chapter 2!!
_Independence_Angel_ says:   21 December 2008   271473  
nice story but u jumped in too fast pace your self a little
‹♥•;just;me;myself;and i;•♥› says :   22 December 2008   299844  
sorry i don't like writing very long stories.


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