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Sunday, 7 December 2008
06:18:18 AM (GMT)
If you get over 45 your considered a "bad kid."
In the total delete what it says and put in your total. Then add it up.


This should be good.

1)[x]smoked. Lol, yes.
2)[x] consumed alcohol. xD
3)[x] slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex. THAT'S JUST KAT.
4) [x] slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex. LOLZ , UAMHAN.
5) [x] kissed someone of the same sex. drunkkthanxbai
6) [] had sex. Not yet , waiting 
7) [x] had someone in your room of the opposite sex. LOL
 [x] watched porn
9) [x] bought porn
10) [x] done drugs. IN FAIRNESS NOW BAYS
TOTAL: 9. .. Feck.
11) [x] taken pain killers. Baaaddd O:
12) [x] taken someone else's prescription medicine. Yes . . I was dying. 
13) [x] lied to your parents. xD
14) [x] lied to a friend. Lmao
15) [x] snuck out of the house. BUSH DRANKIN BAYOOS
16) [x] done something illegal. nneeevveerrr : D
17) [x] cut yourself. I had reasons. ,
1 [x] hurt someone.  Lol.
19) [x] wished someone to die. Several people n_n
20) [x] seen someone die. Cousin . , 
TOTAL: 19. . . baha
21) [x] missed curfew.Dun hav one xD
22) [x] stayed out all night. Good Ol' Millenium Park. 
23) [x]  eatin a carton of ice cream by yourself. 7 ?
24) [x] been to a therapist. >_>
25) [] been to rehab. wooo
26) [x] dyed your hair. : D
27) [x] recieved a ticket. An ice skating ticket , yes :D
2 [x] been in an accident. LOOK MA , NO LEGS
29) [x] been to a club o:
30) [x] been to a bar o:
31) [x] been to a wild party. LOL.
32) [x] seen the Mardi Gras. yar
34)[]  had a spring break in Florida.
35) [x] sniffed anything. 
36) [x] wore black nail polish. lol, : D
37) [x] wore arm bands. bbaaddd o:
3 [x] wore t-shirts with band names. sooo baaddd O:
39) [x] listened to rap. Eminem is the shizz xD
40) [] own 50 cent cd. >_>
41)[x] dressed gothic. w/e
42) [x] dressed prep. w/e
43)[x] dressed punk. w/e
44) [x]dressed grunge. w/e
45) [x] stole something. We are such knackers nowadays :|
46)[x] been too drunk to remember anything. baha
47) [x] blacked out, yeahh
4[x]  fainted. Like . 5 times.
49) [x] had a crush on your neighbor THE GAElTACHT COUNTS , JESAS.
50) [x] had someone sneak into your room. : D
51) [x] snuck into some one else's room. Baha me and abi , xD Leahs mom still
suspects us of ..
52) [x]  had a crush on your best friend's sib. Lol, 
53) [x] been to a concert . : D
54) [] dry humped someone. kindaa
55) [x]been called a slut, MANWHORE , tankzverimuch
56)[X]  called someone a slut. Leah , the virgin slut , ftw. 
57) [x] installed speakers in your car. My dads car.
5 [x] broke a mirror. HAMMER
59) [x] showered at someone of the opposites sex's house. Rosseey
60) [x] brushed your teeth with someone elses toothbrush. Lul
61) [] consider ludacris your favorite rapper
62) [x] seen an R rated movie in theaters. OH DEARY.
63) [x] cruised the mall. -cruises- : D
64) [x] skipped school
65) [x] had an eating disorder
66) [x]  had an injury
67) [x] gone to court
6 [x] walked out of a resteraunt without paying
69)[x]  caught something on fire
70) [x] lied about your age. Yeahh . , I'm 16. Shush. 
71) [] owned an apartment
72) [x] cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend. Whatever. 
73) [x]  cheated with someone. NO , IT WAS A LAMP x]
74) [x] got in trouble with the police. Eggs ftw. 
75) [x]  talked to a stranger. My my sir , what beautiful legs you have xD
76) [x] hugged a stranger. : D
77) [x] kissed a stranger. Drunkenn dares xD well , she looked happy
7 [x] rode in the car with a stranger. Yeahh . .that was scary.
79) [] been sexually harrassed
80)[x]  been verbally harrassed, LOL, culchies
81) [] met face to face with someone you met online. 
82) [] stayed online for 12 hours straight. I need meh shleepeh : D
83) [x] talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight. u_u rosseeyy.
84) [X] watched tv for 12 hours straight. baha xD South Park 
85) [x] been to a fair. LOOK MAW , A PONY RIDE
86) [x] been called a bad influence, curse you leahs mom
87) [x] cursed, xD FFEECCK
8 [x] prank called someone. NEVER
89) [x] laid in the bed with someone of the opposite sex. THAT JUST CAT. SINCE THE
90) [x] cheated on a test. LOL. 
91) [x] cheated on homework, lmao
92) [x] held hands with someone of the same sex.I was acting , shup xD
93) [x] been pushed into a pool, my poor toe. D:
94) [x]  played pool, I'm really bad. 
95)[x]  watched 5 hours of mtv straight. Hatee
96) [x] had a crush on someone 8 years older than you. LIISSA SIMPSON BEIDIR ?
97) [x] had a crush on someone younger than you. :L
9 [x]  wear eyeliner. On occasion. 
99) [x]skinny dipped. CAT
100) [x] laughed at a retarded person in a wheelchair. He was askin for it , the

‹The Pursuit of Happiness› says:   7 December 2008   818884  


shup uamhan

aron rocks
FerSureMaybee_ says:   7 December 2008   636483  
Boo You Whore D:
‹The Pursuit of Happiness› says:   7 December 2008   181936  
I are no whore D:
Mc_Luvin says:   8 December 2008   414545  
why am i laughing 
oh well
‹HannaghxChristine♥› says:   3 January 2009   957982  
Why is every '8' and sunnies smily? =3
Aron. . . I cant sleep 3=
Its like 05:00AM!
‹☆ρïṉαÿ~ƒø~lïƒε☆› says :   16 August 2009   999287  
wow if i took this quiz total 100

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