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Very weird dream.Category: (general)
Friday, 5 December 2008
10:06:42 PM (GMT)
Kay :/
You don't have to read this.. Well actually you don't have to read any of my diaries.
I just feel safer posting things about myself on Kupika rather than in a diary that
is always found in my bedroom. That's odd, I know. =o=;; At least I know that my mom
or brother won't sign onto my account and go browsing through my entries; that's kind
of an extreme. xD

I've been having reeeally weird dreams lately. And by weird, I mean waking up in the
middle of the night, stuffing your face into a pillow, trying not to scream,
sickening weird. If the dream is bad enough, I'll probably have it more than once
because chances are, I'll be thinking about it all day. Most of my dreams include
alot of blood, death, severe injuries or bad luck. I'm kind of used to it now,
although I had them alot more often during my "bad stage". For those who don't know
what that stage is, I'd rather not explain.  ANYWAYS. Let's get off THAT topic
quickly, 'kay? xD 

I'll keep editing this entry, keeping track of the dreams I have.
Who knows, maybe some people might find this interesting. o_o

Dec. 4th /08.
I was sitting on my bed, and I'm pretty sure everything was black and white. I felt
really, really sick to my stomach. I looked across my room into the mirror on the
floor (I have a large round mirror in the corner of my room that's visable from my
bed), and I noticed that I was crying, which was weird because you should know if
you're crying or not. I was confuesed by this, so I kept on looking into the mirror,
and suddenly my tears started turning red. So I wiped the tears away, then looking at
them in my hand. I felt more sick, (probably because I can't stand the sight of
blood. I can stand the taste, but not the sick. I know, I'm weird. xD ) so I ran
downstairs into the bathroom, and noticed that the bathtub was overflowing with
blood. I felt REALLY faint, so I grabbed hold of the edge of the sink counter so I
didn't fall over or something. I looked in the mirror, and my cheeks were drenched
with blood because I was still crying (crying blood? wow ). I can't remember anything
else other then throwing up loads of blood until my skin was white, and then I passed
out. I woke up crying, but I was still convinced that I was sort of dreaming so I got
up quickly and turned on my light to see if my pillow was drenched with blood or not.
I'm pathetic, I know .w.

Now, I have this really usefull book called Dreamer's Dictionary. Basically, it's
just like a dictionary, just filled with 476 pages of common things people dream

Blood- Blood, a symbol of life, stands for vitality and consciousness. Be careful of
other people in all situations. Losing blood: you are feeling weak at the moment;
every frustration expresses itself in the weak parts of your body. Seeing blood on
your hands: stop getting involved in the business of other people-- you have enough
to do with your own. Seeing someone else bleeding: you are afraid for a close friend.
Dreaming about bleeding always points to emotional wounds that you are denying. Blood
also points to your own belief ("it is in my blood"). Blood by itself is a sign of
your vitality.

Illness (sick)- If you are the sick person: you will soon be comforted and have a
friend at your side. Visiting a sick person: joy and good luck. Illnesses in dreams
always represent the emotional state we are experiencing at the moment. Things from
the past that we have denied or repressed and past emotional injuries should now be

Wtf maaaan, why so much about emotions? D:


Ohoho. Bet my friendiess did not think Dowwy had such gorey, disgusting
dreams, ehhh? xD 
I do .o. I just hide it well 8D

Trust me. o_o;
Last edited: 5 December 2008

DawnOfRainbows says:   5 December 2008   296864  
That must be horrible.
‹DasAtem› says:   6 December 2008   777322  
Jesus. o_o
jacqueliine says :   6 December 2008   676832  
DawnOfRainbows- It was at first, like, 2 years ago, but I'm used to
them now.. Kinda. x'D


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