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Wednesday, 19 November 2008
06:44:05 PM (GMT)
the prince started to gallop down the road staight for alice and when he got a foot
away alice let out an earpircing scream and fell to the ground and i ran over crying
and mother came out and prince dominic got off his horse 
"oh my baby"mother said running over to her 
"mistress betrice i am so sorry"dominic said 
"mother"i said 
"you should be ashamed isabel letting your sister be run over by...."mother said but
stoped to wait for whoever the horseowners naem was 
"prince dominic"dominic said 
"oh your magesty please forgive me"mother said 
"perfectly fine"he said 
"just like me"alice said getting up and dusting herself off 
"alice dont you ever do that agin"mother said 
"sorry mother but you would not listen to isabel"alice said 
"isabel thats a grand name"dominic said 
"thank you great prince but if i may say i go by bella also"i said bowing to prince
"bella would you mind coming on a tour of the palace with me"prince dominic said 
"oh that wuld be lovley but i cant i have work to do and it wouldnt be right for me
to be in the presence of you in a palace"i said 
"it would be fine and you can ride on my war horse"he said with a smile 
"maybe if she finishes her work she can go but until then you best be off great
prince"mother said walking back into the house 
"go bella ill do your chores"alice said 
"oh alice i couldnt"i said 
"or i can stay and help"the prince said 
"oh but it is not worth of a prce like yourself to work among peasents like us"i said

"well ill wait right here until your done"he said sitting on his horse 
"prince can i talk to you for a second"alice asked 
"of course"he said getting off his horse 
they walked a couple feet away so i did not here 

Alice's POV 
i had to get bella to go this was her dream 
"can you grab her as you ride"i asked 
"what do you mean"the prince asked 
"when your riding away can you grab her and swing her on the back of your horse"i
"of course i am the great prince dominic"he said 
"ok do that when she starts her chores and ill do her share and take care of mother"i
"ok and how can i repay thee"he asked 
"by taking care of isabel"i said 
"and before we part what your name"he asked 
"alice"i said walking over to bella 

Prince Dominic's POV 

"well i guess i will take off"i said getting on my horse 
bella was a few feet away pulling weeds 
"good bye great prince"alice said 
"goodbye alice the great"i asid as she gave a little chuckle 
"goodbye prince"bella said returning to her work 
"not for long"i whispered to alice 
i started to gallop down the road when i came upon bella i grabed her and pulled her
on the back of my horse and galloped towards the palace 
"what are you doing"bella screamed 
"it twas your sister alice's idea"i said 
"but i have chores to do"bella said 
"she said shell take care of them and dont look down"i said as we galloped closer and
closer towards the palace 
the next thing i know is bellas arms gripping tighter around my waist and her
"you looked down didnt you"i said 
"yes"she said and nodded at the same time 
"i told you not to"i said and i stoped at the gate 
"state you buisness"a gaurd said 
"i am prince dominic of redwood"i said 
"and she"the guard said 
"a friend and i sugest you let me in or your head will not be on you any more"i said

"yes your higness"the guard said and the gate opened 
"ca i get down now"bella asked 
"no but you may hold on tight"i said and put my horse into a gallop and bellas arms
tighed and i could barley breath but i could care less right now i think i was in

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