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Aplecragg Village - Chapter VICategory: (general)
Saturday, 15 November 2008
02:13:26 PM (GMT)
The night air in Aplecragg Village was cold, sharp and harsh. Not much people were
out at dark. Half the people who did, did not come back. The Aplecragg Village Work
House was silent but not still. It creaked with the wind as creatures waited for
unsuspecting victims travelling at night.
Lars and his older brother, Borje, were creeping in the night, making their way to
the water duct. Going out at night wasn’t forbidden at the Work House but they went
at their own risk. They soon arrived at the back of the Water Duct. They were meeting
their best friend Jinx. Lars had known her from the Orphanage and when they moved to
the Work House from the age of 10 or so, there friendship had not dwindled. She was
his closest friend and could tell her anything but something was different. They were
both growing up and Lars knew it wasn’t long before she fell in love with someone
else and would be taken away from him for ever. Who wouldn’t want Jinx? She would
surely find someone to love soon and she wouldn’t want to stick around here. He
couldn’t go with her; three’s a crowd, right? 
Why did that come to his mind? There have always been three of them; him, his brother
and Jinx, but yet, when he said it, it sounded wrong. Tonight felt wrong. Everything
felt wrong, but why?
They didn’t have to wait long before Jinx arrived in a long, black cloak that swept
the floor as she walked.
“Hey!” Borje beamed. Lars couldn’t see the reason for his cheeriness and
couldn’t match it. 
“Hi.” Jinx murmured. “Um…Boe, can you get me some water please? I want to
make some use of this meeting.” And she handed him a copper cup. Borje went round
the other side of the Water Duct to fill it.
“What’s your real reason why you sent him to fetch water?” Lars asked as they
both sat down on the wall.
“No, I really do want some water, I was busy all day today and my Spider-Willow is
getting thirsty.” 
“Oh.” And they both started laughing. 
“Why were you worried earlier?” Lars asked.
“I don’t know, I still am. It feels like something’s…” She hesitated.
“Not right?” Lars interrupted, finishing her sentence.
“Yeah…” She replied, daydreaming.
Borje returned with the cup of water and placed it on the wall, next to Jinx.
“Are they with you?” He asked. Lars and Jinx both looked up to see a group of
people or creatures walking up towards them, they hadn’t noticed them earlier.
“We should go.” Jinx said suddenly, she looked extremely worried and anxious, her
markings darkening with her mood.
“What? Why?” Lars and Borje chorused but soon followed anyway. Lars’ heart
started pumping fast as he suddenly felt the chill creep around him. He hadn’t
realised how dangerous this was.
Jinx took off at a fast speed, her cloak fanning out behind her. The boys caught up.

“They seem to be following.” Borje panted. 
They strode to the field, towards the fence on the other side. 
Suddenly, a Liken (a type of werewolf) appeared in front of them.
“Going somewhere Jinx?” He smiled mockingly. They stopped in their tracks.
“What are you doing here Hatemane?” Jinx asked facing up to him.
“Could ask you the same question. It appears you have some humans following you.”
Jinx knew, even if they were with her, he would still kill them. It was night and he
was off his night shift for today. He wasn’t going to mess this opportunity up.
They heard footsteps behind them and they set off again, striding past Hatemane. But
he grabbed Lars’ arm. Borje jumped on Hatemane’s arm.
“Get off him!” He shouted as he tried to tackle Hatemane off but Hatemane just
cackled as if Borje’s attack had no affect on him. The group that was following
them before had stopped but formed a half circle round the scuffle. Jinx could feel
that this was going to get worse, she had to act. Hatemane pushed Borje away and
grabbed Lars throat. Jinx’s heart started pounding as she watched in horror as her
friend was being lifted from the ground. She had to act now or it would be too late.

“Let him GO!” She roared as she lifted her hand, aiming at the Liken. A wave
blasted from her hand, sourcing from her markings as they began to glow a little. The
wave slammed into the Liken and shoved him off his feet. He let go of Lars who fell
to the ground gasping for breath. There was an unbearable silence as Borje helped
Lars to his feet, but Hatemane remained still. Jinx was still shocked at the set of
events. But it still wasn’t over, she was sure of it. They looked at the group who
was still standing there who had started snarling and baring their teeth. They were a
mixed group, a couple of Undead (not yet vampires but had some of the abilities), a
few religious Elementals (who had different abilities) and some evil mages. 
Suddenly, an Elemental flicked his hands and darts flew at Jinx. They skimmed her
skin, causing cuts to open and bleed. Lars had recovered but was still in shock. He
grabbed her hand and pulled her away. They raced off to the fence. The group was
catching up but they could lose them in the river that ran from the dark, little
woods all the way to the town. A glowing orb flew in front of the three and landed a
few metres on the grass. Jinx knew what this was and pulled Lars to the side, not
managing to grab Borje. They tripped and fell in a heap just as the orb opened and
trapped Borje in a field. 
“What’s happening?” Lars shouted, as the group ascended onto Borje who was now
trapped. Jinx sneezed and smoke poured from her marks covering the two of them, so
thick and dense. Instincts kicked in and Jinx took off, pulling Lars behind her.
“Wait, we can’t leave him! He’s my brother.” He was met with silence. She
dragged him over the fence and they both dived into the river and the current took
them towards the town.

My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   15 November 2008   189136  
Oh noez! O:
What happened to Borje!?
OMG! Fav chapter so far! 
Cliff-hangers are a bitch! >.<

‹Emafie› says:   15 November 2008   358519  
u're just gonna have to wait to find out what happens to Borje ^^
thx, I'll start it tonight, prob finish it on Monday... don't know yet
My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   15 November 2008   685949  
Monday!? T_T
You know I don't have any patience...

Oh, and I just found out that I've been blacklisted by 2 people!!!
I mean... WTH!? o___o
‹Emafie› says:   15 November 2008   593445  
*gasp* Who wud black list u???
I've been blacklisted by one person 
My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   15 November 2008   957335  
I don't even know who did it. :T
I haven't been rude to anyone... D:

Why are you blacklisted? You're one of the nicest persons on Kupika!
‹Emafie› says:   15 November 2008   683827  
Oh, thank-u!!! 
I don't know, maybe they don't like my random questions...Sum ppl hate
random ppl...for sum strange reason...
My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   15 November 2008   958448  
Well, I think they should be randomly blacklisted. xP
‹Emafie› says :   15 November 2008   838326  
haha. yea...randomness is AWESUM!!!!! XD


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