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Tuesday, 14 October 2008
04:50:38 PM (GMT)
Who are you "going out with"?
no one

Do you like the last person who texted you?
she's my beff! (bffe mixed up, haha)

Who was the last person to call you?
same one who texted me: nina! xD

What is the last alcoholic beverage you had?
uhmmmm....spiked orange soda.

Are you scared of spiders?

Who were you with last night?
no one, actually

Is there someone you wanna date right now?
sorta kinda maybe...?

Ever have a sleepover with the opposite sex?
only one time (out of a good deal) did i actually DO anything with that girl.
it wasn't TOO bad, lol.

If someone liked you right now would you want them to tell you?

Who did you last text and what did it say?
"hey, nice jeans! they make your ass look exquisitly plump  "
~nina (who else xD )

Have a fight with anyone today?
nope. thank God...
i didn't want to get into one...

Who has seen you in your underwear lately?
jason, tory, and my teacher...
it's uhm...a long story.

Is it awkward when you run into your exes?
sorta. only for one, though.

Have you kissed some one this past week?
only on the cheek.
and a fake make out session with jason, of course xD

Who are the 3rd and 7th texts in your phone from?
uhm... idk?

Are you tanned?
just a bit. since it's getting colder, i'm starting to lose the tan-ish look

Did you get any compliments today?
the jeans thing from nina, and a comment on my silk marijuana leaves boxers from the
lovely Ms. Cook, my science teacher...

Are you friends with your neighbours?
yeah, they're fun as hell.
especially when they're drunk xD

How good is your eyesight?
idk. i only need glasses sometimes.

Been in love?

Has a boy sat on your bed before?
haha this is a trick question...
idk if i wanna answer that.

Have you ever held hands with anyone?
i hold hands alllll the time.
or linking arms, that's a popular one too.

Something you do a lot?
say "that's what she said"
think out loud
yell at people for not knowing the movies i quote
i flash my underwear (boxers, whatEVER) a lot.

Think back to the last person you held hands with: Would you kiss them?
on the cheek yeah 
she's my dollface!
(i have nicknames for like...ALL my girl friends, lmfao. i love that)

Who's thinking about you right now?
Jesus because he loves me <3
and maybe a girl.
or a guy.
hopefully a girl, lol.

What were you doing last night at 11?
wishing i could fall asleep... -_-*

Have you had an exciting week?
two words:


What's something that can always make you feel better?
and seeing my wifey (strawberryPOCKY) on the forum chat thing on here, lol.

How's your heart lately?

Has someone ever spread a nasty rumor about you?
not yet.

If you had to eat 1 thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
i'd say...tacos. or maybe like a chicken salad.
no! i'd eat spaghetti! omfg....

How did you and your number 1 become friends?
on here 

How many people have you dated in 2008?
from january to end of march, one girl.
that's it 

How did you feel when you woke up today?
tired, rofl.

When and where did your last hug take place? Who was it?
today @ school from tory 

Your ex calls you and say he/she wants you back, what do you do?
tell them not right now, but maybe later, like once i get adjusted to school and

What are you thinking about right now?
a person that's a person.
and now spaghetti...*stomach growls*

Do you wish someone was with you right now?
yeah... i'm lonely 

Did you sing at all today?
oh, you know it!
"we're ALL in THIS toGEther!"

God I hate High School Musical...
with a passion...

Do you crack your knuckles?
all the time. i cant go a day w/o doing it.

Would you go in public looking like you do right now?
i already did...but i guess yeah.

Can you determine the difference between a ball and a strike?
of course 

‹RachelLovesYOU› says :   16 October 2008   274721  
aww you better be thinking bout me lol sunshine

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