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Bicc~~~Part FourCategory: (general)
Sunday, 21 September 2008
05:15:00 PM (GMT)
~~Part Four~~

Bicc sat down in the dry painted leaves, feeling the sting on new tears in his blue
eyes but he held them back. He knew that his mother wouldn't want him to cry. He
simply wished that he would have stayed with her. She had ran out in harms way
searching for him. a way, she found him. So close to bing with
his mother. Feeling her warmth protecting him from the harshness of the forest. He
didn't even know the way back to the Patch. He wouldn't dare ask the messenger Finch
even though the little golden bird probably knew where it was. He had to toughen up,
he thought. That way, he could live in the forest and not pay the Ultimate Price
until his time came. He vowed on those leaves that he would find that evil animal
that had magically torn his mother from life and he would give that creature the
same. But, he was too young. Too small to do so. He didn't even know how to get food.
His mom always got it for him. 
"Mom...what do I do now?" He whispered in his soft soprano voice. A few minutes
later, the baby foxes stomach spoke to him with a growl. He would have to find food.
But he didn't know the first thing about hunting. Nothing at all. But, he decided he
would try. He stood to his fluffy little paws and walked into a different part of the
forest. The new smells and sights weren't intriguing this time but instead quite
irritating. He remembered his mother bringing back little animals that she had killed
(for the sake of survival, might I add) and taking them behind the old and quite
large redwood that the patch was underneath. She would come back with peices of meat
for him to eat. So, he knew that the first step was to find an animal. He wouldn't
know how to kill it. He never once watched his mother hunt for food before. 
Bicc wondered aimlessly deeper and deeper into the forest. He didn't recognize the
animals around him anymore, but he didn't care. He kept moving forward, hoping to
find some kind of berries or something he could fill his stomach with that didn't
have to stop living to do so. But all of the berries that he did find were either
surrounded in thorns or were the color of poison. So, he wondered further into
unfimiliarity searching for food while his stomch growled at him angrily. 
Soon, he entered a part of the forest that was darker than the rest. The trees were
older and larger and with a thicker canvas, making sure that the sunlight rarely hit
the floor of the forest. The animals were quieter and he didn't here as many songs in
the trees. Though, new noises showed themselfs. There were birds, alright. But they
didn't sing to talk to each other. Their noises were not as pretty. Bicc didn't let
his fear turn him away and he kept walking, keeping his eyes open for something to
At last, he spotted a bush of blueberries hiding in the grass. Bicc licked his lips
hungrily as he smelled the blueberries, making sure they were truely the berries he
thought they were. Yes, he was sure they were blueberries and he tenderly picked one
berry at a time off the bush with his teeth. Eating them slowly and savering the
taste in case it was a while before he got another meal. He sat and ate the sweet
berries for quite some time before he felt that his stomach was full enough (the bush
ran out of berries  ). 
However, now that he had no goal, he didn't know where to go. He thought hard about
what he needed to do and he figured he might as well map out where a stream is so he
didn't perish of thirst. once he thought of the clean, cold, fresh water, he became
suddenly parched and he felt dirty. So, he moved even further into this dark part of
the forest. 
He continued and his muscels started to ache from walking over all the forest rubble
and hopping over dead branches, climbing through bushes, etc. He sat in a pile of
dead leaves just to rest for a few minutes. His big ears picked up a new noise aside
from the callings of the birds and the rustling of small animals in the brush. It was
large paws. Bicc froze, listening to large paws hit the ground. He picked up that
there were four large padded paws touching the forest floor. They were that far away
and Bicc slowly moved to a crouching possition, trying to be as small and still as he
could so that this animal wouldn't see him. It wasn't the Evil One (as he has come to
call the mysterious two-pawed creature) but it was too large for him to not be afraid
of it. He closed his eyes and crouched lower, making his small body even smaller. He
held his breath as he felt the ground move to each of the soft paws. It was so near
that if Bicc opened his eyes, he was sure to see it. His tiny heart was beating so
fast and hard that he was afraid the beast would hear it. Bicc hoped that the animal
would just keep walking. Walk away but the paws stopped. Bicc could hear its deep,
quiet breaths and feel the heat coming from the very large animal.
"Hello, little one." A voice of velvet ran through Bicc's entire frozen body. It was
deep and low with a beautiful overall sound. It scared Bicc that a creature could
have such a beautiful voice. He didn't move, breathe, or speak to the creature. He
heard it adjust itself and it sounded as if the big animal lied down. Bicc was
certain that it had when he felt its deep, soft, slow breath on his breath. The
warmth was invited but Bicc started shivering with fear. It saw him and was obviously
large enough to swallow him whole.
*Don't be scared." He told him with a comforting tone in its deep voice. Bicc
continued to shiver but opened his eyes with fear. What greeted him was two very
large bright green eyes staring back at him. The fur around those eyes was a soft
light brown and the creature smiled kindly at him, showing brilliant white, sharp
teeth. Bicc couldn't help but to wimper quietly with fear. A large mountain cat
stared at him. Bicc's eyes moved to its huge paws which hid a deadly weapon behind
the beautiful fur. 
I'm going to die. Bicc thought as he stared into those green eyes.

‹Ðark Fox› says :   10 October 2008   112878  
O.o from a mess to another...can't wait to see how it goes on!


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