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I'm 12 not 5 :/Category: school!
Monday, 15 September 2008
05:42:09 PM (GMT)
JESUS how many more of those stupid songs?! Gah! Senor Jeffrey shall be fired. I want
Mrs. C back.

:/ soo now I'm the assignment board person Yippee >> 
Um we just went over our homework and got more homework.

Uh statistics. Never liked them. :/ Got a test on Friday. Chapter 1 Review dued on
Thursday. [effing 72 problems!]

L.A. Lab
Had to do research on Chinese Beliefs/traditions

Like the title says I'm 12 not 5. My dad came today [I know haven't heard the last of
him and oh look he came to my school during lunch] Watched me and my friends for
about 15 fucking minutes. And So well I was trying to talk to Brayden and stuff and
well my dad saw. An told me I'm not suppose to chase boys around. FYI I wasn't
chasing him. -.- just trying to talk to him GOSH. :/ I think I'm old enough to have
crushes and talk to boys now. RIGHT? I mean really. So anyway couldn't talk to him
today. DAMN MY FATHER. But I was close once again. 

Well in the line Cassie and I were talking about boys and stuff becuase of what
happened today. :/ Yep I can't have a bf until I finish colege [sp?] and have a job
and have a place to live. Nice huh? Psh I'm not even allowed to talk to them. SWEET
SWEET kupika that's where I talk to boys <3
In class. Well Mrs. J said I wrote to small it was on the top of my paper. IT WASNT
THAT SMALL IF YOU CAN READ IT. >> So she said to the whole class this. "Janelle watch
your handwriting, if it gets to small you might have to type it up" I was hiding god
it's not that small. >> Well I'll show you a sample of my writing later. But yeah
saying to the whole class it's too small she already written it on the page why say
it aloud? Anyway after that she was giving back papers and she seemed to throw them
at me it kept falling on the ground. 

[Health] On noes went to regular PE
ONCE A FUCKING GAIN we have PE instead of health. >> We'll have it 4 times this week.
[today, tomorrow, wed., thurs.] GAH I only have two uniforms for it. Anyway LOADS of
people forgot their gym clothes. So to the people that remember we played pigs and
chickens. xD fun game fun fun. Anyway I was always always guard in the game. I did a
lot of damn running to catch up with those guys to tag them. :D I tagged some people
numerous times. So yay! D: gah too much running. Coughed more than I usually do :/

Um studied the mass parts again. Nothing really so yeah.

On the bus
D< Mikey got my cell number now. GAH! He texted me how's poe? and [directly quoted]
"Hey you howz poe are u alone on the floor gettin low being his Hoho" I swear Imma
murder that boy. Hoho??? gah another one "Well wanna be alone with poe on the floor
alone" Don't get that one but whatever. So yeah. HE GOT MY FRICKEN NUMBER GAH!!!!!!!!
Damn Johnny.

Anyway I need peoples [my friends] to answer this 
what's your fave color? 

just two people. [its for homework]

Buh bye~

‹Duckie♥› says:   15 September 2008   267621  
My fave color is beige!!!!

Omg on my bus people were like "do u want to have a hoho for
christmas?" omg it was hilarious even though they said yes and then
evrything got quiet!
sand_ninja says:   15 September 2008   447494  
fav color:: red.

lolz i talk ta boys ;]
‹Duckie♥› says :   16 September 2008   788538  
ma friends r boys i only have 3 friends that r girls

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