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uh........stupid quiz...xDCategory: qUiZ
Thursday, 7 August 2008
11:36:19 PM (GMT)
1-Yellow Or Green? green. :3
2-HaVe YoU EVeR TYpEd LiKe ThIs? yEs I hAvE.
3-Close Your Eyes And Randomly Point To Your Keybord.  What Letter/Number/Whatever
Did You Choose? y
4-Name Somthing That Rymes With Dog? a hog.....xD
5-Have You Ever Hated Someone Just Bye Looking At Them? no.....
6-Have You Ever Been On A Plane To Another Contry? nope. :3
7-If You Had A Choice Of Getting A Million Dollars Or Having The Ability To Fly
Which Would You Choose? DOLLAHZ. x3
8-Have You Ever Seen A Shooting Star? no!
9-Do You Hate Going Camping? yes! no TV or computers....
10-Which Do You Hate More Spiders Or Snakes? no idea. :3
11-Do You Enjoy Reading? yes!
12-If You Were Stranded On An Island For 5 Years And You Already Had A 5 Year Supply
Of Food And Water What Would You Bring With You? my best frands.....:]
13-Have You Ever Had An Imaginary Friend? yep. i have lots...
14-When You Were Little, Were You Afraid Of Any Cartoon/Tv Show Charecters?  If So
Who? nope. not one. but now im afraid of barney...
15-Do You Think Taking Quizes Like This Is A Waste Of Your Time? uh....yep... -.-
16-Do You Like Roses? do dead ones count?
17-Name A Girl's Name That Starts With a P.  paula...ew.
18-Do You Own A Wii? sadly no...
19-Do You Have Any Siblings? sadly yes...
20-Do You Have A Myspace? nope...:[
21-Do You Have A Cell Phone? nyeeees...!
22-Name 5 Random Questons That Have Not Already Been Said On This Quiz. do you liek
waffles? does wibby smell bad? have you taken a shower today? do you hate any family
members? NIPAAAAAAH?
23-Do You Consider Yourself Good At Art? kinda....?
24-Does The Queston "What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up" Stress/Annoy You?
25-What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? I want to be a vampire or a robot! :3
26-Are You Bored? yep...
27-Do You Consider These Questons Random? no
28-Name 5 Random Items. rappers,peanut butter,nipahz,japanese people,and WIBBY.
29-When Someone Says The Word "Fly" What Comes In Your Mind? um....a shinigami..?
30-Do You Consider Yourself A Funny Person? sorta kinda maybe...xD
49-What Would You Rather Watch:the News Or Wheather Channel? neither! they both SUCK
shinigami nipples!
50-Are You Wondering What Happened To Questons 31-48? no. :D

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