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[i]She[/i] Is Involved. (18)Category: Story I can't decide a name for : )
Sunday, 3 August 2008
12:51:23 AM (GMT)
Right so....... weird, i have nothing to say....
I couldn't help but cry, what else would you have done? Especially when I was asked
to tell the girls, and David, though he doesn't quite matter... I opened the door and
looked back at Ly-Ann as she slept. She twisted and turned, and I was sure,
nightmares of Fawn attacked her brain. Ricky was watching me carefully. I smiled at
him, but I knew he saw behind it and he looked over at his sickly friend, and most
likly, childhood love. He leaned over and grabbed ehr hand, I couldn't supress the
tears, but I did the noises.
  I walked into the room and immediatly everyone crowded around to see why I was so
upset, I said that I couldn't tell them... even though I knew I needed to, so I
called over Aubrey, Ly-Anns closest friend, and whispered the news. She walked away,
and I knew that it was dumb of me to think of the normally strong firey girl would be
strong enough to telll her friends that Ly-Ann was dying, becuase I should have known
that Ly-Ann put some of that spirit into Aubrey. I choked it out and the room got
  Only Fawn didn't look geniunly sorrowed, she put on a mask that even I woudl admit,
was somewhat beleivable. Of course no one would notice this because we were all
talking about Ly-Ann and Rick and all the memories. Normally, we all would have
rushed off to visit her, but not tonight. No, the flu was going around and no one
other then one quest could visit at a time. So we were forced in the dorm to think
about happy things. While always remembering that death was afoot. 
  That night, when I was sure Fawn was gone, probally doing something evil and
malicous, I poked at Erin, and when we were along in the temple, I began to tell her
my plan.
  "Erin, I think we should watch Ly-Ann and Ricky tonight, the nurse said a day for
Ly-Ann and two to three for Ricky, and I think that Fawn would make her attempt now."
She nodded and we lay on the floor as I descibed what i saw.
  At 2:30, we left at exactly midnight, things began to change. I told Erin to sit
tight for a mintue because I was going full out spy. I was going to enter the room
and hide in the darkness, while praying that the ever vigilent Fawn would nto notice
  I was standing by Ly-Anns head and stroked her forehead, she was deadly cold. I
looked at the doorknob as it jiggled and side stepped behind the little equipment
table. I gasped quietly when Saphron was with her. I listened in on their
  Fawn whispered to her companion, "Listen, I'm giving you his power because it
squares our debt, and I need you to fight beside me with soemthing more useful." I
saw Saphron flinch when Fawn called her useless as she was at that moment.
  "Useless. Useless? Who taught you witch craft?! Hah! ME! The only thing that
you learned that I haven't is the spell to steal power! You couldn't steal their
powers if I hadn't made them sick! Fawn.... god! You had to change your name.... To
Fawn. What are you, a princess? A deer?" Fawn lashed out and thrust her in
front of Ricky. Fawn took her place by Ly-Ann's feet. She began to utter some words
that I didn't quite catch, but then Ly-Ann was coughing, she was curling up into a
ball, and then a silvery light began to flow from her heart. Then, when it ended,
Fawn grouped it into a ball and slit her shoulder, she carefully pushed the light
into her arm, where it turned an ugly scarlet red. she sewed up the wound and stood
at Ricky's feet, she repeated the unintelligble words, then when the light came from
rick, she grabbed Saphron roughly by the arm and cut open her wrist, in a peculiar
way, the way known that was unsewable. Fawn thrust the silver into her arm, and blood
got everywhere. Saphron had silent tears streaking down ehr face as she bit her lip,
It looked extremely painful. Even I felt pity for Saphron, even though she could be
heartless. As Saphron held out her wrist, waiting for Fawn to sew it back up, Fawn
took the needle, already hooked with the thread, and peirced Saphron in the arm.
Saphron let out a little scream. Fawn stalked out as Saphron did a messy job of
trying to put the stitches in her arm. I slowly dissapeared from the scene, listening
at the evil curses Saphron was one day, supposedly, to kill Fawn. Then she brought up
Jacob, and I no longer pitied her*, as she spoke abotu how Fawn could never know that
love that Jacob gave her. True and sincere. I gushed everything to Erin and then we
ran to the affirmatory, where we were greeted by my exact vision, blood splattered on
the ground, Rick screaming at the top of his lungs, and Ly-Ann curled in a bacll,
whispering things that I knew expressed her fear. I put my arm around her and tryed
to warm her up.
  "She should get better, now that... the sickness is ove,r that there powers are
gone, shouldn't they return to normal."
  "Katy, you know more then I do.... We can just hope and pray." I looked down one
more time at the two of them, then cried and prayed to heaven that they would survive
this calamity.
*Kay, I know I didn't bring Jake up that much, but yes, Katy and him are still
secretly together.

MeepingMeep says:   3 August 2008   859558  
Erm, it was supposed to be italices on the She in the title : )
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   3 August 2008   112681  
Yeah, CSS never works on the titles. Awesome chapter!
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   3 August 2008   586449  
I LOOOOOOVE IT! Of course, that is to be expected
MeepingMeep says :   3 August 2008   537113  
It was funny, I forgot if I ever called him Jake, or if that was his
actual name, Jake, or if it was always Jacob, so I went with both : )
Thanks, as to be expected. LOL. Yeah, I'm just glad you guys like it!
I lost two readers....


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