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UM. no ones on. you know what that means~ SUURVEYY~~Category: <3
Saturday, 26 July 2008
03:27:02 AM (GMT)
Name: Skylar Jaquilyn Smith <3
Age: 101. its scolex timee~ xD
sex: umlyk. fa-fa-fa-feemallee
sexual preference: Menzz~
location: texas :C

--Your boyfriend/girlfriend
Name: Voice Number 1
Age: ehh. 15. hes been there all my life C:
sex: urm. boypleez.
location: one of my brain cavitys :D

--Relationship status
Do you live together?: sorta xD
Are you engaged?: were in marital status :D:D lawl .-.
Are you married?: good question. 

--Things about you
Fav color: neon green and neon pink. i like em' both :D
Fav food: um. anything with japanese words on the box 
Biggest turn on: glasses C: ANDANDAND, being totally and completely OBSESSED with
something i like :D
Biggest turn off: ego >:C
Fav animal: piggayy.
Fav tv show: chaa. death note fersure
Fav movie: superbadd~

--personal things
Have you kissed?: once or twice, yeah.
Have you made-out?: yuh.
Have you had sex?: got pretty damn close C:
Have you been seen naked?: .-. probably. yeah.
Have you had oral sex?: .-. not yet >:C im still immatire. KEEP HER PERVNESS TO
Have you had anal sex?: :D:D.....................nope.

have you met your partners family? i dont have one <:'C
Have they met yours?: -sniffle-
Do you like their family?: can we skip this colomn?
They like you?: SHUT THE FOOK UP PLEEZ D;
Do they like your family?: .-.
Does your family like them?: stoppp.
Have your 2 families met each other?: Nyehhh~!!
Did it go well?: DD;;;

Have you discussed having kids?: with myself. yes.
Of so, how many?: none, yet. im still deciding.
Name of first daughter: if i have one? something cool like...grimace or something
Name of first son: OoOo~ Jizzmo :D:D
Age you think you should have kids?: if i do..itll happen whenever it happens i
What age do you think you should get married?: if i get married, were getting a
ferrit :D:D I LOVE THOSE THINGS -squeal-
Will you have any pets? yus.

Do you like anyone?: yes ;^;
If so, have you told them?: um, not exactly possible to ;/
do they like you?: i'd like to think that, yeah
Do you think the man or woman should propose?: hmm, as long as its true and loving i
suppose even the dog could do it, eh?
Have you been on a proper date?: i went graffiting once. and it was supposed to be a
date C:
How long you been going out, if so?: -sigh- again with this?
Whens your anniversary?: the day i get married. -huff-
Do you keep track of smaller anniversarys?: stfu.
Do you have lots in common, or was it more opposites attract?: eh. opposites. i like
the rough angry hate sex. its always better.

--Firsts together
Kiss like?: well, i'd like to think it'd be good?
date like?: um. fun hopefully. not akward and quiet.
annniversery like?: hmm. another day. untill bedtime ;]]
movie you would see together?: something gorey and scary. every one would be squealy
and jumpy and we would just laugh and smile at eachother.
song you dance to together?: hm. i dunno. maybe some screamo love song or something.
their so...sweet. in a very rough way~
Meal she/he makes you?: hah. takeouts better :D i hate cooking. he should to~
the first meal you make them?: if i had to it'd be something vegiterian like salad or
time you meet like?: hmm random. maybe running into them at work or something and
getting a massive head bruise and end up making out in the office or something. :]

--more randoms
sleeping with them (non sexually)?: um. now and then. not constant but not rare.
feeling you want to have when you wake up beside them?: hmm. happy. tired haha C:
to get butterflys in your tummy when you saw them?: maybe. it could be and couldnt
How about just thinking about them?: for me now? hah yeah C;
How they may have enriched your life?: hmm. it'd have to be in some odd way. like,
keeping me out of therapy or something. haha~
How you may have enriched theirs?: i dont know. made their like a bit more to look
forward to?
Do you believe in love at first sight?: hmm sometimes i do. its a hard game with that
If there would be anything they do that annoys you, what would it be?: something
weird. maybe talking to themselves or something like that, even though i do the same

--Their Appearance
favored Hair color?: hmm. something darker, like brown or black.
eye color?: oh thats easy, green or brown~
Hair length?: not gay hippie long but not ugly short. shag i suppose ♥.
skin tone?: eh, i like pale. tan people look like white mexicans. ew. roflrofl.
skinny/ fat/ average?: skinny or average for me. but fat..ew, thats wrong. i'd like
my lover (i hate that word D to take care of themself
Height: hmm, i like shorties. but talls fine
weight: ? not over and not under ya'know? but not fat or anything. and surely not
skinny anorexic looking. yuck!!!~

--Your Appearance
Hair color: shiny black
eye color: everyone thinks its blue hah, those are contacts my friends. i have
multicolored eyes. green/brown/foggy silver (im like..partially blind)
Hair length: short and choppy C:
skin tone: veryveryvery pale. i hate the outdoors and im in the air conditioner ALL
skinny/ fat/ average?: im average. its because of my stupid stomach musseley shit.
Height: 5 foot.
weight: about 104 or so.

--Both of you together
Do you think you 2 would look good together?: hmm. yeah. a crack couple that no one
would think of together but once you see it its cute. you know the sorf.
would anyone comment that you 2 are a cute couple?: haha, probably not. but i bet one
of my besties would~
could anyone ever mistaken you two for brother and sister?: maybe.
would you show affection in public?: yes, but not for show. just to be with them
everywhere is good, yes? 
Do you think she/he would be the one?: hmm..
Are your starsigns compatible?: whaat?
would she/he have the same basic beliefs and opinions as you?: hah. probably not. i
have my own religeon. like..i do belive in god but i dont at the same time. NOT A
would you change any opinions when you 2 start dating?: hm. maybe, maybe not.
would they ever blush?: depends.
what would be a present you may get them?: unno. a very fun birthday present
-winkwink- lawl.
What would be a good present they may get you?: hmm. something silly like a squeaky
toy C;

that was weird.
ah well.
later gators~

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