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Friday, 6 June 2008
05:07:12 PM (GMT)
-Warning this rant will most likely contain obscene language.  I dont want any of
you ten year olds out there saying that it is unneccessary(i know it probably is)
because i'll get enough of you complaining to me saying that this "isn't true" just
because your upset because it describes you exactly. So don't say i didn't warn you
little bitches that this is directed at.

One band that I like is Dragonforce.  There is an issue that i would like to address
that concerns Dragonforce, Guitar Hero, Youtube comments, and annoying little kids
with internet access.

I am sick and fucking tired of all you little brats out there who say you like
Dragonforce but have only heard "Through the Fire and Flames" and even then only
heard it because of Guitar Hero 3.  One song does not mean you like a band.  It just
means you are fucking annoying. So don't go around saying stuff like that.  Its like
you're bragging about something that isnt true.  Even when someone says they like the
song alone, they generally add on something like "Dragonforce is the BEST best band
EVER!!!!!!  LOLZORZ!!!!!!!"   Having only heard one song by the band means that
you're generally not allowed to make claims such as that.  
For example, the song They Say by Scars On Broadway. I hate that song. Im not gonna
go around posting that the band sucks because thats the first and only song they have
released. I still have some hope for SOB(not much but still)  So lets say someone
REALLY likes the song.  That person starts claiming on comments and message boards
that SOB is the best band in the world. By constantly doing this the person
unknowingly annoys people like me who have heard the song and dont like it but also
gets some more people interested in the band. Some of those people will hear They Say
and like it as much as the first person i talked about. Those of the people with
brains and good taste in music will hate it like me.Some of them will lose all hope
for SOB before any other songs come out and thus SOB will lose fans and money.
(somewhat like pirating music) [this being a bad thing because half of System Of A
Down is in SOB] {this being somewhat of a good thing because daron is a jerk because
if im not mistaken he wanted SOAD to go on hiatus and now doesnt want to go back to
But the point is someone's opinion of one song made them look like an idiot, affected
a band's income, and annoyed people.

When some idiot claims to like a band just because they heard one song by the band on
Guitar Hero (or Rock Band), I call it Guitar Hero Syndrome. GHS is extremely common
and has a very simple cure.  
Listen to more songs by the band you have some interest.  Make a list of the artists
you like in Guitar Hero and then look them up. Don't just ignorantly like the
aforementioned artists.  Learn about them. There might be songs out there that you
like more than the Guitar Hero song or you might find that the only good song by the
artist is the one in Guitar Hero

I bet there are people out there who claim to like Tenacious D because they heard The
Metal in Guitar Hero.  The problem with that is that that song (while great) doesnt
capture the true sound of the D(neither does papagenu).  That song is good but not
that funny.   The D is a hilarious band. Listen to Tribute, Storm the Gate,
Wonderboy, The Government Totally Sucks, or Master Exploder. The Metal was put into
Guitar Hero because it was the closest thing that  the D will get to appropriate.

And on an unrelated note all you people who are against Guitar Hero because it is
nothing like real guitar should shut up because most of you cant play either one of
i play both and have found that Guitar Hero helps me work on my speed, both of my
picking and of fretting

oh and if anyone of you has an opinion of the band Kamelot please contact me oh yeah
thats right you cant contact me because you dont exist because Kamelot is too average
for any to have a real opinion of

try and prove me wrong

Schmity says:   14 June 2008   655256  
your a dumbass

hey wait a second...

foxgirl331 says:   1 July 2008   489411  
XD niice...reall niice XD *is laughing her ass off right now and is
rather happy because she hasen't laughed in about a week*

this has just made my day ^^!
and i compleatly agree...you have to listen to a bunch of songs by the
same band before you go ahead and comment "this band rox meh sox!" or
shit like that...just because you like one song by a band and haven't
heard any other songs by that band dosen't make the band "super

and i hate guitar hero because....i can't play shit XD it confuses the
hell out of me..im more of a halo gamer.
and i also have to admit that i can't play real guitar and have no
interest in learning so that also may be the reason why i hate the
game so much XD and maybe if i play'd guitar i might be good at the
game and injoy it.

wow...i just begain to rant after awhile 
im sorry XD
Schmity says :   3 July 2008   977748  
dont apologize for ranting in a comment about a rant
its just weird

i love halo

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