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Long Quiz ThingCategory: Read if you'd like to know more about me...!
Friday, 16 May 2008
11:47:05 AM (GMT)
1. Do you like your name?
Could be worse.

2. Have you ever wished to be your opposite sex?
Out of curiosity, yeah...!

3. If you were to have children, what would you name them?
Not sure........Boy: Michael, Joseph, Nathaniel, Adam, Gregory (love the 'old
fashioned' names!) Girl: Alexandra, Sophia, Catherine, Melissa, Alessa, Michelle

4. Do you even like kids?
They're okay, I really don't mind them.

5. What time do you usually go to sleep on a weekday? On a weekend?
Between 12am and 1am on a weekday, 12am and 2am on a weekend.

6. What's your favorite word?
Haemogolobin? No...I don't really have one right now, but they usually tend to be a
long psychology or biology related word.

7. Have you ever tYpED lYk dIs at some point in your life?
I really, really hope not...

8. What's your dream career?
Full time criminal psychologist, with a side job of writing slightly crappy crime
novels! Yeah, weird, I know...!

9. If you could be any other race, what would you be?
Asian, I've always loved how they look.

10. What are you listening to right now?
Nothing - but 1 2 Step by Rhianna is stuck in my head, and I don't even listen to her

11. Grab any book by you, turn to page 69 and type out the last full sentence
I'm in a library, but I refuse to do this - I'd get too many weird looks...!

12. Do you like country music? Rap?
A little of both, I'm more concerned about the artist than the style (I don't want to
listen to Dolly Parton or 50 Cent).

13. How would you like to die?
In a way that it'll be interesting for the people who handle my death (morticians,
maybe the cops and forensic scientist, you never know...)

14. Do you like taking pictures (not necessarily of yourself)?
If I had a camera, I'd love it.

15. Do you use ":]" a lot?
No, I more often use ^_^ and XD.

16. Are your neighbors annoying?
Don't really know them, so no.

18. What was the last thing you drank?
A cup of tea this morning.

19. The last time you left your house? Where did you go?
This morning, to college.

20. Are you loving life?
Eh, it's been worse.

21. Do you like the way you write?
Could be a little neater, but sure.

22. What's your favorite animal?
Cats, ravens (technically a bird but still), and penguins.

23. How many times have you used the restroom today?
........Oh what the hell - twice.

24. Are you hungry right now?
A little, might buy something on the way home.

25. Turn on your TV (unless it's already on). What's playing?
No idea - probably the news.

26. Do you like video games?
Love them!

27. What's your favorite Pokemon?
Dragonaire (sp?) is pretty damn cool.

28. What was the last thing you watched on YouTube?
I Love the World - the Discovery ad. Man I love that advert, the song makes me grin
(plus, there's bonus Adam and Jamie!).

 29. Are you cool with bugs?
Yep yep.

30. Do you like Halloween?
Sure, the mysticism is very interesting.

31. What do you want for your birthday/Christmas?
No idea - maybe a good book to read.

32. Have you ever fasted?

33. What's going on tomorrow?
Sociology revision for an exam on monday...

34. Are you doing well in school?
Fairly well.

35. Do you have online friends?

36. Do you think you're popular?
No, and I couldn't care less.

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