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My Recent Adventures.Category: Hmm........idk.
Tuesday, 13 May 2008
04:05:19 AM (GMT)
Family:Sunrise,An Espeon/my mom,Moonlight,An Umbreon/my dad,Sunset,An Eevee/my little
brother,and Midnight,An Umbreon/my older brother.
All dead.
Likes:Dry,Sour Poke blocks.Sweet poffins.Going out into the night.Traveling
around.Digging and burying things larger than she is.Hunting.Etc.
Dislikes:Pushy Pokemon and people,thinking of my brother dying,thinking of my family
dying,dummies unless they're amusing,bug types and fighting types.
Ideal Mate:I don't know.Not so evil,a Dark Type too.Not as evil as I am.I'm evil but
not World Domination evil.I'm still a good Umbreon.Smart want too.

Recently.....these are what happened to me.

1.Met a new friend.....a Mightyena!
Location:Burned House(see profile)
I walked in the ruins,sniffing around for my trainer's remnants.I've only discovered
her parent's,so I thought all the time,YUCK.
Then I saw a shady figure.I decided it was one of the parent's
ghost.So.....1.....2.....3....POUNCE!I pounced on the figure.
I wrestled it for my life.This thing was a good fighter,too.Then we stopped-it was a
"So what are you doing her?"Mightyena/Mighty asked me."Sniffing around,this is where
my trainer died."
"She died!How?"She asked,astounded."She burned herself,"I replied,hoping that the
questions would stop.The memories were killing me.
"Sorry about my curiosity,I just evolved,"Mighty said."That's OK,I'll hunt for some
food then,"Then I was off to hunt."Let me go with you next time,OK?"Mighty asked when
I was back."Yeah,yeah...."I muttered."That is,if you know how to hunt.So,do you know
a place where I can stay?Rather,we can stay?"I said.
"Yeah,but the nearest one is pretty far,since this is in the woods.We'll have to
travel going west."Mighty replied,starting to chow on her share of the food.

The next day,we decided to go to that place she told me about.
3 hours later,she told me that we weren't far anymore."That's great!"I said.But
later,something tragic happened.
Location:Railway Station
"TRAIN!!Luna!Get out of the way!"Mighty screamed.I felt her push me out of the
way.Then she was crushed.Crushed by the train.Oh no!Now my first friend was dead. family,my brother and now my friend!I was really hating this more and

So now,I am alone.I now travel alone.

7luckz says:   13 May 2008   729219  
I will be your freind!!
blazingirl says:   13 May 2008   847264  
can i join you ?
luna_umbreon says:   14 May 2008   824734  
Yeah,as long as you can dodge trains easily.Mighty should have gone
under the train.XD
7luckz says:   14 May 2008   854335  
I can never die!!
luna_umbreon says :   19 May 2008   871247  
I hope so.I heard Flygons are great dodgers though....


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