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Science Feild TripCategory: My day o_O
Thursday, 17 April 2008
07:39:08 PM (GMT)
[[Sung in the tune for Glamorous by Fergie ;D]]
We're going coach class,
Down in the boat
With our buckets.
Livin' our lives
In the mu-ud.
I wanna change
from these clothes.
Oh, da mudday, mudday!

Just a little song I made up on the boat to our destination :D
I got slapped for singin' it... xD

We started out at school, anticipating the visit to the salt marsh-ish place.
I don't know exactly what it was.
I wore my cute-skull swimshorts and an orange colorful hearted shirt with my
Areopostal plaid bikini underneath.
And my old converses that I've had for ages.
It was pretty cute over-all.
We stayed in the cafeteria with the science class, missing our first period.
No Spanish and cooky, stoned old lady Magee for me :D!
We talked about inappropriate stuff, like our boobs and if you bleed on something
Don't ask.
We're teens xD

Finally, the bus came.
As we got on, the 2nd period bell rang and we got to see all the others walking to
their classes.
The poor little dears.
We sang our own versions to songs, such as "The Wheels on the Bus",
but that ended as soon as i said "The driver on the bus says[[in a deep, manly
voice]], 'Shut up!'"
And we laughed :D

Once we got to our place, the group we came with split into two.
And we got an addition to the group, Group 1!
Matthew, Aden, and Lindsey were with me.
Out tour guide's name was Justin, and he was... bland.
Though his converses rocked :D
Well, justin told us if we had to go to the bathroom, we could go in that blue house
by the water.
We ran up the stairs and did our stuff, taking our time to talk xD
[[Me, Lindsey, and Aden]]
I noticed there was a baby bird's nest in the window, and Lindsey wanted to see
She started trying to pick out some of the edging so she could see 'em.
I went into the bathroom, calling out "Don't touch them! Their mom's going to kill
'em if they have human scent!"
While I was in there, though, I heard screaming and laughing coming from those two.
I was like, Oh gosh, I hope one didn't fall!!!
I hurried up and ran out, finding them going crazy.
I looked around; no baby bird. [[PHEW!]]
They told me that they got to see the bird, but the mama bird wasn't to happy.
It started attacking the window xDD

We finally sorted out that mess, and went to the boat with Justin.
He told us about a giant fan that was in the water and it sucked up anything and
added to the man made island we were going to.
I started freaking out, whispering to Lindsey, "It's the perfect morder [[yes I
pronounced it with an O]]! He's gonna throw us in the water, and no one is ever going
to find us but an eyeball on the island!!"
She slapped me v_v
That became the joke through the whole trip though xD

We got to the island, without being thrown in the fan, by the way.
He made us look for some boring birds; only the chinese guy, Matthew, was interested
We just messed with the binoculars :D~
After a while, we got the data for the birds and went to do our job:
Get plants by the roots, move 'em, and plant 'em.

I was the first one in the water, after Justin, the cold water seeping through my
clothe shoes.
I screamed like always, followed by the shreeks of others.
We went on about  5 minutes about how cold the water was, until we started picking
the plants.
The water turned black and I lifted my foot to find my light brown shoes darker and
my pure-white socks BLACK o_e
Those were Areopostal!!!

We walked a long time, our feet gushing water out still.
We brought a few gay shovels.
We had to stick the gay shovels into the icky, mud ground, shove the root of the
plant in the whole, and cover it back up.
Easy enough right?
Well, you didn't account for the part where we sank :D
Yes, the ground from underneath us suctioned us under.
I was lucky enough that it only got my feet a little.
Lindsey's feet, on the other hand, got fully covered in mud and shew got stuck.
She could have easily got out if it wasn't for that her vans would stay suctioned
It took me and Aden to try to get her out, but that only got us stuck too.
She finally gave up her shoes, leaving Justin to dig them out xD
My palms were covered by mud at this time, so I made "gloves".
When I saw that Group 2 arrived, I pointed to my blackorean friend, Lileeya, and
"I'm your new black sister!"
We laughed :D

We ran back to the place where we got the roots like BayWatch and started to wash our
Then Matthew told us we could wash at the dock, so we sat on the rocks, cleaning and
gettin' super wet :O
We had lunch, leaving right after to get back on the boat and head back to the bus.
[[I was sitll going on about the perfect murder xD]]

We went back to the blue house for the girls to change, me and Lindsey.
I got to see the baby birds this time :D

On the bus, everyone else fell asleep except Aden, Lindsey, Kylie and mwah!
Kylie started doing her mating call: Gargling her spit while Lindsey clicked like a
platypus O_O.
I ended up just "Beep-Boop"ing :D

Then we got to school, and the rest is....
G'night ;3
...Er evening :I

‹♥Stevie;;HereSheGoesAGAIN♥› says:   17 April 2008   984469  
Sounds like fun! I love your little song thing :D
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   18 April 2008   328519  
Thanks xD

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