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a quiz thingy I stoleCategory: (general)
Saturday, 5 April 2008
03:41:39 PM (GMT)


Name: invadersoftheearthgirl (Chantal)
Age: what it says on my profile is 15. all I need to say is that my real age is
very close to 15.  
B.Day: 12/5 ( December 5th )
Sign: sagitarius
Birthplace: "somewhere over the rainbow..."
Nationality: Japanese,Norwegian, Swedish, Finish, Irish, Scottish, Spanish,
Italian, Romanian, wow...the list actually gets longer...basically, I'm a mutt. 

Orientation: totally straight, but have nothing against gay, bi, or les people. 
Lucky Number: 666 (hehe)


Color: black/neon-green/metallic blue/silver/red/dark purple 
Cereal: granola I think is what it's called. 
Drink (non alcohol): H2O
Drink (alcohol): I'm sXe
TV Show:
(Cardcaptor Sakura)!!! the characters are just sooooo cute!!!
TV Commercial: ............
Love Song: "Love song" by Sarah Baraleies (or something like that)
Dance Song: "BUTTERFLY"- DDR!!!
Listen To When I'm Angry Song: "I want to kill you"

Top Favorite Song:   
Music Video: ... 

Disney Movie: HOLES
Comedy Movie: superbad! lol
Scary Movie: Phsyco..you can't beat the classics 
Action Movie: Dejavu
Romantic Movie: ...
Snack: Tempura! (even though it's not really a snack)
Breakfast: anything my mom makes. 
Lunch: bento box. 
Dinner: sushi platter
Pet: kitty!
Fruit: Lichi!!
Veggie: cucumber
Unrealistic animal: DRAGONS ARE SICK!
Soda: suicide ( all sodas in the soda fountain mixed)
Website: kupika and addictinggames and youtube
Cartoon TV Show: CHOWDER!
Disney Princess: Anastasia
Super Hero: FLASH GORDAN!!!!!!!!


How old were u wen u had ur 1st boyfriend/girlfriend?  11
How old were u wen u had ur 1st tap kis on da lips? 6
How old were u wen u had ur 1st tongue kiss? 11
Wat was the longest u've been in a relationship? 1 year
Wat was the shortest u've been in a relationship? 3 months
Wat's the farthest u've ever gone with a guy/girl?  kissing...that's it. 


Are u confident with ur body? not at all

Wats da sexiest part of ur body? idk...I like my  clvs...lol. 
Wats da ugliest part of ur body? everything
If u can change 2 things about ur body wat would it be?  I'd want a little longer
hair, and to be thinner...


Craziest thing u've ever done? ever? soaked a security guy at knotts barry farm after
totally swimming in a water fountain...loooooong story..

Funniest thing u've ever said? Oh, I love your bark! (inside joke)

Stupidest thing u've ever done?  walked all around school w/ PB&J on my face.

Stupidest thing u've ever said? jhxsjkfbgjkbhjsdhjkabjk...?

Smartest thing u've ever done? dump my loser boyfriend.
Smartest thing u've evr said? I'm BREAKING UP WITH YOU


Cheated? on like a test...? yeah.
If so how many times? idk....
Stole Something? yes
If so wat did u steal? candy...books from class, cds, idk dump stuff. 
Lied? yes, but I barely lie
Wats the most recent thing u lied about? idr (i don't remember)
Cried in public? loads of times
If so wher did u cry? @ school....and @ the beach. 
Cried urself to sleep? yup
Cried about something stupid?  I'm a girl...I can't help it sometimes. 
If so wat stupid thing did u cry about? yesterday, when this girl basically told me
that I was fat and ugly.
Wanted to die? or Cut urself? yes...but that was a long time ago, and it won't ever
happen agian.
Try to make urself throw up? yes
Try to not eat at all for a day? and succeded...I didn't et anything for weeks on
end...But that's like normal for me, I rarely get hungry. 
Went to a psycologist? my mom made me, because I was all depressed, the shrink was
creepy and I thought he wanted to molest me. 
Cursed at ur parents? loads of times
Hit ur parents? yup, but not sevierly
Got sexually harrased? yup hehe
If so how did dat person sexually harrassed u? he grabbed me and made me dance with
Ever dated a teacher? eew
Ever went to jail? noooo
Ever got drunk? never I'm sXe
Ever used  drugs? sXe
If so wat drug(s)? sXe
Ever got caught stealing something? nope (but I barely ever steal)
Went out with a chubby guy? yeah...I don't give a crap what people look like. 
Went out with a muscular guy? yesh...*sighs* he was a hocky player, six pack
abbs...*sighs again*
Went out with an ugly guy? I've never met anyone who I personally thought was
Done something slutty? does wearing short skirts in public count...? other than that,
Is so wat did u do? ^^^^^^^


that's it. now you can be proud that you just waisted 5 minutes of your life reading
a lame quiz.

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