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My love life 1Category: My love life
Thursday, 27 March 2008
07:28:34 PM (GMT)
Ellie:You got the good ice cream cone.
Josh:Why do you care?
Ellie:*looks away*Because.
Josh:*laughs*Because what?
*doorbell rings*
Ellie:I'll get it.
Ellie:*opens door*Hi.
Stranger:Is this Eleanor Palt's house?
Ellie:No...who is Eleanor Palt?
Stranger:No one you know. But if you see a blonde woman with a stick
figure and always brings a cat fake or real with her tell her Bobby
Will's is looking for her.
*closes door*
Josh:Who was that?
Ellie:I don't know.
*cellphone rings*
Ellie:Oh hello Mehgan.
Mehgan:I'm sorry for last time and if Josh is at
your house tell I love him.
Ellie:*hurt*He loves me
Mehgan:*exasperates*Whatever just tell him
*hangs up
Josh:I love who?
Ellie:*grins*Me,*frowns* Do you love Mehgan?
Ellie:*kisses Josh.*I love more than her.
Josh:But me and you are friends forever
we were friends all the since pre K now we are almost in college.
Ellie:But we can take it further *unbuttoning her shirt* Can't we?
Ellie:*kisses him*
Josh:*unzips his jacket*
Ellie:*takes off her bra*
*her mom walks in*
Mom:*Shocked*In the kitchen too!
Ellie:*stops kissing Josh, and puts her bra back on*It's not what it looks like.
Mom:Yeah,It is what it looks like you're having it with Josh.
Josh:*puts his jacket on*I'll be going.
Mom:If you wanna have sex do it in a room next time.
Ellie:*looks at Josh.* Okay we will come on Josh.
Ellie&Josh:*run upstairs to Ellie's room jump on the bed and start to kiss*
Ellie:*unbuttons her shirt again, and takes off her bra*Are they big?
Josh:*whispers* Your bra size or the contents that go in the bra.
Ellie:The contents that go in the bra.
Ellie:*looks down at her boobs*kiss them ,suck them,squeeze them, lick them, bite
them, they are all for you.
Josh:Okay.*sucks her boobs*
Ellie:*Moans*Feels good.
*Ellie's dad walks in
Dad:Oh my god.
Ellie:Come on Josh we will do it at your house.
Ellie:*puts her bra and her shirt on*
*Ellie and Josh get in Ellie's car and drive to Josh's house*
Ellie:Don't say hi to them run up stairs FAST!
Ellie&Josh:*run up stairs to Josh's room and jump on the bed and start to kiss*
Ellie:*take's off her shirt and her bra*
Josh:Unzips his jacket and his jeans*
Ellie:*Pulls down her pant's and her underwear*Eat it.
Josh:*pulls down his underwear* Okay *eats her pussy*Suck it
Ellie:Okay*sucks his dick*
Josh:*sticks his dick in her butthole*

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