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Gad, Debating. Animal Testing, for or against? Your Own opinion. -_-;Category: (general)
Sunday, 16 March 2008
02:58:47 PM (GMT)
In my English class, we have Debates. I'm up against my best friend Jillian,
we wanted to be against one another. xD She is my good roleplay buddy on Gaia, and
we're both really literate, so we figured it would be the kind of thing where it's
so dramatic the world implodes in on itself and Mozart starts playing faintly in the
background. If you get what I'm saying. Dx

So the topic for us was Whether we should test on animals, and I was against. Well,
am against. The actual debate is tomorrow. 

So, anyways, the things that I'm going to use in my defense are the following:
Animal testing is a scientifically invalid practice. Animal's are too different from
humans in a variety of ways, not only anatomically. Also, when testing on animals,
they need to have ALL FOUR CRITERIA AT THE SAME TIME, not just one or two, or even
three, ALL FOUR. Those are the same origin of the disease, the symptoms of the
disease, the same neurobiological structure, and the same treatment response. 
 Second, scientists only support animal testing for their financial security.
Scientists are unwilling to admit something they've dedicated their entire lives to
is useless.
Third, testing on animals doesn't guarantee a product or instrument is safe for
human use. All testing does is determine the level of toxicity. DES and Rexar were
tested on animals, and no side effects were shown, but when humans used them,
premature births, abortions, and deaths occured. Aside from that, we don't need
animals to find cures for diseases like AIDS or Cancer, because attempts have
already proven futile. We waste MILLIONS of dollars trying to just GIVE the animal's
these diseases, and it just won't work. Aside from that, there are more inexpensive
ways to test things and find cures. =/
Last, WE HAVE LAWS AGAINST FREAKING ANIMAL CRUELTY. Why have the damn laws if we
aren't going to abide by them? It's obvious the "Chaotic Good" Scientists are using
every excuse they can to keep animal testing, but it always goes back to the same
thing: ANIMAL CRUELTY. We're torturing them despite the fact it isn't required. Dx<

...Wow.. xD That was a stupid rant. I need to go work on it. xD;;

Lyncheh says:   16 March 2008   963599  
That's pretty good! ^^
Fuu says:   16 March 2008   224681  
You know, if Jillian comes across this and then prepares a defense
against this, I'm going to laugh at you uncontrollably. XD
Magdalene says :   16 March 2008   775587  
...Nah, I doubt she will! xD


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