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ARE YOU GOOD OR EVIL?Category: (general)
Wednesday, 13 February 2008
02:45:35 PM (GMT)
maybe you're a blessing.maybe you're a curse.take this personality quiz to find

1.                             It's grandpa's birthday.What would you like to get

                        a. I'd like to give him a car.
                        b. I'd like to get him some medicine.he seems to like that.

                       c. I'd like to get him locked up.

2.                        You fing a purse full of money.What do you do?

                     a. I'd organize a huge search to find the rightful owner.

                    b. I'd take it to the police and let them handle.

                    c. Purse?What purse?I never saw any purse.

3.                                  Your little brother wants some of your candybar.
                                          what do you do?

                   a. I'd give him the candy and trust him to split it and give me

                   b. I'd split it and give him half.

                  c. i'd split it so he thought he was getting some,and then i'd eat
both halves as his howl of jealous rage enhanced 
                     the deloicious sweetness of teh moment.


4.              Your aunt,who is,like,100 years old,asks you if you think a face-lift
would help her appearences.What would you say?

              a ."Don't be silly.You're absoulutely gorgeous."   

              b."Thats really up to you,Auntie,but i think you look fine."

              c. "Would a face-lift help?Idon't think a forklift would help."

5.           There's a baby bird sitting in the path of an oncoming bus.What would
you do?

            a. Risk my life by diving in to save the baby bird.

          b. Stay on the sidewalk and to hte bus driver,"STOP! STOP!"

          c. Check and see if I have any maple syrup in my backpack fot the baby bird
pancake i'm about to enjoy.

         Scoring your answers:

        IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY C,start growing out your bangs/hair now.You'll want
them to conceal the horns that will be sprouting soon.

      IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY B,you're a normal,average person.But in spite of that
you're good.

      IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY A,you're so good that you're practically an angel.Either
that or you're a big phony and a huge liar,and that 
        makes you the most evil of all.

   (note i was forced to write this by happy bunny well not really)lol

Chel says:   15 February 2008   879839  
I have mostly b~!
Yaayz~! I'm just average ^0^
gelert says:   16 February 2008   233425  
yay good average girl lol
whatzup says:   20 February 2008   583335  
i a normal avarage person ya lol 'o'
gelert says :   20 February 2008   379615  
he he i 2 good and evil it depens on the days


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