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Monday, 21 January 2008
01:11:19 AM (GMT)
Full name? Jamie Leila Tull
Nickname?  Jame Jame, 

 Single or taken?  single

 Zodiac sign?  Aries
Male or female?  female

 Eye color?  It changes but usually a honey flaked light awesome green

 Hair color?  dirty blonde that is getting lighter or darker depending on how much I
am outside

 Long or short hair?  getting longer

 Shoe size?  I can fit into depending on the store 4-71/2

 Asthma?  Yes, yet I have stronger lungs now

Health freak?  nope

 Do you have a crush on someone? yes..

 Do you like yourself?  Depends on what part. I like some things but am I critic on
other things

 Have piercings?  Ears

 Tattoos?  Nope but fakes yeah

 Righty or lefty?  Bothy

 Sexual orientation?  straight

 School clique?  Different ones- Goth, emo, nerd, loner, bad girl, goody goody

023. First piercing? Ears

024. First best friend?  Cheyenne I believe

025. First movie?  Pet Cemetery 

026. First sport you joined? Soccor
27. First pet?  dog
028. First concert?  Erm not sure..

029. First crush? Fabian (sp?) but in kindergarten. Jesus even then?

030. First kiss?  Luke [3rd grade]

031. First love? Brock

032. First broken heart?  Like when you really love someone and they reject you or
say for awhile we 
should break? Brock

033. First stitches?  My foot in 2nd grade, still have the scar

034. First broken bone?  None to this day

035. First grade teacher?  Ms. Heidman (sp?)

036. First car?  Not sure

037. First cell phone?  Erm... Let's see...

Right Now: 

038. I'm eating?  nothing

039. I'm drinking?  Tea

040. I'm listening to?  My iPod list

041. I'm working on?  This

042. I'm waiting on?  a break

043. I'm wearing?  Black shirt over a black spaghetti strap, black bra, black skinny
jeans, and black 
no-show socks with black sneakers, black headband, black nail polish, and black

044. I'm worried about?  Too many things to tell

045. I'm loving?  my friends

046. I'm missing? Brock, Way Mey, friends I can't see or be with, and dead family
members, some I 
never met

047. I'm anticipating? Life itself

First thing that comes to mind: 

048. Kids . I love them...

049. Marriage?  When I meet my soul mate, and have a great life already sure

050. Career?  Criminalist

051. Pickle?  I LOVE THEM.

052. Penny?  Such a waste of metal.. -sigh-

053. Stop?  no YOU stop

054. Donut? I had one with a pickle once, actually good... Freaky I know

055. ?  Wth?

056. ?  Nope, never have, never will

057. Debt?  Nahh

058. College? *thinking still* Oh snap it's been two days. Oh no I missed the exam,
freak I fell asleep. 
I should get more than 2 HOURS. xD

059. Cupid?  GRRRR stupid imitations of angels.

060. 777?  111 more than the devil's number...


061. Lips or eyes?  i love both, but eyes

062. Hugs or kisses?  kisses

063. Shorter or taller?  taller

064. Romantic or spontaneous? spontaneous  

065. Stomach or arms?  stomach!

066. Sensitive or loud?  Sensitive guys are awesome but loud crazy outgoing EMO guys
are just as 
awesome. I'll have to think 

067. Hook-up or relationship?  relationships
068. Older or younger?  Older

069. Richer or Poorer?  richer

070. Smart or witty?  What's the difference??

071. Shy or outgoing?  God, I love quietness but not shyness so OUTGOING!

072. High maintenance or plain?  plain I guess

073. Glasses or contacts?  Contacts I guess

074. Taurus or Gemini?  What do I care? So what if the mother got pregnant and gave
birth a certain time??

075. Lots of friends or no friends? Lots of friends  


076. Kissed a stranger?  Nope

077. Lost your glasses or contacts? my vision is good, don't wear either 

078. Lost your cell phone?  no

079. Broken any bones?  Nope

080. Broken someone's heart?  Yeah unfortunately

081. Been arrested?  No

082. Seen a hooker?  Yeah

083. Been to a funeral?  yes

084. Been to Las Vegas?  No, don't want to..

085. Bought off Ebay?  A couple times I think..

086. Cheated?  never

087. Picked your nose and ate it? Nope



088. God?  yes
089. Yourself?  yes

090. Miracles?  yes 

091. Love at first sight?  Yes

092. Heaven?  yes 

093. Santa?  No

094. Fairies?  I love the mythical idea. if only they were. I would love to be one.
Wait that sounds 
childish and girly. *slaps forehead and scolds self for telling the public* Oh hi. 

095. Kissing on the first date?  Yeah

096. Angels?  yes 


097. Is there someone you want to be with right now?  yes

098. Is Superman really better than Batman?  I HATE superman, Batman is AWESOME!

099. Have you dated more than 1 person at the same time? Well I have taken a guy out
to lunch, and 
then another for dinner, but didn't kiss both or either... Well basically no..

100. Do you believe in God again? yes

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