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Katie Chapter 3Category: horror story
Wednesday, 16 January 2008
01:02:06 PM (GMT)
3 days passed since the Boston accident. Everywhere on the news Katie's reality was
in her face. She never wanted this to happen. Her hpoen rang.
"Hey, it's me."
"Hey, Selena, I missed you."
"Yeah. Same here, listen, about that accident."
"You think i'm a freak too."
"No. No. No. I think you have what is called a depressed reality."
"A what? Are YOU going nuts?"
"No. Hear me out- On the phone! Kent! A depressed reality is where you se the future
for a tenth of a second, something wanted you to see that fire and stop these people,
but who."
"Ha! No. But I read in a book, those wo are saved from death once and killed twice."
"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
"I'm not sure. But if you see any signs, tell me."
"You watch way to many Final Destinations."
"He's fit."
"Bye." Katie hung up. "Saved from death once and killed twice." Katie shook her head.
"No. She's was messing, wasn't she?"

Later that week..
"Mom. If we've been saved once, we'll die twice."
"Why, why do you want me to hide?"
"Because, you was the first person to die, and from expericance, the first person
killed in the accident will die first from surviving."
"No." Annie walked off. Katie saw a ghostly image of a fan in her moms mirror, turned
away nd nothing was there, she turned back to the mirror. Nothing.
"MOM!" Katie screamed. She followed her mother out of the bedroom. Adam was carring a
portable fan. Something hit the casing and it flew off. Annie stood still and a blade
flew to her neck. Her head fell onto the floor.
"Oh no!" Adam gasped, shocked.
"MOMMY!" Katie cried and knelt next to her mothers headless body. "I'm so sorry." She
picked up her head and stroked her cold, dead face and tears dropped onto it. She
kissed her mothers forehead and put her down, she had blodd stains on her miniskirt.

xKupidx says:   16 January 2008   767196  
Ok well like i would have thought she would have been more upset when
she died. Look heres my someone dying thing---

I heard the ambulances around me and my head was spinning, my knee’s
were on the ground next to his body, I held my hands in my head and
cried. I felt his blood soak into my jeans. I hugged his body, looking
for the slightest bit of breath. I  kissed him, and for just a second
his eyes opened, me said to me before they shut closed once more, “I
will wait for you, I promise” More tears flooded out of my eyes
uncontrollably. I dropped his body softly onto the ground and I stood.
The man who had shot him, twice, directly in the chest was being
pulled into the police van. I ran over to him, in anger I screamed
“How could you do that to him, how could you do that to me! You’re
a sick evil man! I hate you! I hope you and all your kind rot deep in
the depth’s of hell!”
“God wouldn’t let me go to hell, that child was evil, so are you
its to bad I didn’t shoot you both, this is what god wanted!” He
replied. I was more furious then ever before. 
“Just because we didn’t believe in your religion didn’t mean we
didn’t believe in god! Jesus dies for us, for everyone! Why can’t
you let everyone else live for him! This is not what god would want!
Not one bit!” I screamed at him as the door of the van slid shut. 
I stood there, reporters were in my face, they caught the screaming
battle on tape. They caught it all on tape. I sat down on the
concrete, then I lay, snuggled up in a ball. Tears drenched my face. I
held his necklace against my heart, his last words lingered in my
head, over and over. 
Pain stabbed my heart. I don’t understand. Why is he waiting for me,
where is he waiting, and how am I meant to come? I kept laying on the
ground, I didn’t move. The cold air shot through my skin and into my
heart, I didn’t move. Not for days, weeks. Until eventually, my body
strength withered away. I died.
xKupidx says:   16 January 2008   286958  
Frizzette says :   16 January 2008   733427  
It gives me chills


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