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Mommy no. Daddy pleaseCategory: (general)
Friday, 21 December 2007
03:11:39 PM (GMT)





Mommy  No, Daddy Please.

Mommy Please, Daddy No.

Mommy dont stoop to his level,

Daddy please grow up.

Mommy feel my pain,

Sit and Listen.

Daddy,grow up!

Sit and Listen.

Mommy, I Love You.

You whom had birthed me.

Allowed me to grow up like the few,

Few who made it like you,

My sisters,

I Love you two,

But mommy, back to you.


your stong, dear, mighty and crazy

The qualities that would usually rock,

Your dignified to me,

Respect which you taught,

I respect.

You deserve the best in the world,

You took me throught enough, true,


I still Love You.

Down in the eyes of my drunken fears,

The cause of my unpredictable emotions,

I dont know what will come out of me,

Tears which hold their own speech,

They can see.

Notice what your doing to me?

Pain from your words,

Sick of the broken "family",

Tired of everything,

Wanting to relieve the problem,


Mommy, THINK!

Dont act on first impulse!


You WERE once me,


Do you see my once smile of true glee?

Hear my plee?

Mommy No,Daddy Please.

Daddy, Please. I Love You.

You, of the few,

But Daddums, 

Fear NOT,

I also HATE you,

Daddy, you are there,

From black to grey hair,

Daddy I see you,

Do you see me?

I fear the power you may have had,

If you were intelligent in the extents of my level,

I know you,


You hide behind others,

You depend on them,

Your not a man i admire,

Your not a man i want to be like in my promising present & future.

Man, Man is a marvelous creation.

See,you and me?

Were "man" so to speak.

The seeds placed on the earth by GOD himself.

Daddy, do you know that?

Do you think of that?

Do you represent him?

Our lord and savior?

Are you saved?

Are you HERE?

OR, are you DRUNK with the wine of the world,literally?

Did you forget him?

Lost your way? Your path? Need help?



Up to the world beyond the stars and clouds!

Reach farther!

See anything?

See the stars?

See their brillian,radiant beam?

Did you see them wink?

Astonishing yes!

But you missed it, figures.

Where were you,I do not know.

Aren't you supposed to be the "man"?

Where are you when i cry?

When mommy looses it?

When mommy needs help?

Where are you?

Taking a joy ride on the haughtyness the worlds winds has to offer?

Oh, I know. 

No need to explain.

Your just human right?

Pitiful excuse for one.

But do I see you now?


For you dwell in the shadows,

Cornered and absent minded,like a hound.

Bloody, sweaty, distraught,

Follow the yellow brick road!

Heh, I wish.

Daddy, Grow Up.

Mommy No,Daddy Please.

I Love You Both.

Dont make me choose.

Be together and help me as YOU chose.

Choose the best,

Be the BEST,

For there IS still me left.

Me, the "child".

Seeking the guidance of the old & new for a stability only you two can give,

'Cus, I DO wonder,

I may not speak aloud, 

But I wonder with the inevidently racing mind GOD gave me.

Am I doomed to become you?

My "parents"?

The "leaders"?

Hopefully not.

Mommy, NO, Daddy, PLEASE....

‹MiserableAtBest› says:   21 December 2007   985916  
this is really good..........i like it a lot!~!~!~!
‹Mikandycane› says:   21 December 2007   614566  
wow.... did you write this?
angel_lover says:   21 December 2007   175434  
yes i did write it♥
bigsk8terboy666 says:   25 December 2007   358446  
what dose it mean
angel_lover says :   25 December 2007   295794  
it means mom n dad  need to b parents in stead of ripoffs


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