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Saturday, 1 December 2007
01:58:19 AM (GMT)
If someone called you a loser, it would be...
 ♥Because I'm smarter than them. 
 ♥Because I'm obsessed with Star Wars/Star Trek/Buffy/ etc. (Doctor Who, I love
that show)
 Probably 'cause THEY'RE a loser and they can't get dates/attention/party invites,
 ♥I don't know, but my mom says she's the only friend I need 

How do you wear your jeans?
 Above the waist 
 ♥At the waist 
 Below the waist 
I only wear hypoallergenic cotton, I'm allergic to denim. 

Your typical Friday night is spent how? 
 On a date or out with friends 
 Studying, of course 
 ♥File sharing/downloading (or writing) a new computer program 
 Pickin' my nose 

Have you ever owned a watch that is also a calculator?
 Heh, yeah! 
 No, but that'd be awesome! 
 ♥I don't wear a watch, and when someone asks, I say, "It's a hair past a
 Those things exist? 

Accomplishing which of the following would make you feel proud?
 Figuring out a complex math/science problem 
 Building my own computer 
 Burping the alphabet 
 ♥Asking out a long-time crush 

Complete this sentence: Dungeons and Dragons are...
 Dungeons are real and Dragons are fictitious, though both hearken back to medieval
 An RPG that dorks are totally obsessed with 
 ♥Yeah! ...the coolest thing EVER (I love that game, my charactar's name is
Kenya, she is a level 89 rouge, ect!!!!)

How would you describe your look?
 Neat and tidy, glasses, nose in a book. 
 ♥Messy (maybe colorful) hair, glasses optional, ironic t-shirt (ummm, well
this is the closest to my look)
 I'll wear pretty much the same thing for almost a week at a time 
 Pretty normal, I guess. 

Does being around a member of the opposite sex make you feel nervous?
 Most times 
 ♥Sometimes (if i have a crush on them)

How would you describe the contents of your backpack?
 Loaded with books I read for school, and for fun. 
 Loaded with my iPod, PDA, cell phone and other gadgets 
 Who knows... but it kinda smells 
 ♥Books, lunch, the usual. (and other stuff that I like to do, mostly

Who do you usually sit with at lunch time?
 Smart people like myself 
 Friends who're in the same fan club as me 
 ♥No one (I'm not liked at my school)
 My clique 

Do you know how to dance?
 Well, I can program a dancing baby 
 I can rock the waltz and know how to polka! 
 ♥Yes (tango, waltz, jass, you name it)

Would you say you're athletic?
 Only if puffing on an inhaler while running from bullies is a sport

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