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Tuesday, 20 November 2007
10:47:18 PM (GMT)
So lately I've taken up reading "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov. I've been waiting to
read it for a while, and finally started. It's really interesting, it'll keep you
reading it but there are few parts where, for sure, you'll be going "Ew..." out loud.
By the way, this book is where the term "lolita" originated from. XD (For you creepy
4chan people, you already know this phrase well.) I like it though, it's like a
confession written in prose, the language used is lovely but the message you get is

Anyway... for those wondering where to find books (classics, usually), you can find
them on bookchan. If you don't know where bookchan is, just Google it. I've got a
bunch of good books to read, so I encourage you Kupikans to do the same: educate
yourselves. You'll enjoy it.

Speaking of reading, but not really, since it's mostly pictures: I can't seem to
catch up on the Naruto manga. I mean, on devART (where I've been since 2003, I
believe, yet abandon and take to lurking), all I see on the popular page is art of
Deidara, Tobi and older Sasuke. Personally, I don't like Deidara, and older Sasuke's
evil clothes robe thing are really ugly. O_O He looks fruity, haha. But that's
besides the point. Anyway, I don't know the other characters yet -- Karin or Sai, who
are also popular among the d'Tartlets -- because I haven't got that far in the manga.
Karin isn't in the anime yet and Sai is barely appearing. Anyway, I want to catch up
but I can't focus. :x I have no idea why. Just... I don't really like reading about
the Akatsuki. Yaaawn. They're so boring to me. -gets stoned to death by their
394839483 Kupika fans- XD

Oh~! I started playing Klonoa. If you have never played this, you need to. It's for
PSX. It's awesome. Same goes for the new Mario Galaxy game. My brother got it today.
:3 It's so sparkly it hypnotizes me. (And you know how I love my sparklies.)

Lala. Oh, the other day I was asking my mom about our race, because I'm not too clear
on them, there's quite a few (mostly European). XD To my surprise, we're mostly
Dutch. I didn't know that. o_o And English, French, German etc etc... and a little
bit of Cherokee indian, too, and Filipino, to my surprise. But mostly Dutch. Weird.
o_o I need to try and learn to speak and write Dutch now. ♥

In conclusion:

■ Read "Lolita". Find it here: http://www.anonib.com/bookchan/, but be
■ Read Lackadaisy: http://lackadaisycats.com/
■ Watch MST3K on Youtube. Seriously. Do it.
■ Need to finish reading Naruto. Note to self, Sai's clothes deserve intense
■ Read a book. Do it for the children.
■ For me: learn Dutch.

That's all. Tata for now. ♥

P.S. Yes we found Garu... he's getting out of the house somehow. He keeps doing it.
u_u; I had to run around in the front yard and it's ice cold -- it might even snow
tonight -- and here comes Garu shivering. Little bugger. =_=
Last edited: 20 November 2007

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