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Warriors a new beginningCategory: chapter 2
Sunday, 21 October 2007
06:00:59 PM (GMT)
Sunnykit felt an icy claw rap around her heart.
what!!? Dreamkit has to become a warrior! what will I do without her!!??
Goldenflower stumbled back into her nest and colapsed. Rainkit woke with a start.
"what is it!? have the foxes broken into our camp!?" Rainkit exclaimed, have asleep.

"No....go back to sleep." Sunnykit said snuggling against her mothers belly. 
Sunnykit awoke to rainkit prodding her with his paw. "come on!!! our apprentice
ceromony is today! Lets go and wake up silverpaw." he said running towards the
apprentices den. They carefully waded their way through the apprentices den to wake
silverpaw. They begain to poke her. Silverpaw's eyes finally began to open. "What are
you two doing in the apprentices den!!?" she scolded once she was awake.
"We came to get you! We're going to become apprentices today, and we want you to be
there intead of being here being a lazy furball." Sunnykit explained. 
"Oh, I'm coming." silverpaw mumbled as she got to her feet.
"May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around highledge for a clan
meeting!" Leopardstar called. Sunnykit and Rainkit bounded over to highledge,
sunnykit saw thistlepaw and thornpaw walking towards them, they she noticed they were
coming to stand by highleadge also. "don't tell me those peices of mouse dung are
becoming warriors today!" Rainkit comlpained. 
"I have a bad feeling that they are, and even worse, I think they might become our
mentors!" Sunnykit spat.
"aarrgh!!!" Rainkit exclaimed, almost in earshot of thistlepaw and thornpaw.
"because of a shortidge of warriors thornpaw and thistlepaw's warriors ceremony will
be held now instead of tonight." Leopardstar reported then looked at tigerclaw
nervously. Sunnykit looked up at the strong warrior who was standing next to him.
silverpaw is so lucky! sunnykit thought.  her father is clan deputy!
There was murmering among the crowd of cats, and sunnykit saw leopardstar looked even
more nervous. did she do something wrong? Tigerclaw was looking out at the
clan, and the murmering slowly ended.
"I leopardstar, leader of thunderclan call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on
these apprentices.They have trained hard to understand the way of your noble code,
and I commend them to you as Warriors in their turn" thornpaw and thistlepaw were
standing proudly, as if they were being named dupty and leader. " thitlepaw,
thornpaw," Leopardstar continued. "do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to
protect and defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?"
thitlepaw was still standing proud when he said. "I do."
thornpaw looked nervous at his turn, but his voice rang out clear. "I do."
"Then by the power of starclan I give you your warrior names. Thistlepaw, from this
moment on, you will be known as thistleface." thistleface flinched at his new name
but stayed is position.   "Starclan honors your courage and strength and we welcome
you as a full warrior of thunderclan." Leopardstar rested her muzzle on thitsleface's
head, and she licked his in return.
"Thornpaw, from this moment on you will be known as thornclaw." Thornclaw still
looked nervous, but most of it had diminished. "Starclan honors your skills and
bravery and we welcome you as a full warrior of thunderclan." Leopardstar layed her
muzzle on thornclaw's head, Thornclaw then gave her shoulder a lick.
"Thistleface! Thornclaw! Thistleface! Thornclaw!" All the cats called out.
"They shall sit vigil tonight." Leopardstar said. 
Sunnykit and rainkit were so excited. "I wonder what our warrior names will be."
rainkit asked.
"now now, your not even apprentices yet and your thinking of warrior names!?"
Tigerclaw mentioned.
"We're going to be apprentices very very soon though!" Sunnykit said. 
"Yes you are." Tigerclaw replied then looked back out at ther're clan.
"Sunnykit and Rainkit are ready to become apprentices." leopardstar continued. 
Sunnykit's fur was bristling with excitment. "I call upon my warrior ancestors to
look down on these kits. They would like to become warriors, but first they must be
apprentices. Rainkit, from this moment on, until you have earned your warrior name,
you will be known as rainpaw. thistleface, your a new warrior, you shall mentor
rainpaw. Thistleface, I expect you to pass down your skills to this apprentice."
thisleface and rainpaw touched noses and leopardstar continued with the ceremony.
"Sunnykit, from this moment on you shall be known as sunnypaw. Thornclaw, you are
also new, you shall mentor sunnypaw. I hope you pass down all the skills you know to
this apprentice." thornclaw and sunnypaw touched noses. Leopardstar dissmissed the
clan with a flick of her tail and leaped down from highledge.
 "Rainpaw! sunnypaw! rainpaw! sunnypaw!" 
Sunnypaw was overfilled with joy until the cats cleared and she saw heatherpool
outside of her den. Rainpaw had seen her too.
"congats you two!" silverpaw mewed.
Sunnypaw looked up at her and said grimly, "It would have been better if dreamkit was
with us." 
"hey look!" Rainpaw called. "dreamkit!"
"hi guys!" Dreamkit's whiskers were tingling and she looked so excited she could
barly stand still. "congats on becoming apprentices, and guess what!?"
"what?" rainpaw and sunnypaw said at the same time.
"heatherpool has invited me to become her apprentice!!"

‹Hello People How Are You??› says:   21 October 2007   965466  
ooh can you make more !!
sunnycat says :   9 November 2007   414543  
yep! have u read chapter 1? / I'm going to make chapter three pretty


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