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Saturday, 13 October 2007
07:08:51 PM (GMT)
I've actually finished this novel, but I haven't finished typing it yet.
Tell me if I should.

The New Jack Ripper
                  By: Sasumi Yakota Red
Chapter1:Cold-hearted and Emotionless

     People tell me it’s easier to get your emotions out if you write about the
problems in your life. Sometimes that’s true, but lately not so much. You see, my
parents fight a lot . I know that’s a common issue, but no one will ever know how
it feels unless they experience it too.
    “Joey, wake up  You’re gonna miss your bus ”
    “‘Kay, Mom,” Thank God Dad’s not here, he would’ve come in and shook me
around. I know, I think bad thoughts, huh? It’s true though, he would’ve. Plus,
when he’s not here, there is no yelling.
     I got up quick, took a shower and got dressed. Then, I hurried down stairs.
    “Good morning, Joey,” my mom greeted, “Are you hungry, sweetie?”
   “Not really. Hey, what time is it?”
    “7:00 exactly.”
    “I have about twenty minutes until the bus gets here, right?”
   “Uh-huh,” Mom started to put eggs on a plate, “You should eat before you go,
unless you’ve found money for lunch today.”
    “No, I haven”t.... Thanks, Mom, for reminding I can’t eat but twice a
day.” I said sarcastically.
    “Oh don’t be so gloomy,” she put the plate infront  of me, “at least you
    “Yeah...” I poked at the fried egg popped the yoke. I slowly ate it and put
my plate in the sink. “Bye, Mom, I love you.”
    “Bye, sweetie ” Yeah, Mom is usually very happy and cheerful, so it’s
apparent when dad fights with her.
     When I’m at school, I smile a lot and say everything’s okay, but I know they
know it isn’t. Sometimes, I feel alone. Like other people are just pictures on the
wall, or like they are in a movie and I’m just watching.  
	When I got home, Dad was there. He looked at me in way that would make anyone cry,
and then shouted, “Go to your room, now ” I made haste and scurried to my room
holding back tears.
         In my room I cried quietly while doing my homework. My radio was on.
Evanesence was playing, “Bring Me Life,” That’s the way I felt, “Bring me to
life and save me from the darkness, save me from the nothing I’ve become ” Now
that”s why I love rock, it always seems to match my mood.
       After a large amount of time passed, it was 10:25pm, I was tired, but I was
scared to go to sleep “Him,” here.
      Once before I slept with him here, and it seemed he had smoked something
stronger than usual. He came into my room, beat me with his belt, and tried to throw
me out the window  Did I mention I sleep on the second floor? And just under my
window is a deck with metal lawn furniture, stripped of their cushing. I’m lucky
Mom intervened.
     Sometimes I wish he’d just go out, smoke something strong, and forget how to
get home. I told you I think bad thought. But sometimes, I wish to solve his
problems, and that we could be a family again. Thinking about that makes me want to
cry more and harder.
     Not many boys of 14 would admit that they cry, but I think after you cry twenty
minutes every day, not much will ever admit to that.
Doing that may make you stronger;or just make you cold-hearted and emotionless.

Chapter2:Don't tell me Everything is Wonderful Now

    This morning I heard my favorite song, "Streetcorner Symphony" by Rob Thomas.
When I hear it, I think it's going to be  a good day. 
     It's a clear day; the sun is shining. I walked downstairs;Dad was sitting in his
chair reading. "Gah!" I flung myself back around the corner, praying he hadn't seen
     "Y-yes, sir?"I poked my head around the corner. He glanced up;we made eye
contact, which doesn't happen often. I could tell he haddn't dranken or smoked
anything last night, he appeared normal.Well, normal for him.
     "You okay?"
     "You seem nurvous."
     "Oh,uh, I just had a bad time sleeping last night." I knew he knew I had just
lied to him. His long lean face became tight. His eyebros lowered anlong with the
novel he was reading.
     "Hrm..." he grumbled under his breath.
     "Dad, do you know where Mom is?" His face grew angry looking and he shrugged.
I walked slowly around the wooden bar into the kitchen. "Rose said she left food for
you in the oven." Rose is my mother. My Dad's name is Joseph Kevin Kyro I. I am the
second. Sometimes I don't believe I was named after him. Plus, now no one will ever
forget whose son i was. I'll never forget the things my dad did wronge, but that will
make me a better dad for my kids.
    I opened the oven and found a plate with two fried eggs on it. A note was taped
on the side:
                                  "Sorry,the yokes popped.
                                  I may be gone all day, 
                                   so please be careful around Dad,
                                     he seems sort of touchy.
                                     I love you, Joey!"
Last edited: 27 October 2007

eye_of_da_tiger says:   13 October 2007   797672  
yes i think you should write at least 5 or 6 more
paragraphs.......sorry but its true!
bingo says:   13 October 2007   885893  
ya must finish it
BunnyPrincess says:   13 October 2007   649767  
it's good to know people like it!
Camilleh says:   13 October 2007   867557  
Yes! Finish it! It made me want to give a fictional character a hug!
BunnyPrincess says:   13 October 2007   169655  
Yes poor Joey.
You love him....but then
he becomes a murderer.
The story will end ebruptly.
BunnyPrincess says :   27 October 2007   921773  
I've added a little bit more.


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