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The guys from darknessCategory: meh story
Tuesday, 7 August 2007
08:49:16 PM (GMT)
~random story pplz~

Chapter One
Nathan's was walking down the not-so-busy street thinking about what happened in his
dream about his mom.Run nathan.dont go to school today.Evil lurkes all around you
today! Run my son! Run! Befo-
"Hey Silv-sama wats up?" Taki's voice shot through Nathan's thoughts.
"I have a real name Taki."
"Your no fun" He pouted(sp?).
"Hmph. Who said i had too?"
"Me myself and I." Taki told nathan. "come on.Where going to be late for school."
Taki ran off.
Nathan continued walking instead of running and continued his thoughts. before
they get you!Trust no one my son!!!
"What did she mean by that?And telling me that through my dreams when she's
dead......" He was half way to school when he heard a hi-pitched voice.
"Taki?" He ran the rest till he found taki surrounded by guys in black."Leave him
alone!" he shouted.
The guys turned around and nathan looked at them in shock.They all had blood on there
mouths,fangs baring at him,and very pale skin.
"Taki Run!" He yelled. But when taki was about to take off but one of the guys grabed
his arm and held him tight.
"Let him go!"
"Xal is not going to." One of them said but there lips didnt move.
"Yeah, im not going to anytime soon." Xal looked at Taki who look horrified.
"What are you guys?" Nathan Asked.
"We come stright from the darkness in humans souls." One of them answered
"When the darkness has filled up alot of the soul,we come here and take the human
soul from there body."
Nathan just stared atTaki who had tears in his eyes. "I'm not going to allow you to
take Taki's soul!!" Nathan charged towards taki. The people from the darkness kept
tring to scratch or get him but nathan isn't on the track team for nothing.
Nathan punched Xal who,as planed,let go of taki."Come on taki!" Nathan lifted Taki up
and ran into the near by woods.
Nathan stopped running after a few mins. and put taki down.
"Thank you, N-nathan"
A smile escapedHim as he was breathing "No problem Taki.You mean alot too me."[me: O:
Yaoi! Yay! :D]
"I know a friend who lives..." Taki looked around at the trees. "Who lives near by.
Follow me."
Nathan nodded and followed taki deeper into the woods.
Chapter 2
Nathan and Taki walked for 10 minutes until a house showed up in a clearing.
"Here we are." Taki told him.
Taki turned around and glared at Nathan "Hurry before they come back."
Nathen sighed. "Whatever."
Taki knocked on the door.
"Who issss it?" A hush voice said from behind the door. Nathan had a feeling that
something is going to happen.
"Its You-Know-Who." He answered.
"Do u have Nathhhen?"
"Very good Taki." The hush voice said. The person opened the door. But it was not a
'person'...more like a 'thing'. It was like those guys that were after taki. With
sharper fangs.
"" was all that came outta nathans mouth.
"Hehehehe" taki snickered as he let the thing slide pass him. "It was nice knowing
you, Nathan. But as i recall when i first meet you that said you'll die to
save a friend."
That day.....i remember now. It was raining and taki was about to be beaten to a
bloody pulp if i hadn't shown up and tookin the beating. "I'll even die for a friend"
i had told him......."Yes i remember. Bring it on." Nathen just stood there
untill he could feel the sharp fangs go into him. 
He screamed in pain and feel to the floor when the creature let go. He opened his
eyes and his vison was hazzy. "Good Bye" he whispered.

And there Nathens body was fading away, like dust in the wind.
The last thing he saw was nothing but a blury picture of Taki......

Da end

Don't kill meh cuz he died. I planned it from the start. And no im not evil.
Last edited: 16 September 2007

riveranna says:   7 August 2007   294392  


sand_ninja says:   7 August 2007   459692  
Ah! okz.
riveranna says:   23 August 2007   426788  

*Kidnaps Taki And Nathan*


.......*Kidanps The people from Darkness While Droping Nathan and And

*Comes back Min.s Later*

Zetsu is Hungry ^_^

*Drags Taki and Nathan Off With Signs On there BAcks that Says
sand_ninja says:   25 August 2007   725364  
Hey! Give me back my charaters Zetsu! *steals them from zetsu* Eat
the guys from the darkness. >.<
riveranna says:   25 August 2007   254299  
>.< MINE~

*Huggles The Guys From darkness*

Zetsu:Where are we eating To night Zetsu
Zetsu #2:Where we Eat everynight....VAgas
Both:What Happens In Vagas Stays in Vagas
sand_ninja says:   25 August 2007   767772  
No! *hugs nathan and taki* *lets go of taki* eat him!

Nathan:No! *gets out from sora's arms* *hugs taki*

*takes pic* yay yaoi! ~_^
Hidan_Is_Gods_Homeboy says:   16 September 2007   985865  
sand_ninja says:   16 September 2007   126817  
OMFG! ok ok i wont. i'll update on dis page mmkay.
Hidan_Is_Gods_Homeboy says:   23 September 2007   769763  

*Huggles Sora* I miss You~

Here ^_^ I want to show a Website

I need some other Narutards on there

You don't need to sign up just type in any name you want

While after you start you are placed in a ramdom room just Type

/join 78

Then Press teh Enter key

Thats how you post and Move rooms

I'll be in 78 ALL day so if you see Hinata(Akatsuki) Thats me!

(Back to what i think of the story)


*Points at Sand_Ninja* 


*Deidara Hugs me from behind* Nevermind ^_^

Sand_Ninja Its scary coming back on here.....Because When i saw
BlAcK_RoSe's Okeaki It made me cry...........For god knows what reason
maybe because i was beat by another Deidara Fangirl..........So i'm
sorry i left without explaining........I'm really Sorry.

But at least We can talk on the website i said before ^_^ 

Oh and one thing i KNOW sora-chan will LUV!

Theres a Guy on there Named Sasori soul~

I Know Sora Luvy Sasori And Sasori Luvy back ~_^
sand_ninja says:   25 September 2007   482311  
ok um...i dunno how ta tell you this but...i cant go on moonbase...i
can't go on there!!!!!!!!! TT^TT my computer wont let me! and i tried
downloding the thing 4 it but it closes in the middle of
downloading!!!!!!!! And i can only go on it when im at da public
library! and i hardly go there! and blah!!!!!!!!! *cries*

but i'll ask me mum ta go dis saturday mmkay? and plus; i go on make a webby on der. ish free ^^ and add ^^

add me ok?

P.S I'll find juu mmkay? if i go on saturgay. ^^
sand_ninja says:   25 September 2007   323655  
uh....>.> <.< i mean saturday
Riveranna_Akatsuki says:   25 September 2007   928656  
Yayayya Well Lets see I have good news bad news and REALLY gud news

Good:I've Got an Akatsuki Coat and you don't

Bad:I'm gonna rub that in your face For a long time

REALLY REALLY GOOD:I'm caming back to Kupika -.- I know i'm crazy But
sand_ninja says:   25 September 2007   291697  
ok first:
really ttthhpppt! (i even spit on my computer Oo)
yayz! *glomps*
bk360 says:   26 September 2007   447343  
Lol Ttthhhppttt! lol soz XD i had to do that
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   26 September 2007   617267  
so cool^^
sand_ninja says:   27 September 2007   843378  
@bk : lollies(dont ask! its adectting or sometin Oo)

@lachia : thanks! ^^ 
Pon_and_Zi says:   13 October 2007   488871  
thats very good! did you miss me?????
sand_ninja says :   21 October 2007   853762  
hella yeah! XD 
(Oo an't that a band?I dunno Oo)

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