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Tuesday, 10 July 2007
10:29:34 PM (GMT)
Why do I see you in everything I do?
Why does every song remind me of you?
I guess it's cause no matter how hard I try,
I just can't fall out of love with you.

maybe one day you'll reach back in your file,
pull out that old memory & think of me & smile..

to every girl who feels
lost inside.
broken hearted.
who feels like no one understands.
just remember..
when you fall..
at one point a boy is going to see you,
and give you his hand to help you up,
from being put down.
he�ll love you.
treat you the way you should be treated.
if you have no hope,
just keep looking.
he`ll be there. Waiting.

It hurts when something good ends
but it'll hurt even more
if you cling to it knowing that it's not there

i want a guy who is right there with me
as i walk home in the rain
who`ll look at me with my dripping wet hair
&& soaked clothes and kiss me
and say "i`ve never loved you more."

. y o u . c a n t . h i d e . w h a t s . i n . y o u r . h e a r t .

. .GivIn UP dOesNT meAn iM ::wEaK:: ..iT meanS IM ::StRoNg:: eNuf 2 Let GO!!. .

Love you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.

I've got a broken heart, can I have some glue?

anything wOrth havin`. . .
Is WoRtH WaTiNG FoR`. . .

iT's Tha dAyS wE'rE s0 cRaZy
PeOpLe tHiNk We'Re ::HiGh::
tHA TiMeS wE'rE s0 b0rEd
We LaUgH TiL wE ::cRy::
aLL tHA ::InSiDe J0KeS::
n tHa ::rEmEmBeR wHeNs::
tHeSe r tHa ReAs0nS We'LL
::aLwAyS bE bEsT fRiEnDs

*§omewhere There'§ §omeone Who Dream§ Of Your §mile, And Find§ In Your
Pre§ence That Life I§ Worth While, §o When You Are Lonely, Remember It'§ True:
§omebody, §omewhere Is Thinking Of You*

*-A PrOmiSe iS a PrOmIsE
ThAtZ WhAt ThEy sAy
WeLcOmE tO ReALiTy HuNnIe
tHeYrE BrOkEn EvErYdAy-*

•..•*D o N t*•..•
•H a t E •
•..•*W h A t*•..•
•Y o U•
•..•*C A N T*•..•
•Im M i T a T e!•

×´¨`·×HoW CaN I MaKe HiM UnDaStAnD ? ×´¨`·×
×´¨`·×HoW CaN I MaKe HiM SeE? ×´¨`·×
×´¨`·×HoW CaN I MaKe HiM ReAliZe ×´¨`·×
×´¨`·×HoW MuCh He MeAnZ t0 Me?×´¨`·×

GuEsS iM DiFfErEnt
ThEn ThE OlD mE
BuT U NeEd 2 AcCePt
AnD TrY To See
ThAt JuSt BeCaUsE
Im NoT LiKe BeForE
YoU dOnT HaVe To HaTe Me Or IgNoRe
So Im SoRrY If Im DifFErEnT
If Im AcTiN StrAnGe
BuT LiKe It Or Not

(¨`•. •´¨)wheneva i'm dOwn
`•.¸(¨`•.•´)U always seem 2 make me smile
`•.¸.´wheneva i need sum 1 tO talk 2
¨`•.•´¨)i knO U'll talk
`•.¸´cuz wheneva i'm lOnely Ur always there

•..•´¨`» ¨* Loved u Yesterday *¨ «´¨`•..•
..••..•´¨`» ¨* Love u Still *¨ «´¨`•..••..
..••.•´¨`»¨* Alwayz have *¨ «´¨`•.••..
•...••.•´¨`»¨* Alwayz Will *¨ «´¨`•.••...•
-;- *( Y )( Y )* -;-
(¨`v´¨)* ( '.')('.' ) * (¨`v´¨)
`v´__( ")( ")(" )(" )__ `v´

>~*God created men first,
cause you always make
a rough draft before
a masterpiece!~

~*It's better to let
someone think you
are an Idiot than to
open your mouth and prove it~*

Love is feeling comfortable and safe with
someone, but still getting weak in the knees when
they walk into a room and smile at you.

her - well, i gotta ask you something. and you have to be honest.
him - okayyyyy? what is it?
her - how long do you want us to be going out?
him - honestly?

Does it hurt you to know that we haven't spoken to each other in days?
Does it hurt you to know that we can't look at each other without looking away?
Does it hurt you to know that everything we had as friends is gone?
Does it hurt?
Cause it's hurting me

can't help but think
that you'll come back.
Maybe it's because what
we had was real

i made a list of wrong's and right's
and you're number one
on both sides

it was time to go home,
to go home without eachother.
i said i love you, he said the same.
i said call me when you miss me,
he smiled and kissed me.
i walked towards my car,
and my phone rang.

I guess it doesn't matter what I say or what I seem,
You stuck what I felt for you in the pocket of your jeans.
Ignoring me the morning after isn't enough,
and I swear I'm gonna cry,
I'm sick of trying to be tough.

and i'm blasting my music so i won't
hear my thoughts, but it's stupid because
the lyrics just remind me of what i'm trying
to forget. how did you manage to get all
these people to sing about you?

Just once in my life I want someone else to kiss first. I want someone else to lie
awake and wonder what the right words are, if they'll be rejected, if they're ruining
a great friendship. I want him to want me so much that he can't help himself, that
he's willing to risk everything for a chance to be with me.

Love is when hurting
him would hurt you more

I’m over you.
I still shake when you walk by
and I still save all of our online conversations.
I still feel a smile slip on my face
at the sound of your name
and I still think about you most of the time.
You’re still the first person I look for
when I enter a room
and I still fall asleep to the memory of your voice.
In my mind, you are breath-taking
and I’ve never seen such a gorgeous smile
But I’m over you.
Really…I am.

moving on is simple;
it's what you leave
behind that makes
it so difficult

someone comes into your life that changes everything,
raises the standards, makes you laugh,
and makes you feel like you.

forget what were told, before we get too old..

THE boy
the one i call when i feel like kicken a bitches ass.
the one i cuddle with when i watch sad movies
the one i hold tight during the scary ones.
but mostly, the guy that means the world to me.<3

best friend won't tell you
you're going to be okay after you've
had your heart broken. they sit and
hold your hand && cry with you
&& let you know your not
the only one with a broken heart

You're only young once
So be bad
Break the rules
Get caught &&
Make it count

Love is letting your heart belong to someone else &
giving them full power to destroy it if they wish,
& fully trusting them not to.. <3

One day we're "talking," then dating, then you
find someone else, a stupid hoe, who's only gunna be
around to have some fun, then she's gunna dump your
sorry ass, & when she does, don't even think about
crawling back to me.

boy: so who do you like?
girl: oh some guy that doesnt like me
boy: well then he is missing out
girl: lol well who do you like
boy: some girl who likes some guy who's totally missing out

we're the kind of people..
that could get hit by a parked car

do you know what makes
letting go of a crush so hard?
the fear that the moment you let go
they'll catch on

im hearing all these different stories...
you like me. you hate me.
so do me a favor,
stop telling everyone else how you feel about me.
and tell me yourself.

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