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[[FRANK IERO]] .:To The End:. [[FRANK IERO]]Category: love story
Wednesday, 4 July 2007
12:37:50 AM (GMT)
i did NOT write this story i just love it to peices though lol. a girl
named Melissa Torres wrote it.


"I'm sorry," I whispered, as the wind blew through my hair.

I stood before a grave stone, one i knew very well.

Engraved on it was the name and the words below: 

Jonathan Charles Felmen

February 12th 1988 - December 10th 2004

"An innocent soul, broken down by worry, An Angel's trade is that of death,"

"He was misunderstood & unloved"

The last part i frowned upon everytime i read it. Although he was misunderstood, he
wasn't unloved, I should know, I was the one that loved him.

Yes, he was my life, my happiness, my lover & my friend.

His death was not unplanned, I was there with him.

'Two shots and we'd be dead' He said.

But only one shot was fired.

Love makes you do crazy things.

Sometimes it makes you do things that you may not recover from.

Two hands with two Guns, aimed at the temples of us both. We counted to three, He
shot, I couldn't.

We planned our suicide for eternal love, hoping in death we would always be

He had nothing to lose, but i did.

Unlike him, i had something to hold me back, my Dad & my bestfriend Jessica.

The love he gave me wasn't strong enough for me to fulfill my suicide.

I watched him bleed, eyes rolling to the back of his head.

He lay on my bedroom floor, dead, I screamed, yelling at myself 'Why didn't i pull
the trigger?, why didn't i die with him?'

Now my love is gone, I stand before his grave, I let him die for me.

I promised something i could not keep & in return he lays six feet under.

I placed a Black rose on his grave and wiped my tears away.


He had been buried for a few months now, but all this was still knew to me.

I never went to his funeral, I couldn't face the gossip or his alcoholic mother, who
really didn't give a shit about him.

I seemed to be the only one that actually loved and cared for him and still does.

I walked away from his grave, leaving the cemetery.

The cemetery was always our special place, it was kinda like a home to us both,

Where we could hide from the cruel twisted world & the cruel people that lived in

Where we would go, to get pissed and mark our graves.

And now he's buried in his, in our special place, Although he will be with me when i
come here,

I will never feel him or his love surround me,

I miss him.

He's so far yet so near.

I blame myself for not pulling the trigger,

If i did, i wouldn't feel this pain.

I feel it was all my fault, he loved me so much to die for me,

And i didn't love him enough.

In result, i'm still breathing.

I walked through the cemetery gates and down the street alone.

"It's all my fault, Jonathan I love you," I whispered as i walked alone.

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