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Monday, 4 June 2007
04:57:08 PM (GMT)
Okay, this should be as simple as 2+2=5. 

Or is it? 

That was certainly not what I was hoping for. If you answered 'No' to that
question, then you might as well as bug off. Seriously, bug off. I mean it!!


-heh- Anyhow, I thought I'd start out my first journal entry on this new site with a
bit about myself, then a good ol'writing sample at the bottom. I mean, I write
beautifully, as you can most certainly tell. Or not. Whoops. Here y'go kids, a
lesson for ya! Never become to full of yourself. Do I need to say it in another

French- Non jamais devenu trop vain de vous-meme
German- Nie geworden zu voll du Selbst 
Italian- Mai diventato troppo pieno di voi stressi

That's all I'm doing... German and Italian are not my strongest points, though I know
bits and pieces of the two. If you would like to teach me German or Italian or help
me improve my French, then PLEASE send me a letter. I'll help you with your English
if you need it! 

And my writing sample for today-

It was with a faint curiousity that he reguarded the land from this up-high
outcropping. Again, Cloud had been exploring through the land, looking at everything,
learing the place of each rock and tree. He found it welcoming and warm, like a sort
of home. Already he had found a perfect spot for a den, a type of tunnel in a
hillside leading to a much larger area within, and as he gazed down into the
enormuous gapping maw laid out like a scar in the earth, he thought about wandering
into the small canyon. 

Cloud had been looking around when he had spotted the high perched rock coming out of
the ground like something way out of place. Eager to see what it would be like to see
the forest from atop it, he had bound quickly to it. As he had reached the top of the
rock, the wind blew strong and true into his face. Surprised, he was caught off
balance and his eyes were casted downward. 

Now, he was looking upon a beauty like no other as the canyon winds swept through the
rocks and whisled their song of being alone, of being free, and of being wild. 

It was a song like no other, and he couldn't help it as he threw back his head and
added his own song to the one around him. Cloud tried to keep to the pitch of the
winds, first going low, then high, then low again, but it was no use. Even with his
excellent hearing as a wolf, he could not keep consent track of the winds voices as
they rolled over one another. 

Finally, he ran out of breath. Panting slightly from his almost five minute lamnent,
Cloud contented himself with just listening for a little while longer. Slowly, he
began to add words to the winds. 

'Celq ni ruoh tus na, awasiflymj da fla vei yf rluohb, emb qsufakf ehm fla vuhwar
ym flyr tusarf reta tsun lesn.' At first, he said the words under his breath in
the language of his pack. 

His voice grew stronger and he soon found himself howling the lines out, no longer
trying to go along with the notes of the wind. Cloud kept his lines simple as he

And he felt as free as the eagles above as he did so. 


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