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Over the years......Category: (general)
Wednesday, 30 May 2007
10:53:38 PM (GMT)
Over the years

  Patrick Breeding: loud, optimistic, likes to joke, a 3rd grader
  Kelly Breeding: talkative, dream of being a rapper, 4th grader
  Dustin Breeding: ladies man, rude, a 5th grader
  Carnell Breeding: shy, quite, doesn’t talk much, 2nd grader
  Bryan Breeding: curious, ignorant, gullible, cute, kindergartener
  Tori Caraway: smart, funny, talkative, kindergartener
  Meah Larson: shy, quite, funny, a 3rd grader

  Katie Larson: Meah’s twin loud, unique, has attitude, a 3rd grader

 Sydney Larson: tom-boy, bad, ready to fight, 5th grader
  Kari Smith: smart, dreams of being a model, 2nd grader

Chapter 1: Summer
	Meah Larson’s P.O.V
	I’m outside. I’m always outside playing with my sister and my best friend
Patrick. Patrick’s nice to me but his big brothers aren’t. Right now we’re
playing tag; Patrick’s really faster than me so I’m always it. –end of

I look over at Patrick’s house while me and my sister are running from him.
“Great looks who’s here” Dustin says referring to me and my sister. “Yea, if
it isn’t the twin dork wonders” Kelly adds on. Katie freezes right in her step
“I don’t know who you talking bout 4 eyes!” she yells so loud I almost hurt my
ear. Dustin smiles while Kelly laughs and says “Awww, look Kelly she’s getting
mad” he says while joing Kelly into the laughter. Patrick looked really mad, he
always gets mad when the pick on me and my sister. “Back off, and leave them alone
you anti-social jerks!!” he yelled at them from the top of his lungs. His face was
turning red and you could see all the veins. Dustin stepped up to Patrick and pushed
him on the ground real hard and said “Shut up, let them speak for themselves!!”
“Ok, well… leave me and my sister alone” yells Katie. Kelly smiles at her and
then looks at me “Well, you gonna say something?!” he yells at me. Him and Dustin
always try to pressure me to talk to them. The truth is I don’t want to talk to
them. They say I can’t talk and other stuff like that, I just don’t have much I
want to say. Kelly yells at me again “Say something!” This time he pushes me and
I fall in the dirt. Patrick helps me up and then he punched Kelly right in the jaw. I
was shocked. I knew he was going to get mad, but he never hit them. Kelly, Dustin,
and Katie looked as shocked as I was. “That’s what I thought.” Patrick simply
said, while taking my hand and my sister’s in the other. He starts leading us to
our house. “See you guys are my best friends” he pauses “I won’t let them
hurt you, I promise” he said that looking at me. I sort of blushed when he said
that, it made him smile and blush too. Katie laughed and said “Awww” I rolled my
eyes and said “shut up” Patrick just blushed even harder. 
Once we got to my house Patrick opened the door for us. He gave us both a hug. We
hugged him back and said our good-byes. Katie raced me to our room. She won, as
always. When we got to the room she looked at me, smiled, and laughed. I really
didn’t want to deal with her and another one of her talks, so I just sat on my bed,
pulled out a book, and started reading about some green eggs and ham. She started
dancing around the room singing “Patrick and Meah sitting in a tree….” She
paused to see my facial expression. I just sat there and continued to read like she
wasn’t even there. “K-i-s-s-i-n-g!!” To this point I was getting annoyed.
“Shut up!!” I yelled while throwing my book at her. She laughed and caught the
book. “You know you like him.” She sang in the same horrid tone. I smiled because
I thought of the perfect comeback “And you like Kelly” I said with a smirk on my
face. She immediately stopped dancing and glared at me “What?” she said in an
‘I can’t believe you just said that’ tone. “You heard me” I said “you
want to marry him and have his kids and kiss him every night” I turned around and
put my hands around myself and started rubbing my back to show her what her and Kelly
kissing would look like. She turned red from anger “NO I DON’T” I just laughed
and nodded. “Yes you do” I paused “you told me” “I also said don’t say
anything about it.” She yelled at me still red. I just smiled and said
The next day we were outside with my older sister, Sydney. Katie and I told her about
how Dustin and Kelly were being mean to us and she said that she would take care of
them if they did it again. Patrick’s outside with us too. We’re playing on the
slide at the park. Just when the fun was interrupted by the ones and only Dustin and
Kelly. “If it isn’t the dork twin wonders and their manly sister.” “Back off
Dustin!!” Sydney said to him in an even tone and bucked at him. Kelly just laughed
at her and said “I’m so scared” In a sarcastic voice. Sydney stepped up to him
like she was ready to rip his head right off his neck. “Excuse me?” She said,
still in an even tone. She doesn’t like to scare us with her yelling. Patrick
leaned closer to me and whispered “Here we go again” in my ear. I just nodded,
smiled, and continued to watch my big sister get ready to cream Dustin and Kelly.
Dustin looked at Sydney up and down then said “Dressed like a boy much” Sydney
looked even madder than before and said “Don’t get slapped Dustin” still in her
even toned voice. Kelly mimicked her in a weird voice “Don’t get slapped
Dustin.” Sydney started to rolls up her shirt sleeves, and then they started
running. Me, Patrick, and Katie just laughed. Patrick smiled and said “I never get
tired or seeing her beat the mess out of them.” I started to laugh “I know, they
come over here so big and bad and then runaway from a girl” Katie laughed the
hardest and said “I think that Sydney could really beat them up if they stopped
running like little butt wipes.” Patrick smiled and said “I bet when she grows up
she’ll be a body guard.” 
Later that day we were in me and my sister’s room watching tv. I sat farthest to
the left. Patrick sat in the middle, he always did. I don’t know why, one time I
made the mistake of asking and all he said was “Why, do you want me all to
yourself?” I still remember that day. That’s the day Katie found out that I liked
him, I didn’t ask because I liked him. I asked because I wanted to know. But he
kissed me on the lips after he said that, because I looked at him as if I was mad
that he said that. He thought my sister wasn’t there, but she was. She screamed
when she saw it. I was shocked. He looked like a red apple. Right now we’re
watching a scary movie, I didn’t want to. We voted. I voted for something funny,
and they voted for something scary. They won. Sometimes I don’t like democracy.
We’re watching Nightmare on Elms Street. This movie really scares me; I close my
eyes for most of the parts. Now it’s on a really scary part when he’s in some
ladies dream about to kill her. I’m scared so I grab Patrick’s hand. He looks at
me and I let go. He smiles and holds my hand and kisses me on the cheek. It’s a
good thing Katie didn’t see or hear that. During the movie I squeeze his hand when
it gets really scary, sometimes he squeezes my hand. Not from being scared though, he
does that to be funny. I know because when he does do it, he smiles at me, or
sometimes he’ll laugh just enough for me to here it. Katie didn’t even notice.
I’m not that surprised, she’s not that smart. 
After the movie we draw pictures of things. Patrick drew a picture of Cinderella and
Prince Charming. Katie drew a picture of her and usher, I think that it’s really
her and Kelly. I drew a picture of Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse. In my head it was
really me and Patrick. Katie looked over all the drawings, she laughed when she got
to Patrick’s “Pat, yours is girly” Patrick looked at her with the most shocked
look ever. I looked at her kind of shocked but not as much as Patrick. Patrick jerked
his picture back and then got up from the table. “I’m going home!” he yelled.
“Fine, get your girly self out my room.” Patrick looked really mad. He looked at
me “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I smiled at him “I’ll walk you to the door.”
I got up and walk with Patrick downstairs, through the living room, through the
kitchen, to the door. We just sat there and looked at each other for a while. After
about 2 whole minutes Patrick smiled at me and kissed me on the lips and said
“Bye” Then left. I was shocked. I totally didn’t see that coming, just like the
first time. I could tell I was blushing because my face felt warm. I just chilled
down here until my faced stopped blushing. Then I could go back to my room in peace.

Patrick’s P.O.V
	-written in journal-

	I’m mad at Katie. She picked on my drawing. I really liked it. Meah liked it too.
Katie is nice sometimes but sometimes she’s not. She says things to Meah that get
her mad, Meah told me so. I think I might like Meah. She held my hand today. Not out
of liking me, she was just scared at the movie. Sometimes I would squeeze her hand
like she squeezed mine when she was scared. Me and Katie don’t get scared that
easily. Meah does. Anyway back to the meany and being mean to me. She picked on my
picture, I liked it. I was going to give it to Meah. But now that Katie knows about
it I won’t. She would just pick on Meah, I hate it when people do that. Well it’s
time for me to eat.

Today Katie’s sick. I feel kind of bad for her, but in a way I don’t. That way I
can have Meah all to myself, except for Sydney. Sydney is here because Dustin and
Kelly. She’s not paying any attention to us anyway. She’s riding around on her
bike. We’re just playing in the street with chalk. Every once and a while a car
will come buy and we’ll have to get up. Some of the cars take away some of the
chalk. But I don’t care; sometimes Meah gets mad about it. It’s kind of funny.
–end of thought-

I’m staring out into space, iguess Meah noticed because she started waving chalk in
my face. “Stop….” I whine. She laughs “What’s wrong you’ve been knocked
out” “It’s nothing” I lied. I looked past Meah and I saw my little brother,
Bryan, and his little friend, Tori. Bryan ran up to me and Meah and gave us both a
hug. Tori did the same. “Hey guys, what’s up?” I asked trying my best not to
show that I really didn’t want them there. “What’s a onomatopoeia?” Bryan
asked me. Tori rolled her eyes “It’s a word that makes a sound, like Boom, bang,
woof” “OoOoO” Bryan replied, still not completely getting it. Tori’s really,
really smart for a kindergartener. Sydney rode her bike over to us. Meah looked up at
her and smiled “Hey Sydney” Sydney smiled a little and then said “W’s up lil
sis” Sydney’s really cool, I don’t know why my brothers don’t like her.
She’s really nice; she just covers it up with boy like clothes. Sydney caught me
staring at her and looked at me. I quickly turned my head; even though she’s nice,
she still scares me a little.  Meah pushed me a little to get my attention “Can we
go to your house, it’s hot out here.” “uh… sure ok”
Once we got to my house we decided to watch a movie. “What do you want to watch.”
I asked smiling. She smiled back “I want to watch a comedy” I still keep my smile
and say “I know the perfect movie” I take the movie Scream out of it’s case.
She looked at me kind of funny “What is it” I smile at her once more “Scream”
“Patrick, No….” I look at her and beg “Please?” “Patrick, no, I don’t
like scary movies” “I’ll be there to hold your hand if you need me too.” I
froze, I couldn’t believe I just said that. She gave me a very pretty grin “Oh
really…” she asked in a voice that made me feel kind of weird. “Uh…. Yea” I
answered her with a nervous look on my face. She smiled and nodded and sat on my bed
and waited for me to put the movie in. 
About 1 hour into the movie I doubt she saw a good 10 minutes of it. She buried her
face into my shoulder and squeezed my hand for most of the time. It was kind of weird
since her sister wasn’t there to say anything to us. This movie wasn’t scary at
all, but I was kind of glad she thought it was. She held on me tight at the end of
the movie and almost screamed. I smiled and told her it’s ok. At the very end of
the movie she was sleep. I carefully got up and gently put the covers over her so I
wouldn’t wake her. I went down the hall to Carnell’s room where I saw him and
Kari playing monopoly. “Hey Patrick” Kari smiled at me. I returned the smile
“Hey” I switch my attention to Carnell “Where’d mom go” He shrugged. He
doesn’t say much. I thought I heard Meah wake up so I ran back to my room. Once I
got there I realized that it was just her moving around. I smile. She looked pretty
when she was sleep. I think it’s weird that I like girls. Dustin doesn’t even
like girls, and girls are all over him and Kelly. I don’t know why, put I just do.
She slowly turned around and faced me with her eyes opened. I smile at her, and she
smiles back. She gets out of bed, then straitens her hair. “How long was I sleep”
“Not long” I replied with a smirk on my face. Most people look really funny when
they first wake up, but she looked nice. Like an angel. She caught me staring and
laughed and threw a pillow at me. I gasp and throw it back. We start having a pillow
fight. I let her win.

8 years later…………………

  Patrick Breeding: loud, optimistic, has crush on Meah, 16 
  Kelly Breeding: talkative, works on rapping, 17
  Dustin Breeding: ladies man, mean, 18
  Carnell Breeding: very shy, quite, 15
  Bryan Breeding: slow, cute, funny, 13
  Tori Caraway: smart, computer wiz, funny, 13
  Meah Larson: shy, doesn’t talk much, Pat’s best friend, 16
  Katie Larson: loud, unique, attitude, Tony’s best friend,16
  Sydney Larson: bad, ghetto, no longer a tomboy, 18
  Kari Smith: smart, shy, sweet, 15
New characters…………….
  Zac Martin: Meah and Patrick’s best friend, funny, cute, 16
  Tony Griggs: Katie’s best friend, troubled, 17
  Trey Margery: best friends with Bryan and Tori, Tori’s cousin, 13 years old

Bryan’s P.O.V
	Me and my friends Trey and Tori are in my room chilling. We were watching
basketball, but Tori fell asleep. It was about 12 minutes in the game when she fell
asleep. The Lakers were getting creamed by Cavaliers. Suddenly I feel Tori’s head
fall on my shoulder. I look down at her and smiled. I guess Trey caught that “uh oh
lil b, do your thing” I laughed “It ain’t even like that” Trey just rolled
his eyes. “Whatever I know you like her” “Shh…” I pause and make sure
she’s still sleep “What if she heard you” I said a little bit above a whisper.
“Then ya’ll would be toghther” I just rolled my eyes and put my thoughts back
on the game.

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