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Wednesday, 18 April 2007
05:42:06 PM (GMT)


	“It’s so hard to choose” These were the words Norma Juliana spoke when trying
to choose a child from the adoption agency. Now, she looked back on it and wondered
how it could have. The beautiful baby girl was perfect for her small family of two,
which included only her and her husband. The baby girl was named Emily, and she had
grown into a wonderful teenager, almost 20, she was just 15, and she had published
her first book! She wasn’t like other teens, headstrong and wily. She was a sweet
girl, but somehow had never found the right guy. She had lovely blonde hair, gorgeous
grey eyes, and was very smart. She was always wearing the silver pendant that had
been left with her when she was first delivered to the agency. Often Norma would
think Emily was meant to do great things. There was only one thing left to do,
encourage her child, and wait for something to happen.

Chapter I

	Beep beep beep!  In a wonderfully big mansion there was a girl in her room,
sleeping. She was buried under the covers, until the alarm clock got the best of her.
A hand reached out from under the cover and slapped it. A blonde head emerged from
out under the covers, and the rest of the body followed. Emily yawned and looked
around her room. A queen sized bed, almost completely covered with blue pillows, was
up against the wall, in a large, comfortable room, with nothing but a large bookcase,
a dresser and doors leading to the bathroom and walk-in closet. The butler Marshall,
who had been one of her best friends since she was little, called up to her.
“Emillyyyy! You’re late! You’re gonna have to walk!”
	Emily cursed and leapt out of bed, toying with her necklace. She half dove into her
closet, looking for something to wear. Finally choosing a loose white t-shirt and
some faded black pants, the young blonde walked out, hopping on one leg, trying to
put a shoe on the other foot. Falling down the stairs, she landed a foot away from
Marshall, who had a breakfast bar and a soda for her while she was walking to school.
She grabbed them with a quick thanks and ran out the door, grabbing her sweater off
of the rack.

                                                           *   *   *

	8 o’ clock found Emily sitting in the hall, trying to catch her breath. Getting
up, she trudged to her classroom, for yet another long day. “Boring social
studies,” she muttered under her breath, “Again,” She sighed and thought, “At
least it’s the last day of school.”
 	Her class walked outside for the last few hours of the day, and she settled against
the brick wall to read a book. A shadow loomed over her, blocking her reading light.
She looked up to shoo her visitor, until he said “Watcha reading about?”
	Her heart skipped a beat as she looked up. It was the guy she had had a crush on the
entire year. She wasn’t nervous; his face was too kind for that. He smiled at her
and repeated his question. “What are you reading about?”
 	“Oh, uh, just about fantasy stuff. The usual,” she stammered.  
“Really? Cool.” He smiled again. “Well, look, I just wanted to tell you I’ve
really liked you since I moved here.”
He said it and walked away, just as it was time for everyone to go in. She wanted to
run after him, but she was too shocked, and something told her she would see him
under different circumstances.

				           *   *   *

	Walking along she thought about the summer. What was she going to do? She sighed and
forgot about it.
	She walked up to her mansion that her parents, who were developers, had bought. She
sighed with pleasure to be home. Opening the door, her mother greeted her, which
surprised Emily, because her mother was hardly ever home.
	Norma gushed, “Oh, hello darling, look what we found on the doorstep while you
were gone! A Husky!”
	Emily spotted the dog, which looked much more wolf than dog, and kneeled down,
cooing at him. Her mother stopped her, saying, “Oh don’t do that, he’s a little
wild…” Emily ignored her, still cooing to the dog. If her eyes weren’t just
tricking her, she would have sworn a look of recognition passed across the dog’s
face. He leaped over her mother and landed on Emily’s chest, licking her face raw.
“Ouch! Gerroff!” Spitting, Emily pushed him off. 
	She looked at her mother, and said decidedly “He’s mine. His name is Snowpaw
	Her mother bit her lip, but agreed. She muttered something about dinner and headed
into the kitchen. Emily grinned at her new pet, and went upstairs calling softly to
	She flopped onto her bed, and started reading. Snowpaw jumped up with her, and put
his paws on her book, making her look at him. She asked him irritably “What do you
want? Wait, you can’t answer, you’re just a dog.” 
	He snorted, and Emily heard a voice in her head, saying /Are you sure? / Emily
jumped off the bed, shrieking until he jumped on her again, putting a paw over her
	/Shush! I’m simply here to look over you for a while, I’m not going to hurt
you!/ He got up and told her, /You don’t have to talk out loud either, simply
directing your thoughts toward me will suffice. I hope we can be good friends. By the
way, when’s dinner?/ He grinned wolfishly and ran downstairs.

 					*   *   *

	Emily yawned and told Marshall she was full, and excused herself. Snowpaw followed
with a slight swagger, he had eaten twice Emily could in one day. Once he was in
Emily’s bedroom, he fell fast asleep on the rug Emily’s mom had put there
especially for him. Emily went to her bed and pulled out the journal she always kept

	Today was the last day of school, and was quite fun today in class. When I got home,
mom surprised me with a dog, who is quite…special. Just as I thought, something is
going to happen that’s most likely going to surprise my pants off…the only thing
I have to do now is to wait and see what happens…

Chapter II

	Beep beep beep! Emily groaned, and hit the alarm clock. She glared at Snowpaw and
asked /Did you turn that thing on?/ 
He grinned /Yup/  
Emily got up and started to chase him /Why you little../ He stumbled, and she leapt
on him, and they sat there laughing.
	Emily got up and went downstairs, going to eat breakfast. She called to her mom and
dad, but they didn’t answer. “Marshall? Where did mom and dad go?” Still no
answer. She slid on her socks to the kitchen, and found a note on the fridge.

			Went to buy clothes. Marshall at his mother’s. Be back soon.

	Emily snorted “They could have woke me…grr” She grabbed a breakfast bar and
went back to her room. When she got there, Snowpaw was looking at her with his icy
blue eyes, looking extremely sad. /It’s time. Say goodbye to this house, you
won’t be seeing it for a long time./ 
	She started. /Wah? How come?/ Snowpaw shook his head. /It is time for you to fulfill
your destiny. Follow me./  
Emily hesitated /But what about my mom? And my dad? And Marshall? What would they
think?/ Snowpaw roared at her, /It does not matter! There is an entire world
depending on you!/ 
“O-okay” she stammered. Snowpaw got up onto his paws and started leading, not
saying a word.

(not done with chap 2 feel free to comment, and give me ideas)
Last edited: 19 April 2007

Sabreisk says:   18 April 2007   446369  
omg, first 2 comment! <3 it!
starwarschick says :   19 May 2007   663566  
Awesome story. Love it.


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