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This is a story. Not a new diary entry.Category: (general)
Sunday, 15 April 2007
04:08:28 PM (GMT)
Naruto was hanging out at the Naruto Festival. Sakura was playing Chase The
Sasuke, Ino was playing Guess The Song, Deridera was playing I SHALL SHOCK YOU, and
Hinata was playing Dance Challenge With Toby. The Japanese Theme of the Naruto TV
show was the music that was playing. Itachi was playing S.H.A.R.K, Ten-Ten was
playing Bebo Attack, Temari was playing Dunk An Orichimaru, and Neji had challenged
Sasori to DDR. They were all having fun except for Orichimaru. He was soaking wet!

Next it was time to eat. Naruto chose Ramen, Orichimaru chose popcorn, and Sasori
chose sushi. Deridera, Toby, Sakura, Ino, Sasuke, Ten-Ten, Temari, and Neji chose
pizza. "Mingie like chocolate. SCOTTIE DONT!" said Sasori. "What I like chocolate."
said Deridera. "SCOTTY DONT!" repeated Sasori. "Well would you. Let me say my
thing...UH. WOULD YA STOP." said Deridera. "Howbuyanhour!" said Sasorii. "How buy a
what?" asked Deridera. "Howbuyanhour." repeated Sasorii. "I dont understand you..."
said Deridera. "Howbuyanhour." repeated Sasorii. "WHAT?!" asked Deridera while
yelling. "How bingie doe. Ladies and gentlemen. Scottie dont." said Sasori. Just then
Naruto and Sasuke started a food fight. Tsundae, Kakashi, and Itachi walked in. A
pizza hit Tsundae right in the face. "All right. Who threw the pizza." said Tsundae.
Naruto pointed to Sasuke while Sasuke pointed to Naruto. Tsundae attacked both of
them. "Hahaha. Sasuke and Naruto are being beat up by a girl." said Itachi. While
Tsundae was beating up Naruto and Sasuke, Ten-Ten and Hinata cleaned up the mess.
Iruka came in. "Hey. What happened?!" asked Iruka. He looked at Tsundae beating up
Naruto and Sasuke. "Thats normal." he said to himself.

Last it was Specials time. Tsundae, Deridera, Sakura, Ino, Kakashi, Toby, Itachi,
Sasori, and Temari gathered around the huge big screen TV to watch new episodes of
Naruto. Sasuke and Naruto were at the Naruto Toy Show Case. "Is that me...?" asked
Sasuke as he pointed to a toy of himself. Naruto picked up a toy of himself and
popped off his head. "Speaking of Naruto Toys, my toy's head comes off..." said
Naruto. Hinata challenged Neji to a Naruto Trading Card Game (TCG) Match. Orichimaru
was the judge. "GO!" he said. "I play Naruto. Nine tailed fox mode." said Hinata. "I
play me. Bakugan mode." said Neji. They battled until somebody won. "YAY! I WON!"
shouted Hinata. "Acutally. You BOTH won." said Orichimaru. "YAY! WE WON!" shouted
Neji and Hinata together.

Then everybody had to leave. Neruto waved goodbye to everybody as he walked out the
door. Sakura was crying. "Awe. Bye-bye Sasuke." she wimpered. "Shut up and stop being
so emo." said Sasuke. Sakura stopped crying. They all left the Naruto Festival and
went to their homes. THE END.

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