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A small test a whiped up, take it and give me your results :)Category: Tests
Sunday, 18 February 2007
09:00:15 AM (GMT)
How cool/crazy are you in tight sitations?? This test will show who's a champ and
who's a chump. I will tell you what answers are worth what points at the end. Add
them up and see what rank you are
(note: this is based on what i would do in the situation, if you think other wise
thne contact me and i'll fix it)

#1. If some one had just shot your Girl/boy friend, but they where just standing
there, would you:

A. Fall to your knees in front of your loved one and Cry

B. call 911 and hope the cops catch the shooter

C. run away

D. snap and pull out a random switch blade and charge the shooter head on

#2. You wake up in a room, there are no doors, but there are camras every where, is
seams like the wall are thin, and there are noises on the other side, you relize: You
have been Kidnapped by Jigsaw (from saw-saw3, if you dont know that movie then...
watch one of them) do you:

A. Scream for help and hope some one hears you

B. curl up in the corner and cry

C. scout the room for any thing; wepons, switches, keys, other people or A tape

D. Start smashing things agenst the walls in a hissy fitish type thing

#3.Some person of the same gender (if your a guy then a guy, vise versa for girls)
walks up to oyu and trys to start a fight, they have been for a long time, do you:

A. ignor the insect. (s)he isent worth your time

B. run away in fear of getting hurt

C. Start makeing jokes and trying to diss them, hopeing you dont get hurt

D. Start the fight and beat the shit out of the kid (unless you week, then you start

#4.You find 20 bucks on the ground, but saw who droped it, it was a older lady, about
40-45 year old do you:

A. take it and sneek away

B. take it and think "sweet, drug money"

C. take it and say out loud "sweet, drug money"

D. give it back and explane how she droped it

#5. Same as number 4 but instead of a old lady, it's some crack head whos totaly
triping balls, do you:

A. take it

B. give it back and hope the crack head doesnt jump on your and scream "MY BABY MY

C. Keep it and roll the crack head, then steal her crack and money

D. Ignor the money and the crack head, passing up 20 dollers

Point system. For eatch senario the lettter you picked with be worth from 1-4 points.
the lower the number the smarter or crazyer it is. I will put what eatch letters
worth per number.

E.X.  Senairo #9. A = 1 pnt.

#1.A = 3
      B = 2
      C = 4
      D = 1

#2.A = 2
      B = 4
      C = 1
      D = 2

#3.A = 2
      B = 4
      C = 3
      D = 1

#4.A = 3
      B = 2
      C = 1
      D = 4

#5.A = 1
      B = 4
      C = 2
      D = 3

15+      = I'm comeing to kill you. Pray to what ever god you whorship, or start
careing less about others, for your lifes sake.... run

14-10  = Take it up the ass fag. you need to think "why do i care aobut others so
much?" and fucking fix it

10-6    = Your pritty coo. And i still wanna meet you. Shure you could be a little
more ruthless, but no ones perfect

5          = Your A fucking pyco. you'll snap easaly and kick the shit out of who
ever stands in your way, plus your more then likely on drugs, but not addicted. I
socred 5, and if you did, i want to meet you, msg me.

xoxoEeyoreROXxoxo says:   18 February 2007   635871  
#1: B
#2: A
#3: C
#4: D
#5: A
lOlAcHeRrY says:   18 February 2007   817493  
1) A [[im very sensitive]]
2) C
3) D [[rawr]]
4) D [[ :] ]]
5) A [[muahaha]]
Haha, im preety cool :]
‹BOOMSHAKALAKA› says:   18 February 2007   111468  
Inuyashima says:   18 February 2007   447511  

This was the weirdest thing ever!
picklestar06 says:   19 February 2007   691676  
im cool! yay 13
kagome121 says:   20 February 2007   349762  
im 15 yippie!
lillytheleapfrog22 says:   11 March 2007   197874  
im a 7
Pye_Luva says:   13 March 2007   644565  
ha im 15
cuddles says:   27 March 2007   728536  
i ranked myself i got the 5 thing at the very bottem
‹Corpse Grinder› says:   28 March 2007   915384  
yay ;D
‹♥*Hey Jude*♥› says:   28 March 2007   929411  
hey its courtney 
for number1 ive never had a bf
for number2d
for number3a
for number4a
for number5a 
love some of the tests there soooo cool
concrete_angel says:   29 March 2007   195867  
i got 9 would you still meet me lol
emogirl1234567890 says:   12 April 2007   755727  
 that would be 5
go_bananas says:   28 May 2007   734243  
a-b and c-a-d-D-
go_bananas says:   28 May 2007   616819  
xPsychoChickx says :   1 June 2007   894125  
#1. D-1 [I wouldnt take that..I finally find tru love and some fucker
takes it away, he should rot in hell too.]
#2. D-2 [Bit of a temper, I cant stand being alone in a confined
area...just a bit   paranoid I guess or something like that...I follow
in my dad's steps....]
#3. A-2 [I try to avoid that stuff.....but Ill go off on someone if I
#4. B-2 [Not quite drugs but something wasteful....]
#5. A-1 [I have better things to use that money for...]

All In all I scored 8.

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